Dear Parents and Guardians

Schools are complex entities. Principals are tasked with running good academic institutions that educate the whole child. This responsibility goes far beyond the scope of mere teaching and learning. It includes child welfare, character and spiritual development, a solid administrative and financial department, being a moral compass and much more. No easy task!

As an Anglican School, the concept of living in community is especially important. We need to respect all those who are part of our school from pupils to parents, kitchen staff to coaches, teachers to temporary workers. As individuals, we work for the common good of the institution.

Community living requires us to be respectful which is also a transformative principle. When we show respect for the “other”, be it a difference in race, religion, gender or opinion, we eliminate the tendency to exclude or demonise. The consistent practice of respect goes a long way to decrease conflict and brings a needed stability to that institution.

A sense of community at the School also builds strong relationships that often continue well after girls and teachers have left St Cyprian’s School. It encourages us to build relationships with trust and enough depth to face life’s real issues and dilemmas together. Community fosters personal growth and develops the habit of asking for more information before leaping to judgement as well as a willingness to see an alternative viewpoint. However, it depends on the core understanding that decisions are made for the common good of the School, balanced with an acknowledged respect for the individual.

While I share my thoughts about the merits of community living, how we live it out practically is another matter and a constant challenge. The School makes decisions, not always popular, but always for the benefit of the whole school community, especially our girls.

It disturbed me greatly recently, when I heard about the reception one of my teachers received returning from camp last term. The teacher had been tasked with directing traffic and ensuring the returning buses were safely parked inside the beacons strategically placed. When a parent parked on the beacon, she was respectfully asked to move. Her response was first that “she had got there first” and then when requested to move again, said, “Make me!” Later another parent was asked to make way for the bus as it turned to leave. She replied, “Don’t make the bus’s problem my problem.”

I realised this behaviour was not reserved for teachers alone when parents approached me about the traffic congestion. Parents know that Gorge Road is a one way at key times. This decision was made for the benefit of all, but a minority- as it always is- continues to drop off their girls at the Woods and then slip down to the Preparatory School. Others insist, on parking inside the School, blocking the traffic from getting onto campus. In Belmont Road parents insist on getting out cars to hand their daughters bags and books hence causing a traffic jam. Lovely for the individual, but not for others.

Another issue raised by a Parent Liaison volunteer was concerning the behaviour of certain parents on the class messaging group. The CLPs work hard at supporting the class group by sending out messages from time to time reminding them of upcoming events and other items of importance. However, a few parents have abused this system, inundating the parents with endless requests for information available on BlueSky and also posting rude comments. Any problems that are related to school decisions or children should rather be raised with the teacher or me.

The “integrity gap” refers to people who expect their children or an institution to act within a certain moral code, but do not think the same values apply to themselves. It leads to much unhappiness, especially from those choosing to live in community and working that bit harder to live within the rules.

In a society where the needs of the individual reigns supreme, that sense of community is being eroded, and with it those values of respect, integrity and selflessness. One of the most important endeavours our school can do is teach our girls the meaning of values-driven living and character development. Our parents are an integral part of the journey and we need to rely on each other and collectively be good examples to our children.  I urge our collective school community to embrace the values which have made our school strong over the decades and hold each other accountable for the way we choose to behave and model socially acceptable behaviour.

Wishing our Christian families a blessed Easter, our Jewish families a happy Pesach, and our whole school community, a relaxed short holiday.

Carol te Water

Winter Uniform
Parents are reminded that all girls need to be in full winter uniform by 6 May. Please don’t forget to visit the second hand clothing shop situated next to the School uniform shop when kitting out your daughter. They have some wonderful bargains!

Individual photographs
School photographs will be taken next week during school. Please ensure your daughter wears her summer dress and has her hair neat.

Round Square Conference 2019
The Round Square conference theme was discover.  The definition of discover is to see, find, or become aware of something for the first time - I think this ties in nicely with the conference because we discovered new people, new places and traits we did not even know we had.  Our baraza groups were all named after discoverers, my baraza group was called Galileo.  Galileo was an astronomer, physicist and engineer.  One of Galileo's greatest discoveries were Jupiter's four biggest moons.  I thought that was pretty cool.

We were privileged enough to meet people from all over Africa and learn about their cultures and traditions.  We learnt and experienced how to look at things differently and appreciate diversity.  We now know how to solve problems, commit to sustainability and work together. The three rules that were drummed into us by our motivational speak was: Show up, be ready, and never give up.

Some questions that we had to answer was:
Are you comfortable talking to strangers?
Can you stand up and give a speech to over 100 people you don't know?
Would you share your opinion on a topic to a group of strangers?
These were some of the questions we had to deal with at Round Square.

Congratulations to Miss Wright who announced her engagement during the holidays. The girls are thrilled to hear that four teachers are planning weddings and are all keen to be wedding planners!

Congratulations to Ms Salie. She was chosen to attend the World Microsoft Conference for innovative teachers held in Paris and subsequently appeared on Morning Live. She achieved her Microsoft Certified Educator status and we are so proud of her achievements 

Congratulations to Mrs Hyland on her attempted swim from Robben Island. She shared her vision with the girls last term and today she reported back talking about courage and tenacity as to how she plans a second swim. She had to withdraw after suffering from hyperthermia after two hours in freezing water. We are so proud of her endeavours!

Chess News
Morganne Thom U19, Neave Archbold U13 and Grace-Ann Samson U11 are representing WP Chess Team at the Western Cape Tournament in Mosselbay later this term. They have all already ordered their WP track suits. Great excitement!


Staff getting into the swings of things on World Book Day!

The Gr 2 team - all dressed up to celebrate World Book Day

Gr 1s adding some FUN and excitement on World Book Day!

Gr 6 Healthy eating project - picnic style!

Gr 6s with their delicious tea party

The Gr 6 girls had great fun preparing their healthy picnic

Gr 3 knitting squares like superstars! 

Gr 4s visiting the Lighthouse creche in Grabouw on their way to camp 

Gr 4BRM on their outing to Scratch Patch at the Waterfront

The Gr 4s went to the Build a Bear shop where together they chose their very special bears who can only understand Afrikaans! Each girl will get an opportunity to take home a bear and will be expected to write a few sentences in Afrikaans about their adventure together. "Gee vir my 'n drukkie, Beer"!

The Grade 6s had a memorable camping experience with their dads or VIP guests.  
They braaied on the banks of the Breede River and went canoeing. 

Kayley Watson Gr 6 JA and dad

Gr 6s walking up to the lodge after river rafting at the Date with VIP event at Bonamanzi  Thank you to Mr Dallas for organising and accompanying the group during this event.

The Round Square conference was held at Dainfern College in Gauteng during the holidays.  Thank you to Mrs Hyland and Mrs Salie for accompanying the girls.  We are not sure who had more fun!

Grade 7 Round Square girls

Ms van Niekerk, Mrs Hyland and Ms Salie at the Round Square conference

Team South Africa at the Microsoft Conference in Paris

Ms Salie presenting at the conference in Paris

The three little pigs and the big bad wolf on World Book Day

Gr 4-7s on World Book Day

Paired reading in the gardens on World Book Day

Gr 3 magic on World Book Day!

Posie de Crespigny reading to Saara Orrie on World Book Day

Fluency telephones - Gr 1RC are reading into the telephone made from household goods The girls can hear themselves reading, which encourages fluency and comprehension

The Grade 1RC class made lions for the letter L. The main focus was to work on cutting and fine motor skills

Gr 2KB made beautiful palm crosses for Palm Sunday

Gr 1MW with their hats on 'Hat and Hotdog Day'

Gr 1LPG on 'Hat and Hotdog Day' 

Gr 5s dyed t-shirts before they arrived at their campsite

Gr 5s had loads of fun at camp  

A scene from the Gr 5 campsite

Gr 6 at the school in Saron before moving on to camp

Gr 6s on camp

Lots of teamwork and collaboration on the Gr 7 camp

The Gr 7 Bonamanzi camp site



U 10 girls very excited to start hockey
U11 hockey girls

The first few weeks of the winter season have been fully packed with trials and practices, giving the girls the opportunity to get to know their new coaches and sports.
The Grades 1 - 3 girls have been experiencing hockey, netball and soccer in their LTAD lessons. Some of the Grade 1’s have been developing their new hockey language... “gum guard talk”!

U13 A Netball Match Against Dubai netball team
The U13 A team recently had the privilege to play against a netball team from Dubai. It was a tough match as they had a very strong team, but I think that our team worked hard and had a great time. I hope we will get to play them again in the future. The U13 team will be going on tour soon to Knysna which will be an amazing experience for everyone.
Written by Sienna Fonarov
Good luck to all our girls who are attending WP netball and hockey trials.

Some Admin Information:
Please go into the sports documents section on BlueSky and in the folder Sport Happenings, this weekly document shows any adaptions or additions to the regular sport schedule.
Our first Netball fixture is on the 17 April against Camps Bay. 
There will be no hockey practice or matches on the 18 April.
We are looking forward to creating some great sporting memories during our upcoming winter season.


Lelethu Mogotlane Gr 3SAH playing the violin

Sofi Bergstrom Gr 2 SU and Zareen Modak Gr 2 RW on Violin

Lyra Taylor Gr 4 BRM on Guitar

Sayuri Naidu Gr 4 NW on Drums

Hedi Levitan Gr 6 SH on the clarinet

Sophie Vineall Gr 6 JA on Trumpet together with Ms James
Alexa Sadzik Gr 6 SH on Saxophone at the Musical Showcase

Lizalise Mfenyana Gr 6 SH on Piano at the Musical Showcase

Stella Papa Gr 5 NP on Saxophone

Ella van Breda Gr 3 SAH playing Piano with Ms Syndercombe

Zarah van den Berg Brand Gr 4 NW on Violin

We congratulate the young musicians from Grades 2 to 6 who entertained us at the Musical Showcases.  Thank you for sharing a snippet of what you have learnt with us.

We are looking forward to the upcoming Grade 7 Showcase to complete this series of events:
Grade 7 Musical Showcase: Wednesday 17 April at 18h00 in the Haggie Hall


Gr 6 Art

Lyra Liddle Gr 6 HR

Grade 4 Art

Lila Bottega Gr 3 SAH
Maria Trapote Gr 7 BM

Gr 6 Art

Gr 1 Mandela's

Siphe Kumalo Gr 1 RC



  Lovelyn Nwadeyi is widely known for her courageous speech to Stellenbosch University’s Convocation in 2016.  A Stellenbosch alumnus, she laid down significant challenges around languages and racism, and in so doing, struck a powerful chord around the country.  Moving masterfully between English and Afrikaans, Lovelyn’s address titled “Courage, Complexity and Compassion” is worth a watch.
We are thrilled to have her as our first Critical Conversations Breakfast speaker.  We have achieved good traction on our Transformation for Diversity journey and it’s vital that the momentum continues.  We encourage you to check your diaries and book your place through Quicket.   Seats are limited.
Water Wise
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