Dear Parents and Guardians

Intermediate Phase Semester 1 Summative Assessments
As we approach the end of Semester One, our focus shifts to summative assessment of all work covered in Terms One and Two in the Intermediate Phase. It is not our intention to trick the girls in these assessments. We rather strive for fair and authentic assessment of the work. Through this process we seek to assess our pupils’ grasp of content and skills in a manner which will challenge the girls appropriately through rich questioning and inspiring deep thinking demonstrating an understanding of work.

Preparation for these assessments extends beyond just the memorisation of content. Each subject will require a unique approach in preparation. Study tips can be found in the girls’ homework diaries and teachers will be guiding the girls in age and subject-appropriate study techniques. For instance, the key to preparation for a Mathematics assessment is the practice of skills. The Sciences will require an understanding of content, and languages stress the ability to comprehend and apply grammatical and vocabulary conventions.

As mentioned often, it is the process which trumps the detail of the product of assessment at Preparatory School. Although we do need to measure the success of learning programmes through assessment, the main purpose is to lead the girls through the process of meaningful preparation for assessments. It is vital to remember that results achieved in these assessments do not define the individual. So, we request parents assist us in managing unnecessary stress by focussing on encouraging the girls in the process and not on results achieved or desired.

Meaningful reflection on the assessments is important in the assessment process. This phase of the process will be done at school as a collective and at home individually. It is through this process that we encourage that growth mindset that asks what we did well, and what we could do differently if there be a need for improvement.

Scopes of work to be assessed were published on 7 May, just over two weeks before the staggered start for each of the grades’ assessment period. The dates of the assessments are in the Assessment Plans which were first published in the second week of school this year and can also be accessed on BlueSky (homepage/websites/academic documents/prep school). Two weeks is more than enough time to prepare for summative assessments at Preparatory School. Planning is vital in this preparation phase. A focus on quality of preparation and not quantity of preparation is most desirable.

We wish all our students a meaningful and rewarding assessment period of self-discovery and success. The girls are encouraged to approach their teachers should they need any assistance in this process. Any further queries should be directed to the Head of Academics, Chris Steyn.

The Foundation Phase continues to focus on regular assessment throughout the term. Reports go out to all parents in the last week of term via BlueSky. Parents will be invited to interviews before the end of term if teachers feel it necessary. However, if there are any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the teacher before that.

Chris Steyn
Head of Academics

Winter Uniform for Preparatory School
(Access this information in the IP homework book)
Grey blazer with school badge
Grey pinafore without belt
School jersey and badge
Blue blouse
Grey regulation school woollen tights
Black regulation lace up shoes
Additional Uniform (optional)
School blue scarf
Rain poncho
IP girls need to bring their sports clothes to School. FP girls wear their sports uniform and full tracksuit to school on those days they have sport during school. Please visit the Uniform Shop and Second Hand Clothes Shop for your purchases.

IQAA: Whole School Evaluation 2019
St Cyprian’s School will be undergoing a Whole School Evaluation towards the end of this term and at the beginning of next term.  This evaluation will be conducted by IQAA (the Independent Quality Assurance Agency), the organisation that provides quality assurance through the evaluation of all ISASA schools.  All ISASA schools are required to undergo an IQAA evaluation every six years, with the last evaluation taking place at St Cyprian’s School in 2013. 

The initial process takes the form of an Internal Evaluation process that includes the completion of online opinion surveys by all staff and parents, and by students from Grades 4-12, various interviews and focus group discussions, and classroom observations.  This process is then followed by a site visit by the IQAA mentors who have been appointed to our school.  This site visit will take place on Monday, 22 July.  A final report is then written based on the findings of the evaluation, identifying the school’s strengths as well as those areas that require attention or further development.   
The four identified focus areas for this Whole School Evaluation are as follows:
  • implementation of our academic vision (teaching, learning and attainments);
  • functioning of the school (operations and logistics);
  • transition points (from Grades R to 1, Grades 3 to 4, Grades 7 to 8, and Grades 9 to 10); and
  • the realisation of the school’s ethos and culture
The link for the Parent’s Online Survey will be emailed to all parents via BlueSky towards the end of this term.  We would greatly appreciate your participation by taking the time to complete this survey, thereby helping to ensure that as many voices as possible are heard within this process.  An evaluation of this nature provides critical information to the management team of the school in particular, as well as an opportunity for us all to take a frank ‘look in the mirror’ in our continuous quest to provide an educational offer that is of an exceptional standard.       


Gr 1 RC doing an Afrikaans lesson on My Gesig

Emaan Soeker and Eden Isherwood, Gr 1 RC  

Gr 1 MW on their outing to the Oranjezicht Farm.  The rain did not dampen their spirit. 

Gr 2 SU with their ballot papers, campaigning for their favourite pet as they went to elections this week!

Olivia Hartslief Gr 2 SU, casting her vote

Gr 3 SAC celebrating Africa Day

The vibrant colours of Africa

Climbing rings and a gym mat popular with the Gr 3 SAC class.  They love to 'hang around'

Anja Frankal and Alex Arendse Gr 3L H researching on the I-Pad for their project 

Gr 4s also went to the polls this week 

Proud thumbs marked for voting

Brogan Bothma met haar Afrikaans mondeling,  Mmmm my gunsteling poeding!

Ella Dorrington, Gr 5 VH, met haar heerlike peppermint poeding 

Gr 2 SU blowing kisses to all mothers for Mother's Day this Sunday


Celebrating all that we have and appreciating the richness of our school, country and continent.


Gr 2 SU celebrating Africa Day

Gr 1 LPG on Africa Day

Adomaa Sam, Gr 1 LPG, dancing on Africa Day 

Our talented intern, Ms Linda Manyarara, beats out the rhythm

Gr 1s dancing in celebration

The Grade 2 voting board

Talia Greenfield, Gr 2 KB, litter buster! 

Elewa Boshoman, Gr 2 KB, casting her vote

Gr 6s campaigning for their party 

Gr 6s casting their votes


Gr 7 Netball girls ready for action

Netball tour girls before their departure to Knysna

U12 Cross Country girls prepare to run
Eager U8 Cross Country runners

U10 Hockey girls before their match at Wynberg Girl's Junior School

U10 Hockey girls chill together
Cross Country Race:
Well done to all the runners who took part in our first cross country race.  Good luck to those who are running this afternoon.
The Monday morning runs are being well supported.  Thank you to all those parents who have been accompanying the runners.  We love your company.
Sport Assembly Announcements:
For the first time our sports captains handled all the announcements in assembly on Monday.  They spoke confidently and clearly, showing that sport was not their only strong point.
WP Hockey Trials:
Well to the U13 hockey girls who attended the WP trials last weekend.
Congratulations to Gemma Haupt and Gemma Purcell who will be attending their WP capping ceremony on Sunday.  We are so proud of you.
Good luck to Sibella da Silva, Jenna Chemaly, Tamsin Chemaly and Jessica Brown as they attend their Zonal trials on Saturday.
Knysna Netball Tour:
Our girls participated in the annual netball festival in Knysna recently.  They played against schools who they have never met before, they showed dedication and commitment against strong opposition.  Thank you to the coaches and teachers who came with us to Knysna.  The tour was filled with much laughter and many memories.  The girls had the opportunity to bond and had time to learn from the games they played.  Thank you for being a fantastic group of players.  Thank you to all those parents who gave much support from the sidelines.



  At the Lunchtime concert last week we were entertained by Sophia Rose Williams (cello), Lulu Bergstrom (violin), Maya Young (piano), Selma Thomas (cello), Olivia Sutcliffe (cello), Gemma Finlayson (cello) and Juliette Cilliers (seated, cello).



Ntandoyenkosi Hlophe Gr 2SU

Alexis Currie Gr 5NP

Grade 3 Art

Emily van Niekerk Gr 3LH

Sienna Kuttel Gr 2SU

Art Club

Art Club 

Gr 2SU art, a present for their mothers on Mother's Day

Water Wise
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