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         When was the last time you experienced one of the Gospels in person?  Did you see Jesus reach out to an old man, pick up a worried toddler, listen thoughtfully to one more trick question from a teacher of the law?  Were you touched by His influence on everyone, anyone within His reach?  If only we each could be that sensitive to the people around us, what they need, how to approach them.  If only we could be as effective as Jesus.
          This issue of CALLED is about methods. You'll read of some of the simple approaches other MENA tentmakers have used.  You'll appreciate the success God has given experienced, effective tentmakers.  But there's no better place to learn Best Practices in Mission than to watch how Jesus worked.  Be inspired!

Methods That Touch the Soul

         Be sure of one thing. Jesus was a  powerful teacher. His methods were remarkable. And always effective. In one inspired account of how He taught, we discover some of the principles He applied in sharing profound truth with simple, unlearned listeners.   

On one hand, because of His mission
  • Jesus spoke truth in a plain, direct manner, giving force to everything He said.
  • He returned truth from where it had been displaced, and placed precious gems back in their original framework of truth.
  • He was able to highlight old truth without borrowing the smallest particle from what Satan had infused it with.
On the other hand, for the sake of His listeners
  • He broke up the accustomed train of thought of his listeners as little as possible.
  • He aroused his listener’s minds by presenting truth to them through their familiar associations.
  • He used illustrations that engaged his listener’s memories and sympathies in order to reach their hearts.
  • He drew from the book of nature to present divine truth, the lessons repeating themselves as His listeners would afterward look upon them.  

In every situation, He was effective
       The Master Teacher had a profound impact on every person He met.  He never left a soul the same.  Whether anyone could measure His work or not, He was entirely effective because He was completely led by the Spirit.  He invites us to follow Him!  
        His methods aren't just technical approaches to copy though.  Everything He thought, did, and said was fully surrendered to the Father's direction and completely immersed in the power of the Holy Spirit.  You simply can't "copy" divine effectiveness.  But you have access to the same power as you bow yourself down with the same surrender and let Him be effective in your life.
                       --Based on Ellen G. White, Manuscript 25, 1890.  
 Read the full manuscript



          In a recent issue of CALLED, a MENA tentmaker shared the story of Nafisa, a young adult who had tried in vain to locate a copy of the Injil on her own.  Fortunately the tentmaker had casually picked up several copies of the New Testament at a MENA conference weeks earlier.  One copy, wrapped in bright red cellophane, was placed in Nafisa's hands.  She kissed it, jumped with joy, took it home.  Her sister found it, though, and began reading.  Nafisa complained to her father and he assured Nafisa that her sister would return it--but only when she was finished reading it.
          Since then, in a message that was decorated with happy faces and heart imogis, Nafisa wrote the tentmaker-now-friend, "I am so at peace.  I am happy.  I have read the book you gave me two times now.  There is just something about it."
           Like everyone your witness has touched, God promises to carry on what He's begun in the lives of those He's placed in your path. You may not get updates, but you can trust He is busy.
          Incidentally, how many times have you read your Injil recently?

No one can be a successful soul winner
till he himself has settled the question of surrender to God.
We are individually to put on the Lord Jesus Christ.
To each one of us He must become
      wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption.

When our faith lays hold upon Christ as our personal Saviour,
we shall place Him before others in a new light.

And when the people behold Christ as He is, . . .
they will flee to Him for pardon, purity, and eternal life.

                       --Ellen White in Colporteur Evangelist p. 61

         I enjoy my daily morning exercise.  I live on a residential compound that is provided by the hospital where I work as a nurse.  I feel safe enough to run and walk in the early morning hours alone, even before daybreak.  My heart is lifted as I listen to the birds singing with delight, as if they are giving praises to the Lord their Creator.  I am amazed as I look up to the sky and see the stars, the glow of the moon just before dawn.  This time keeps me in close contact with God who created all these things.
           I was deep in thought in my worshipful surroundings when I believe the Spirit of God drew me from my meditation to two teenage boys on their bicycles heading to the mosque to pray.   READ MORE
Matthew 10:  Disciples In Training
Usually Jesus "showed" rather than "told" his disciples how to do God's work. But one time He sat them down and gave them specific, detailed guidelines.  As Matthew looked back on those privileged days, he recalled some of the most profound principles of doing mission that Scripture records.
"The Kingdom of Heaven is near" (Matthew 10:6).  The message God has given you is simple, clear. Jesus brings heaven near to each one of us; His presence is real and His help is personal.  What's more--you are a representative of such a kingdom, a personal ambassador assigned as a living witness to each person you meet.

“Give as freely as you have received" (Matthew 10:8).   God sends you out to meet the people around you for Him; but you can’t share what you haven’t experienced personally yourself.  But when you are living what others need, your outreach will connect.  And it will be personal, natural--and convicting in the Holy Spirit's care.

“Identify the worthy person" (Matthew 10:11).  Determine the response of those you meet and invest your time and energy in relationships that are open to your witness and influence.  It’s OK if some reject you.  God will not give up on them, but you can move on. Some were saved even out of Sodom and Gomorrah.   READ MORE

           She is a treasure of a woman, long in experience and wisdom.  She has no education, but she has a wise, sensitive heart. Against the opinions of the family around her and even her own beliefs, she graciously accepted me as a Christian a long time ago.
         I've prayed for her for a long time too. I've even carefully shared what I believe.  Even though she's listened patiently, she's known her faith for much longer than she's known me. It is her identity, her world.  Many times I've wondered how a 76-year-old woman could possibly embrace Christianity.  Perhaps it is too much to ask.    READ MORE

Let the Spirit of Jesus vitalize the souls of the workers.
Then their plans and methods of labor will be of that character
to win souls to Jesus Christ.

Ellen White in Colporteur Evangelism, p. 



          MENA Total Employment (TE) provides several benefits to its members, including an annual regional retreat to connect with other MENA TE members and to renew the vision of personal, spiritual influence.  If you're a MENA TE member and would like information on the next retreat event for your region, email
          If you're a mission-minded Seventh-day Adventist professional, visit MENA'S Total Employment website,, to learn more about MENA's Total Employment tentmaker initiative. 

If you're interested in having materials on hand to share with friends about health, family wholeness, and spiritual growth, visit MENAPA.  Middle East Publishers produces materials in French, Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, and English.  Browse through a growing collection of resources which have been designed to encourage your personal spiritual life and strengthen your witness.

       You'll also find inspiration for your personal mission in the
new book, To Win, To Hold, to Send, written by the author of MENA's Total Employment Tentmaker's Manual
, Beyond Barriers, Dr. Abner Dizon.  In this project, Maila DIzon, his wife, joined him to lead us to a better understanding of our own sense of mission and to inspire us to invite others to join in the lifetime process of discipleship.
         The Dizons have spent decades in cross-cultural mission and training.  They can talk frankly about the challenges of mission, reaching the secular person, tentmaking, small group development, church planting, and more.  To Win, To Hold, To Send is available, along with Dizon's Beyond Barriers and other resources, on MENA's Total Employment website,

CALLED  2019 3rd Quarter
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"I, the Lord, have called you to demonstrate My righteousness.
I will take you by the hand and guard you,..and you will be
a light to guide the nations." 

Isaiah 42:6

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