Dear Parents and Guardians,

The year so far has already been filled with hard work, fun, overcoming challenges, awakening curiosity and much learning.  One needs to bear in mind that education is about joy, wonder and above all, fostering the children’s curiosity and awakening their imagination. It is our intention to provide our girls with experiences to achieve this.

This year will see the introduction of “Philosophy for Children “into our Grade R curriculum where I will aim to teach reasoning and argumentative skills to our girls. It has been found that children benefit from a philosophical inquiry at a young age and that teaching children reasoning skills early in life improves other cognitive and academic skills, and greatly assists learning in general. Children are capable of playing with ideas and building on each other’s arguments. Children become more rational and open-minded. They develop a capacity to articulate thoughts clearly and to evaluate them honestly, and the confidence to exercise independent judgement and self-correction. They are skills we will seek to cultivate in all our girls at our school, no matter what they grow up to be.


I would like to thank you for all your support and cooperation in making the last few weeks such an enjoyable learning experience for the girls.  

Sulochnee Nair

Dazzling, dotted diamonds and DONUTS - Grade R

The Grade R girls have had such fun learning all about their bodies. We are so clever now; we understand all about our skeleton and our organs! We made our own class ‘body’ and figured out where all the organs fit in and what they do. We then made our own books about it!

We learnt about the letter ‘d’ this week and used our creativity to decorate our dazzling, dotted, diamond shapes! We also had so much fun making delicious donuts!



Hearts & Happiness - Grade 00


  The Squirrel Nutkins and the Tom Kittens have focused on Valentine’s Day this week. Leading up to this they have been talking about caring and sharing, as well as discussing ways to be a good friend. They have been learning to compromise when sharing equipment in the various gardens. In the classrooms they have enjoyed drawing and painting heart shapes and are very excited to share their beautiful art with their families when it goes home on Friday.


If you go down to the Woods today - Grade 000

The Grade 000s have been exploring The School-in-the-Woods. They have played in the “ Bike Track”, using their gross motor skills and have made new friends in the "Fairy Garden".

The girls look forward to our outdoor free play time. Playing outside is exciting and important for children’s learning and development.

They have painted and played with construction equipment in the classroom using problem-solving and social skills and enjoyed reading books from the library at quiet story time, developing their concentration skills and a love of learning.



Active Start

The girls enjoy our Active Start programme which focuses on the development of their gross motor skills. Gross motor skills are those which require whole body movement, and which involve the large muscles of the body to perform everyday functions, such as standing and walking, running and jumping, and sitting upright at the table. Developing the girl’s large muscles form an important part of our daily programme.

New Beginnings - Puppet Show

The girls enjoyed the puppet show brought to us by Puppet World. The children were enthralled and had much fun as it provided an engaging and interactive way to learn new concepts and gain new knowledge.

A Walk in Wonder

Grade Rs head down to the Library under the beautiful Table Mountain. How lucky we are to go to school on this incredible campus!





In an attempt to try and alleviate the traffic congestion in the mornings on Gorge Road during drop-off time, an agreement was established with Gan Aviv that parents follow a one-way up rule from 07:30-08:30. We kindly ask that all parents assist in helping with the traffic flow by following this rule.

  In it to win it!
Some very happy raffle ticket winners from the recent SCS Golf Day. Samantha Jenkin was the lucky winner in the School in the Woods.

Quote for the Week:

Water Wise
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