Dear Parents, Staff and Students

Whole School Meeting
My sincere thanks go to all who attended the Whole School Meeting last Thursday evening. It is the annual report back to parents and staff of what has happened across the course of the year, a reaffirmation of the vision into the future and an opportunity to be a part of the excitement of the delivery of the next phase of infra-structural delivery – in this instance that of much needed sports facilities.

We have had so many obstacles to overcome to get to the situation that we are now in: all permissions have been achieved to move forward (heritage, environmental, land usage, City Council, funding possibilities), plans have been drawn up and approved, and we are ready to press the “GO” button! indeed the Orange Street Astro-turf Field is currently under construction and, despite rain delays, will be ready for use  towards the end of the year. Already the horizon is opening up.

A major obstacle to moving forward is the terms of the bank funding we have, which doesn’t allow us immediate access to the money. The banks wants to be the “last payer” – obviously to ensure that when their money is invested it guarantees the completion of the project. However, for us to begin, we have to raise R10 million – the shortfall between the funding we currently have, future funding and commercial funding. It is a BIG ask, and the reality is that the longer it takes the greater the escalation costs caused by delays. To date we have R2.5 million, thanks to the generous donations of individuals at the school and other fundraising opportunities through the PA.

A couple of things are clear: the current fund-raising committee is under-resourced and the time pressure is real.
If you are able to help the school in any way, through potential access to sponsorship opportunities, donations or contribution of time/expertise, we would sincerely appreciate hearing from you. Please mail either me directly (, Fiona Biccard ( or Paul Finlayson (

Hockey Tournaments
We are so excited that both our u19A and u16A hockey teams are playing in the Top 12 Schools Tournaments this long weekend in Bloemfontein and Paarl respectively, and we wish them luck, good play and rewarding results. Our u14A team is playing at the u14 Tournament in Stellenbosch and our best wishes go to them too. How exciting for St Cyprian’s School to be included at the highest levels of school competition in the country. I am so proud of you, girls and coaches!

Women's Day
As we head off to enjoy Woman’s Day and the long weekend it gives us, I would like to pay tribute to all the extraordinary women we encounter every day – our St Cyprian’s girls, the extraordinary women who work at this school and all the mothers who do so much for their families, our community and the wider community. May you have a fabulous long weekend!

Warm regards

SJ Redelinghuys

Science and Women Week

Last week we celebrated a combined Science and Women’s week. We focused on women in the sciences and were treated to talks and guest lectures by experts in a wide variety of fields. We are grateful to the parents, old girls and friends of the school that so willingly give of their time to inspire and encourage our girls. Thanks go to; Prof. Ernesta Meintjes (UCT), Dr. Parveen (Medical Doctor), Adrianna Pinska (Physics & Programming), Christina Russo (Ecological & Geographical Science), and Prof. Alison Lewis (UCT).

The central message from all five of the talks this year was that, you don’t necessarily go into the sciences with a definite career in mind. What you gain from studying the sciences at tertiary level is a set of skills which you then can apply to a multitude of careers. Many of these career options you will only find out about once you enter tertiary studies and are exposed to the them.

Lunchtime Music Concert

We were treated to a wonderful display of musical talent in the High School Lunchtime Concert this week where the String Ensemble gave their first Lunchtime Concert performance of the year. Our pianists were well represented by Cate Buswell, Hanna van der Westhuizen, Helena Merkling and Michaela Mentz. You are warmly invited to attend our next concert on Wednesday 14 August, at 12h20 in the Voorkamer.

In-House Community Club


The students have been busy making sleeping bags during In-House Community Club.

Consumer Studies News


The Grade 11 Consumer Studies students visited the Gardens Sunsquare Hotel for a Pastry, Gelatine and Foam Formation Workshop, where they made Oreo and Chocolate Cheesecake, as well as Tiramisu.

Economics News

The Economics outing to Oak Valley was very enlightening and informative. The opportunity to ask questions about the South African agricultural sector which has been experiencing destabilizing conditions recently such as the Western Cape drought was an eye opener.

This outing was a welcome reminder that Economics is not only a theoretical subject but a practical one as well. The farm managers discussed the realities of daily decisions that need to made based on market changes such as availability of different products and the demands of consumers.  The outing was also a reminder of how astute my classmates can be, asking questions which hadn’t occurred to me, but whose answers I was interested in hearing. Overall, I enjoyed the outing and left feeling like I had learnt new things, so for me it was a valuable experience.
Catherine Doo

The Maths Project

The Maths Project is back up and running for Term 3 and our Maths students are excited to be back helping the students at Zonnebloem School.

Basketball Tour

The High School Basketball Touring Squad undertook a tour in the Stellenbosch area from 2–4 August. They had lots of fun - on and off the court - playing against some of the top players in the Western Cape as well as receiving coaching from an ex-SA Women’s basketball coach.

Rhenish vs SCS Derby Day


Our very first winter sport derby with Rhenish was a great success – all our netball and soccer teams, and most of our hockey teams, played against Rhenish Girls High in Stellenbosch this past weekend. Rhenish had very strong teams across the board and won almost all the matches (well done SCS 16A hockey, who clocked the only win of the weekend). The SCS teams competed with great pride, many games very closely contested, and gave the opposition a good run for their money. This experience is invaluable for our teams – extra game time for everyone, connecting with a school outside of Cape Town, stretching our adaptability as athletes, and competing against different styles of play. We are looking forward to hosting this event at SCS in 2020.

Schools United Leadership Summit

On Tuesday evening we hosted our first Schools United Leadership Summit, attended by head and deputy head prefects of various schools in Cape Town.
This event was initiated to create a network and build relationships between the leaders of schools in Cape Town. It was a great opportunity for everyone to share their leadership journeys as well as allowing current leaders to share and propose ideas that could be implemented by next year's leaders.
We began by sharing our experience on the effectiveness of student voice assemblies which allow students and others such as guest speakers to inform one another on global issues particularly underlying topics that we are sometimes oblivious to. What followed were engaging and coherent discussions regarding the various forums, community projects, and extra-curricular clubs each school offered and which the attendees considered as instrumental in the transformation of their school community. Additionally, we discussed the different systems by which schools operate as well as the shortcomings we faced as every journey has challenges.
It was special to make connections with leaders from around Cape Town and to witness different leadership styles and characteristics. Overall, it was an insightful evening and an event we hope will carry on in the years to follow.
Loide Musweu and Leah Krige

Thought for the week

Water Wise
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