Dear High School parents, teachers and girls
Happy, happy holidays to you all! The end of another busy term brings with it the anticipation of lazy days, soup by the fire, reconnection with friends and family, and the possibility of adventure. I hope that you enjoy every day and every opportunity that the winter holidays might bring for you.
Thank you all for your support and hard work this term! We are the individuals that come together to form our community, and we are privileged indeed to enjoy the benefits of close and supportive relationships. Everybody works hard: our girls, our teachers, coaches, non-academic staff and our amazing parents, and that is one of the major reasons that the culture of the school is an enabling one. The shared pride in progress and achievement, and the positive energy and culture of walking alongside one another is unique, and it is what makes us who we are as a school.

Touring Groups
Choir: Our best wishes go to our choir which, together with Mr and Mrs Starker and Mr Johnson, will be participating in an International  Choir Competition in Rome, after having done some travelling and sight-seeing in  Venice, Verona, Pisa and Florence. They have been rehearsing tirelessly and they are sounding exceptional – a fact borne out by the many awards they have won this term.
Ballet: We wish all our ballet girls, and Mrs Sue de Moyencourt, the best of luck as they travel to Prague  in order to participate in a ballet competition and then on to Paris for ballet workshops and sight-seeing.  We know that they are exceptional individually as ballerinas and as a group and that the talented Sue de Moyencourt will be recognized as she should be on an international stage. I look forward to our ballet girls performing well and earning the accolades they deserve.    

SCS Music Eisteddfod

The Music Eisteddfod and Inter-House Singing that we have enjoyed over the last two days of term have been a great highlight. There are so many talented students studying music at the school and playing in ensembles and bands, and the opportunity to showcase their talents formally is exciting and affirming. Congratulations to all students who performed, and thank you to all their friends, peers and family who came out to honour and support them. Thank you, too, to the many adjudicators who came to provide feedback and encouragement to our musicians.

The absolute highlight of the day happened in the Voice Section, adjudicated by Delia Sainsbury of the Waterfront Theatre School. She awarded Siba Dyaphu a full scholarship to the Afternoon Programme of the Theatre School. What a magical moment and what an amazing achievement for Siba! Thank you so much, Delia!

My thanks and sincere appreciation go to Mr Johnson, Mrs van Wieringen and the High School Music staff for the incredible passion and attention to detail that has gone into organizing these events. The Eisteddfod has been a great celebration of Music at the school!
Inter-House Singing
Always hotly contested, this inter-house event has everybody participating at levels beyond the norm. You cannot even begin to compare it to the singing in chapel or at assemblies! House pride, hard work and leadership are on the line here, and for the many this event is their favourite one of the year. The mass participation aspect is what makes it so special, and the healthy competition between the houses drives the levels of performance and makes it difficult for the adjudicators to choose a winner. Talented directors, a popular set- piece and Acapella Groups provide entertainment of the highest standard. Congratulations to Anderson House for winning this competition.


UCT Maths Competition 2018

  The UCT Mathematics Competition Prize Giving Ceremony at the Baxter on Friday, 9 June, proved to be a celebratory and emotional evening. Prizes were awarded to the students who achieved in the top 10 in each grade, for the best student from each school, the top school (the top 30 marks from each school are added together to rank the schools) as well as a few other trophies. 
 Most of the 170 schools participating, study and prepare hard in anticipation of this competition so well done St Cyps for coming in the top 20!  The only schools to have won in the entire 42 years of the Olympiad are Rondebosch Boys High School, Bishops and Westerford.
Perhaps more importantly, the evening really shone a light on the hardships that people face, specifically in the Western Cape every day. The Moolla Trophy, for a notable performance by a school from a disadvantaged community was awarded to Qhayiya Secondary School in Hermanus. Despite many schools in Hermanus being closed for safety due to the Service Delivery Protests, Qhayiya matrics still organised to practise past papers.
 A short summary of the competiton is available here:
Romy Stevens (Grade 10)

Lunch Club

The PA hosted the last of their Lunch Club events in the Voorkamer last week, and it was another outstanding success. What an amazing team the Lunch Club Team is! Their attention to detail and the special “spoiling” makes this interlude in the lives of our busy moms a valuable one. Thank you, especially, to Shoneez Warrington, whose portfolio on the PA this has been and who has driven this fund-raiser/social event to achieve new heights. .  

Do your 67 Minutes for Mandela Day


Quote for the Term

“The miracle of gratitude is that it shifts your perception to such an extent that it changes the world you see. “ Dr Robert Holden
Water Wise
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