Dear Parents and Guardians

The recent heatwave took us all by surprise. I was just beginning to enjoy the temperate weather when we were hit by a series of energy sapping, hot days, reminding me why at times I do not like summer!

 It was during this time that some of our girls decided to test their collective and decided to embark on a “protest” for the school to close during the hot weather and then demanded air conditioning for some classes. I should not have been surprised at one level. Open any newspaper or listen to the news and you are bombarded by the South African culture of protest action. We take it for granted that our girls understand the levels of frustration in society that often lead to tragic consequences and that they are aware of the desperate circumstances in which many live. This intentional and entitled break time activity by some girls raised important issues around privilege, how one uses one's voice and the desperate need for our girls to practise resilience and restraint.  I was also deeply disturbed by the way it played out afterwards when some girls refused to return to class.

Our girls are indeed encouraged to voice their opinions and think independently. They are also taught to be respectful and harness their positive energy to bring about constructive, meaningful change. Many unthinkingly, no doubt carried along by the excitement of the group, could not distinguish between that balance of joyful enthusiasm and disrespectful, inappropriate behaviour. What a learning opportunity they presented the staff!

As a school community we need to confront and discuss critical issues including what was unconsciously at the heart of the girls’ thinking: elite privilege demanding air conditioning. What must hold us strong in dealing with these challenges are our values of respect, self-awareness and regulation, compassion and responsibility, to name a few. The character building that is developed through Round Square thinking naturally draws us to address these things.

We need to teach our children to keep on seeing things in perspective, especially in a society that gives undue value to materialism and allows it to define our understanding of success. I love the opportunity that girls have to be involved in service projects in the higher grades and I have been most impressed that almost eighty have completed the Bronze, Silver and Gold Award Challenges with their strong volunteering component. As the girls are exposed to and become aware of real poverty, they learn to look with eyes of compassion and develop a sense of purpose in being able to make a difference. It is equally important that we as adults and parents model attitudes of gratitude and humility for our girls.

I learned a valuable lesson from a series of photographs taken of a Tibetan monk and his teacher. He had to stand at different angles to his mentor and explain the different perspectives one could have of the same situation. As our girls proceed through the school, they too need to develop an age appropriate understanding of life and be challenged to widen their perspective. Air conditioning is an undeniably lovely gift for which we are truly grateful, but what of those who may be learning under a corrugated roof?  We want our girls to learn to live with humility and gratitude with the privilege they enjoy. We have had a number of speakers addressing the girls about the activities they are involved in and will continue to expose them to more. Most of all we want our girls to be actively involved in nation building, not only by giving, but also by doing.
The Foundation Phase is presently fund-raising to finance a Christmas puppet show for our sister school, Good Hope Seminary Junior School. The girls will be able to enjoy the performance at school with the satisfaction of knowing it will be enjoyed by students down the road the following day. If they are included in the preparation of goodies to sell, either baking or cleaning up afterwards - real work - they will have a sense of achievement and an understanding of service.

Recently one Grade 6 class also collected much needed goodies for a creche they had visited on a trip to Langa. The collective voice was proactive, practical and outward looking.

The hot days of last week were soon replaced by cold weather so the fickleness of the girls’ needs have dissipated. However, there have been interesting conversations around needs and wants, having a responsible opinion, and learning to live in the African heat!

Enjoy the good weather predicted for this weekend mindful of the many blessings we have heaped on us at this school.  We do not want to be a privileged school but rather feel privileged to be able to be part of this community which holds true to our values and seeks to be relevant in our current context.
Carol te Water

Please be mindful of the 'drop and go' procedure both at the Cypress Lawn and in Belmont Road. Ensure your daughter is ready to alight as you stop - no time for final hair brushing and long farewells. The Belmont Road exit is also very busy and a plea to those parents who walk their children into school to park respectfully away from the gates so that there is a free flow of traffic.
Please note that dogs are not allowed on campus. During the week we had to deal with a group of traumatised girls who witnessed a dog injure one of our goslings.
Textbook swops (in the words of Mrs Redelinghuys)
We would really like to encourage our girls to buy textbooks from students in the year ahead of them – not only to cut down on costs, but because we are an eco-school where we should all be working together to reduce, recycle and reuse. If you would like to sell your textbooks, please alert your CLP by sending her your name. Conversely, if you would like to buy textbooks, ask your CLP to put you in touch with someone in the above grade. It will then be your responsibility to arrange both payment and pick-up. A general rule of thumb for pricing is: books in good condition (and one year old) should be costed at half price, and thereafter depending on the age and condition of the book, 25% or 20% of the cost of new. However the principle of “willing buyer, willing seller” also applies. There may be some books on the book list that are newly prescribed and those will need to be bought new.
Earlier this week I had my final meeting of the year with the Class Liaison Representatives. They have played an important role in many families’ lives with reminders of upcoming events, supplying help at PA events and generally giving support at all levels. Many thanks to them for all their hard work and commitment to the school.
Round Square Integrated Programme dates for next year
The Integrated Programme takes place from  13 to 15 March in 2019. These are the last three days of the school term. Girls are expected to attend and will be able to be fetched around lunch time and go straight to bed afterwards!
This week we received the news that Miss Pitt will be leaving us at the end of the year to take up a teaching post in Zambia. She has been an integral part of the school for the last three years and we will miss her gentle but firm manner. She is an excellent teacher, much loved by her girls, and we wish her well as she embarks on this exciting, new adventure.

The St Cyprian's School 2018 annual magazine will debut in a brand-new, online format this year. With the help of technology, online magazines engage readers beyond print’s capability and offer a more substantial experience. Rich media streams like video and music, reading within your browser and easy search access are some of the trends that an online magazine delivers.  For parents who are interested in a printed version of the magazine, which will include QR codes to access online content, please email to indicate interest.  If there is sufficient interest for a print run, we will proceed early in the new year at a cost of R200 per copy for your account. 

Parent Forum:  13 November 
This term, we will be hosting our second whole school “Conversations Evening”, following on the success of the “Critical Conversations Workshop held last term and facilitated by Mhlatse Mashua. It is time to talk once again.
Dan Corder, the youngest breakfast radio (Good Hope FM) host in the country, co-host of BBC World Services’ #Rhodesmustfall broadcast coverage, commentator on #feesmustfall, creator of ‘Luister’, which revealed racism and problematic language policies at Stellenbosch University, is an engaging, energetic and optimistic young South African.  Son of Hugh Corder, an eminent constitutional law expert and co-author of South Africa’s Bill of Rights, Dan recently visited our High School students during “Woke Week.”  He engaged, pricked, prompted and encouraged our girls on a range of issues - from white privilege, to battling bias, to the importance and responsibility of student voice. He spoke to the fact that higher education offers young people the opportunity to contextualise history and traditions through listening and talking to people from backgrounds vastly different to their own.  Dan’s appeal was so wide-reaching and his effect on our students was wonderful to see in the ignition of the Soap Box discussion that followed his talk. 

We’ve asked Dan to share his story with our parents.  It is so important to hear the young voices in our country as they are integral in shaping perspectives and shifting paradigms.  I urge you to make a point of meeting Dan.  Please join us for an evening of informative and exciting discussion on 13 November.  Please diarise this date and look out for the invitation to follow on Monday next week.  



Gr 1s at Rosen Castle at the Checkers store

Gr 1s baking at Kitchen Concepts at Rosen Castle

Gr 2 KB had the privilege of reading to the Puddleducks in the loggia

A Gr 2 reading to a Puddleduck

More fun reading   

Gr 7s testing acids and bases in Science

Gr 7s making their own floating balloons in Science

Oral presentations for isiXhosa under the Theme - eResstyu (at the Restaurant) was done in Gr 7 

Ms Mboma with the Gr 7 BM at the isiXhosa presentation

Zara Yazbek Polito Gr 2 SU
Gr 1s having their snacks at Rosen Castle

Lily Friderichs Gr 1 MW working at the Vet Shop at Rosen Castle

Grade 2 SU shared their dance, drama, choreography, singing AND gymnastics skills with each other during ‘Talent Show’ time in the classroom! Doing their gym item is Riley Zetler and Rebecca-Rae Geddie.

Gr 2 KB made clay monster fish models in their Art lesson

Mrs Coetzee and the Gr 2 SC girls marking fruit salad

The Gr 1 girls celebrated a Shabbat Table with Caryn Reznik, Mom of Emily in
Gr 1 LPG.  

Caryn Reznik demonstrating how boys wear a 'kippar' in the Jewish culture 

Book author Makhosazana De Wette Dludla showcasing her book to our Gr 1s

Zara Yazbek Polito recently auditioned for the upcoming Cape Town City Ballet production of ‘The Little Mermaid’ and was accepted as a fully-fledged member of the cast. This will be her first professional role and will be performed at the Artscape Theatre over the festive season. Zara’s all-round passion for the arts has resulted in her winning a number of gold medals in both ballet and modern dance. In her first year of Drama, she won the ‘Best Newcomer’ category in her Drama Eisteddfod, whilst also achieving a 93% score in her piano Eisteddfod.


The IP Inter-House Athletics took place on Friday 19 October in the beautiful Green Point Athletics Stadium and we congratulate ALL the girls who took part. There was tremendous spirit amongst the girls and the meeting ran smoothly. A big thank you to all the parents who assisted with this big event.
The results were as follows.
Best distance in Long Jump   Julia Boehner and Holly Brand
Best distance in Shot Put        Holly Brand
Best time in 1500m                 Gemma Dorrington
Best time in 1200m                  Annablu Bergström
Best time in 800m                    Annablu Bergström
Best time in 200m                    Julia Boehner  
Best time in 150m                    Gabriella Harvey
Best time in 100m                    Julia Boehner
Best time in 80m                      Allegra Thirion
NEWCOMER of the YEAR:  Ella Dorrington 
VICTRIX LUDORUM:   Shared between Annablu Bergstrom and Julia Boehner
HOUSE POSITIONS:                      
                                                   1st                   2nd                 3rd
PERFORMANCE:                 Verinder          Darke          Anderson
PARTICIPATION:                   Darke             Verinder/ Anderson     
SPIRIT:                                   Darke             Verinder /Anderson         
Well done to all the tennis teams that have been playing matches.
Reminder that all league results and ‘Players of the Matches’ are posted on the Sport Document Portal on BlueSky
Zonal Tennis Results
Well done to Gemma Finlayson, Che Nel and Isabelle Cilliers who played for the U11B South Zonal Tennis Team and played excellent matches to win the tournament by a convincing margin, and win GOLD.
Jenna and Tamsin Chemaly and Gina Marshal played for the U12 South Zonal Team and did well coming in second place.
Wilson Tennis Masters
Congratulations to the following players who qualified for the Wilson Masters Tennis Tournament to be played on Sunday 4 November:
Jenna and Tamsin Chemaly, Georgia Maw, Gemma Finlayson and Isabelle Cilliers (Reserve)
They had to play in the whole series of tournaments and the TOP 8 were selected.
Our Swimming Team swam in their first gala this year,  due to the water crisis Cape Town has been experiencing. Great fun was had by all. There were some individual events for the U13s and well done to Ava Carswell who came 3rd in the 50 m freestyle.
Congratulations to Rebecca Fury and Gemma Haupt on their selection for the Cape Town Metro Swimming Team. Gemma has also been selected for the Western Cape Schools Team. An amazing achievement. Well done to both girls.

The following St Cyprian’s girls have been selected for the U13 PSI Nationals in December:
SEALS – Holly Brand
SHARKS – Sasha Veldboer
SUNBIRDS – Chloe Cross and Emma Maw
SEAL PUPS (U12) – Jessica Brown, Tamsin Chemaly, Sibella da Silva and Gemma Haupt
Reserves: Jenna Chemaly and Carlotta Krumhoff
Well done girls!
Well done to Isabella Bruno who participated in the National Goju Kai Championships and won a bronze medal for Fighting and Unison Kata.
Well done to Sasha Veldboer who took part in an Inter-Provincial Judo Tournament against Eastern Cape. She was number one in her team and won gold in her individual events, in her age and weight category. She has now received her Western Cape Colours. Well done Sasha!

Anderson House at the Inter house Athletics 

Verinder House 

Darke House 

Grace Lundy participating in shotput

Victrix Ludorum awarded to Julia Boehner and Annablu Bergstrom   

Zarah Holland Gr 4 NW doing U10 Long Jump

Ella Dorrington Gr 4 TM at long jump

Our swimmers at the Herschel Gala

Holly Redding and Olivia Sutcliffe, both in Gr 5 LN, at the gala 
U13 Shotput

Ms Cerff with the U10 runners

U10 race

U12 runners doing the 800m race

Ms Cerff and the Gr 7s doing their last race for the Prep School

Mr Dallas and Ella Dorrington - Newcomer of the Year

Darke House - Spirit and Participation Cup

Verinder House - Performance winners

U11B South Zonal Tennis Team won the Cape Town B Inter-Districts Tournament. Gemma Finlayson, Isabelle Cilliers and Che Nel, who were in the team 


Gr 5 NP with their flowersellars

Kayley Watson Gr 5 VH with her drawing from Art Club

Avana Mdebuka Gr 3IP 

Anna Scheder-Bieschin Gr 1RC

Emily Brink Gr 4 TM
Sitara Mackerdhuj Gr 2 SU crazy clay fish

Gr 3 leaves

Gr 2 Angels

Sienna Matthysen Gr 6 IE

Gr 7 Hand Studies



 We are very proud of Saila Joonas who was invited to perform at the ABRSM High Scorers' Concert which took place on Sunday 28 October. This was as a result of the outstanding marks she obtained for her Grade 1 Piano Examination. Congratulations to Saila and her teacher, Ms Syndercombe.


Water Wise
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