Dear Parents

Our Someone Special Day celebration last week was a roaring success with the theme “My African Dream” bringing a tear to many an eye! The girls really excelled on stage, singing so beautifully, dancing along to the rhythm and sharing their energy and delight with the audience. Songs and poems in English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa rang out, making the morning a true celebration of our beautiful land. The girls must be congratulated on remembering the words of so many songs and poems – they certainly did themselves proud as they sparkled on stage!

In my introductory welcome, I highlighted the fact that being on stage can be very overwhelming for some children while for others it is a dream come true. The educational value behind the process of planning and presenting a show is obvious but too often we lose sight of the enormous growth which it represents. Each little girl on stage embodies a unique story of development and it was heart-warming to see each one giving of their best. My thanks go to my amazing staff for all their support and input. Seated on the little chairs at the front, their encouraging smiles and helpful gestures kept everything on track, allowing our girls to relax and enjoy themselves on stage. What a team!

In keeping with the performing arts, our girls got the chance to be an audience for the “Hooked on Books” team who never disappoint and always present an outstanding performance. The actors delighted the girls (and staff!) with excerpts from some of their favourite books and introduced us all to some new titles which our Library has in stock. St Cyprian’s boasts a magnificent Library/Knowledge Hub which our girls visit every week.  Our wonderful librarians, Ms Sharon Stevens and Ms Tuschani van Heerden always welcome our girls enthusiastically and enrich and stimulate the girls’ imaginations. The weekly visits to the Knowledge Hub  are a highlight for each class and they take such pride in using the “browsing paddle” and choosing their own books. Parents are warmly invited to visit the Knowledge Hub at any time with their daughters to choose books which they can all enjoy at home. 

The Knowledge Hub is one of the whole school facilities which our girls get to enjoy during their time at the Woods. The SCS 150 Projects are now in full swing and there are many exciting developments with regards to upgrading and improving our facilities even more.  The Woods girls will enjoy the full benefit of these facilities as they move up into the Prep and the High School in the years to come. To this end, Hugo Nelson, the Chairman of Council would like to invite you to attend next week’s Information Station so you can be part of designing your daughters’ future.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Kind Regards
Joyanne West 




The Gr 000’s got to explore the countries around the world. We made our own passports, drew our own passport pictures and stamped our unique fingerprints in our passports. Every time we learnt about a new country we got to put a new stamp in our passport! We learnt about England and then baked our very own scones and enjoyed them with jam and cream. So far, we have also learnt about India, China, Tanzania and Italy!




The Grade 00 focused on Wild animals over the last 2 weeks and it has been such fun drawing and painting lions, zebras and giraffes. There are so many fun facts about wild creatures and the Tom Kittens loved finding out that Bats are the only flying mammals. We also learnt that Black Mambas get their name from the colour of their mouths. Annabel taught us all that baby hedgehogs are called Hoglets. Did you know that?





There’s never a dull moment in the Gr R classes! Discovering more about wild animals, making 3D constructions and conducting experiments kept us very busy and learning about significant women in our lives and the world at large led to lots of interesting discussions. The letter “a” was the focus this week which provided us with so much material to discover and many creative activities to enjoy.



Information Station: 22nd August 2019
Clubs Sign Up: 2nd September
Flower Power Day: 2nd September
Mini St Cyprians Day: 18th September
School Closes: 18th September 





A protected link to the video of this wonderful performance will be available next week. 



A wonderful interactive morning spent with the girls and characters from Hooked on Books. Stories were told and sung. These were the stories we learnt about.

1. Stink: Twice as Incredible - Megan Mc Donald
2. Tilly and the Time Machine - Adrian Edmondson
3. Freddie Mole the Lion Tamer - Alexander Mc Call Smith
4. Mr Penguin and the lost Treasure - T Smith
5. Alan's Big, Scary Teeth - Jarvis
6. 100 Brilliant Poems for Children - Paul Cooksen
You can purchase them @
Or email




So please, oh PLEASE, we beg, we pray,
Go throw your TV set away,
And in its place you can install,
A lovely bookshelf on the wall.

 Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory







Water Wise
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