Only a changed life can have a life-changing impact on others.
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Good question. That's the kind of question you've probably asked after a tense conversation, a confusing Bible study, or when you haven't seen a response from your best witnessing efforts. Are you making any difference? 

No. You're not. But trust Him. He never misses an opportunity to influence every heart around you. You won't see the biggest things He's doing. Most of the time you'll have no idea how He's using what you're doing. The few times you've met an open heart, you can be certain it was nothing you did.  He had already been them, in you.

You're not called to make a difference.  You're called to be a Spirit-filled, Spirit-led display of what He can do.  He makes the difference. Your only hope of having any spiritual influence is "Christ in you, the hope of glory." (Colossians 1:27). 



She's a nurse, a MENA Total Employment tentmaker who has been serving in a closed country for over 14 years.  In her visit with us, she shares a brief window into the countless opportunities God gives her, and the spontaneous creativity she has for using them.

You'll pick it up easily.  She's totally employed in her God-given mission to touch others with encouragement, good advice, spiritual truth, and a picture of Jesus' help in their great need.

What has kept you in a foreign country, supporting yourself, doing the same thing for all these years?
I love my job!  This is my chance to give back all the opportunities and blessings I've been given. I have a purpose for being here. I can bring joy into the lives of the people around me.  I love bringing smiles to their faces.  Even when they're on their sick bed, I want people to say, "I want to come back here!"  I like to think they want more joy, more peace, more of what they've experienced here.

How do you share God in a place with many religious restrictions?
Oh, that's easy.  I talk the Bible!  When I'm instructing the trainees, I use the verses in such a way that they'll grab their note pads and say, "Wait a minute, let me write that down!"  Because I'll say, "The wise man told us" when I quote Proverbs, and "the prophet says" when  I share from the Psalms.  I tell them there's a precious golden rule they should never forget: "Treat others the way you want them to treat you."  The people I relate to love God.  They're devout.  They 

Does anyone every challenge your faith or object to your witness?
Well.  That's not even the level I relate to people.  I'm there to be Christlike. I show them I care. I go directly to the heart.  Every morning I pray that God will prepare the hearts of those I will see that day.  So whoever I meet, He's already been there. And I show His love in whatever way I can.  MORE


Take me, O Lord, as wholly Thine.
I lay all my plans at Thy feet.  
Use me today in Thy service.
Abide with me, and let all my work be wrought in Thee.  Amen.


I was born into an Adventist family.  My father was a preacher.  I was a youth leader in my church.  I knew a lot about Jesus, but I never really knew Him.

Even as a young ministerial student,
my heart hadn't yet been touched.  I didn't know I needed to be born again! Then one day, in a class on Christian doctrines, our professor quoted John 3:3: “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot enter the kingdom of God!” (KJV). That phrase kept repeating in my mind. “Except a man be born again.
Except a man be born again.  Except a man…”  I kept asking myself,
 over and over again, “Am I born again?”
I went back to my dorm room and knelt by my bed. “Lord, I want to be born again. Please, make me a ‘born again’ person.” When I got up, to my amazement
I felt an abiding peace like I had never known before.

That was the beginning of an exciting journey with God!  Reading the Bible became a delight. The Bible actually began to make sense. My prayers evolved into a conversation with God, and my conversations with others spontaneously turned to Him!  I sensed His presence everywhere. Eventually I couldn't contain my excitement of having Jesus as my Friend; I wanted others to know. That's when mission became my life. MORE 

This is an excerpt from Lesson 7 of BEYOND BARRIERS, a resource manual for MENA tentmakers, in which Abner Dizon DMiss, the author, inspires tentmakers with a glimpse into the spiritual disciplines that feed and protect a relationship with Jesus. 
MENA Total Employment tentmakers may access BEYOND BARRIERS at
Not By Anxiety or Effort   Spiritual life is not something you pick up from an inspiring sermon or a "Best Practices" manual on powerful witnessing.  You can't just hope to be strong when you're tempted or to remember everything you know when you're questioned.  Spiritual life is about looking up to Jesus for all you need so you can meet all that others need. 

“The child cannot, by any anxiety or power of its own, add to its stature. No more can you, by anxiety or effort of yourself, secure spiritual growth. You are just as dependent upon Christ, in order to live a holy life, as is the branch upon the parent stock for growth and fruitfulness."  
(Ellen White in Steps to Christ, p. 67)

But by Hungering and Thirsting    What good can you be to others when you’re so dependent on Him yourself?  Is it possible to give away the very help you need and still be left with enough for yourself?   

“If you will go to work as Christ designs that His disciples shall, and win souls for Him, you will feel the need of a deeper experience and a greater knowledge in divine things, and will hunger and thirst after righteousness. You will plead with God, and your faith will be strengthened, and your soul will drink deeper drafts at the well of salvation.”   (Ellen White in Steps to Christ, p. 80)

Reach out to someone for Jesus and feel your greater need of Him.  Thirst for more and have enough for yourself and others too.  Jesus in you makes Jesus accessible to everyone within your reach.


MENA Total Employment (TE) is a fellowship of mission-minded Seventh-day Adventist professionals employed in the secular market of the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA). MENA TE tentmakers are valuable to their employers and indispensable to God.  They are committed to excellence and 24/7 mission.  In a recent regional Total Employment gathering, nearly two dozen professions were represented: music teacher, occupational therapist, air traffic controller, environmental engineer, nurse, HR administrator, PE teacher, IT engineer, doctor, event planner, English instructor, and more.  However, their professions are only secondary to their intentional focus of reaching those around them for God. 

If you already live and work as a tentmaker in the MENA region and are interested in joining the MENA-based Total Employment fellowship, you're invited to fill out a Tentmaker Interest Infield Information form, or contact your local MENA regional office for more information.

If you live outside the MENA region and are interested in exploring job opportunities for your profession in a Middle Eastern or North African country, visit the MENA TE website for a wealth of information about tentmaking opportunities and MENA Total Employment. If you sense God's leading, take the NEXT STEP for pursuing the possibilities.


“Thy words were found, and I did eat them; 
and thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart:
for I am called by thy name, O LORD God of hosts.”
  Jeremiah 15:16
Don’t starve when there's a feast prepared for you. Take time to enjoy it. Take time for thoughtful conversation with your Host. Feast until you’re satisfied. Snacking a verse here and there helps on a busy day; even "fast food" from a preacher is better than starving. But feasting is best.

While there are many different ways for you to find nourishment from God's Word, your best "menu" will usually involve three simple steps:  Observe, interpret, and apply. The richest message of a passage is rarely on the surface. Take time to listen, imagine, and pray as you study.
  • What is happening?  Slow down and stand in the scene. Watch, listen, stay long enough to notice the details. Read the passage out loud or write it down.
  • What does it say about God?  He is always the main character in every Bible account, because all of Scripture is a revealing of Him.  What is He doing in the text?  Does the passage offer any explanation for His activity?  Does it give a glimpse of His heart?
  • What does it say about sinners?  What are the individuals in the passage doing?  What are they choosing?  How are they relating to God, for God, against God?  Why?  
  • What does it say to me?  This is often the first question we tend to ask when we're looking for meaning in a passage.  But there are greater treasures by first understanding what is happening in the text and how God was involved in someone's experience long ago.  Then.  Give the Holy Spirit time to apply it directly to you, your heart, your need.
  • What next?  God always invites you to act.  Get on your knees and talk to Him about what you heard Him saying in the text. Respond honestly to the Holy Spirit's voice.  Choose to let Him apply truth to your heart.  Be willing to grow.  To live by what you learned means you're ready to learn more.     

"Thy Word Have I Hid
in My Heart"

Scripture memorization* is...
...the process of
planting God's Word
so deeply in my life
that His thoughts
become my thoughts,
His ways my ways.

...the simple act
of moving Scripture
from words on a page 
to a place in my memory
         SO THAT

it roots in my heart,
shapes my soul,
seeps into my conversation,

flavors all my relationships,
and waits quietly
in my listener's heart for the
Holy Spirit's timing.

...the privilege of
sharing God's Word
without a Bible in sight.


CHOOSE a short passage that is rich in meaning and encouragement for you.

MAKE IT YOURS by placing your name in the text, letting it speak to "you" if it is an address or the first person "I, me, mine" if it is a testimony.

HEAR, SEE, & FEEL the text. Repeat it out loud, sing it, write it out, create actions. Imagine hearing its message for the first time in your life.

EXPLAIN it in your own words to someone who shares your faith in God's Word.

ASK GOD to show you where you can share the passage sensitively--using phrases, paraphrases or word pictures from the text--with someone who has no access to God's Word.

* You can learn more about HIS WORD, MY WITNESS and MENA Total Employment tentmakers may access the HIS WORD, MY WITNESS guides for sharing Scripture in conversation with non-Christian listeners, from MENA TE Resources.


CALLED Second Quarter 2018
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"I, the Lord, have called you to demonstrate My righteousness.
I will take you by the hand and guard you,..and you will be a light to guide the nations."
Isaiah 42:6

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