Mid Atlantic Conference 2017
Special Edition 2
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Mid Atlantic Conference 2017

By Bob Lindberg
A quote from Albert Einstein:
“Try NOT to become a person of success, but rather, try to become a person of value.”
Increase your value by attending this year’s MAC!

There are 3 special classes in this year’s schedule to help increase your value:
How to get into appliance repair – Hopefully this will answer the question many service companies ask – what does it take to get into appliance repair?
How to get into EBAY sales – The schedule instructors for this class are Danny Garris – Garris TV and Michael Ness from Ness Electronics. Find out how easy it is to make money selling on EBAY! 
Best Ideas – This class has been well received at NESDA! Improve your efficiency – take note on best ideas for making money.

EPEA’s Mid-Atlantic Conference will be held at the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel and Conference Center in beautiful Virginia Beach, Virginia. The conference will begin on Wednesday, June 7, 2017 with registration followed by Hospitality. There will be a selection of classes, seminars, meals, hospitality, friendship and networking that will last to Sunday, June 11, 2017.

This year we have made this even more AFFORDABLE than ever. You will save money on registration ($149.00 per person) and even our hotel suites cost of $109.00 has not increased in at least three years. Go to our website to register and pay online, or click here to be taken directly to the registration section. Call the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel direct to make reservations at 757-481-9000. Be sure to mention that you are with “MAC 2017” to get our special room rate.

If you have any questions, contact:
June Lindberg  email:  Phone: 757-305-8715
Al Moses  email:  Phone: 302-242-8723

Tentative Convention Schedule 2017
   5pm - 8pm    Registration Open*
   8pm - 11pm    Hospitality Open

   7am - 5pm    Registration Open*
   8am - 9am    Breakfast
   9am - 12:30pm  Training:
     Sealed System
     Starting Appliance Repair
   12:30pm - 1:30pm    Lunch
   1:30pm-5pm  Training:
     Sealed System
     Philips TV
     Panasonic Com. M/W  
     Starting ebay Sales
   6pm - 10pm    Trade Show
   10pm - 12am    Hospitality Open

   7am - 5pm    Registration Open*
   8am - 9am    Breakfast
   9am - 12:30pm  Training:  
     Sealed System
     Philips TV
     LCD/LED Panel Repair
   12:30pm - 1:30pm    Lunch
   1:30pm - 5pm    Training:
     Sealed System
     Best Ideas
   5pm - 6pm    EPEA Board Meeting
   6:30pm - 8pm    Dinner
   9pm - 12am    Hospitality Open

   7am - 12:30pm    Registration Open*
   8am - 9am    Breakfast
   9am - 12:30pm    Industry Roundtable
   12:30pm - 1:30pm    Lunch
   1:30pm - 5pm    Training: Sharp Com. M/W
   5pm - 5:30pm    General Membership Mtg.
   6pm - 7pm    Cocktail Hour
   7pm - 9pm    Awards Banquet
   9pm - 12am    Hospitality Open

   9am - 12 noon    EPEA Board Meeting
*Registration Desk is closed during all meals.

Better Together: MAC17 Va/oCATION

By: Wallace Harrison

Get the Best Training for your Vocation 
and the Best Vacation for You and Your Family
Making it an Affordable Investment at MAC-2017

Fellow Servicers;

Are you tired and frustrated?
Don't you often feel overwhelmed by the challenges you have to confront every day in your delivery of professional services to your clients? Your fight to keep abreast of rapidly changing technology as you face declining revenue and dwindling profits? Do you work in an environment where you feel unappreciated and under-compensated?

Want to get away? 
Want to take your family for a relaxing vacation at the right time of year? Where you can walk on the sandy beach of the Chesapeake Bay, or catch a low-fare bus ride to the ocean-side boardwalk and bright lights of the Virginia Beach resort? And wouldn't it be great to do this at the same time you can avail yourself of some of the top electronics and appliance servicing, and business management training available? Oh, and do you want this to be affordable?

Put it All Together at EPEA's 2017 MAC!
Every year, the Eastern Professional Electronics Association hosts servicers from around the country at the industry-acclaimed Mid-Atlantic Conference in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This year's event will be held at it's flagship hotel, the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel and Conference Center, June 7-10.

The people who meticulously planned this conference this year have made it even more affordable than ever. The per-person registration for the full conference is only $149. You can't beat that for this type of vocational training. And the hotel suites are negotiated to only $109, a rate that hasn't increased in three years. You can't do better for a vacation anywhere at a hotel of this quality in June. What a deal for your Vo/aCATION.

Throughout the day, technicians can receive technology updates and servicing instruction from best instructors from the top manufacturers of their respective industry. Also, owners and management personnel can review methods to become more efficient and profit-conscious among themselves and from well-designed seminars. Non-business family members can swim in the spacious, heated saltwater indoor-outdoor pool, or exit the back door to the sandy beach or frolic in the warm waters of the Chesapeake Bay. Or they can drive or catch the bus to the resort area and set up a blanket outside the boardwalk and dip their toes or bodies into the waves from the Atlantic Ocean.

Besides the jam-packed training schedule, attendees have numerous opportunities to "network," sharing ideas with each other to get fresh perspectives from folks from other parts of the country. During the included meal functions and the well-regarded trade show, you can go one-on-one with service representatives of major manufacturers, distributors, service contract companies, in addition to more encounters with fellow professional servicers. And you can continue your brainstorming with those industry folks whom you are seated with during meals and coffee breaks. Need to continue a conversation? Move to the hotel's spacious yet comfortable bar area. Or the friendly EPEA hospitality room, which is open every evening after festivities -- including Wednesday before the conference and Saturday evening after the festivities end.

There are more than enough meal functions to keep your hunger at bay. And the food at this hotel is excellent. But if you want to stay over and enjoy the area, you won't find a better meal than in the hotel's Tradewinds Restaurant with the panoramic view of the passing ships and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. Or you ask and find where to go for some of the finest seafood restaurants anywhere within a mile or two of the hotel.,

Cape Henry


Sightseers don't have any farther to go than a few miles down the road to First Landing State Park (where the settlers first landed in 1607) and the old (1792) and newer (1881) Cape Henry lighthouses at Fort Story. But the area abounds with relevant history. It's a short trip to Norfolk and St. Paul's Church, Gen. Douglas MacArthur Memorial, the huge MacArthur Center shopping complex, and the permanently moored battleship Wisconsin. It's situated near the brand-new Waterside District of shops and restaurants, and take the paddle-wheel ferry from there to Portsmouth's "Old Town" historic and restaurant district. While here, don't miss going over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel to Hampton and Newport News with a destination to historic Williamsburg (and maybe even a side trip to Jamestown). Google all these places before you leave so you'll know which of these you can't miss. If you're from farther away, and you have the time, you might also venture to our nation's capitol and even take in Washington's Mount Vernon near Alexandria and Jefferson's Monticello in Charlottesville. Virginia is for lovers, especially lovers of history. And MAC 2017 wants to make improving your vocation and enjoying your vacation as affordable as possible

"Merry Kris-muss" all year through

Wallace, Virginia Beach VA
An independent mind perpetually seeking truth
through science, reason, and credible evidence,
and -- sometimes -- even common sense

Make It A Family Affair

 By: June Lindberg
MAC 2017 has a lot to offer.  Quality training and information, networking with your peers, bountiful food and a wonderful Hospitality Room are, by themselves, a great reason to attend.  We also have one feature that most other conferences do not offer.  We have a very active Ladies Auxiliary.

The Ladies Auxiliary are the heart of the EPEA.  We not only help out in the Hospitality Room and Registration Desk, we also have a full schedule of activities to entertain anyone not attending classes.  MAC 2017 is very family friendly and so is the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel, so if you want to bring along the family, you can relax knowing that they will have something to do while you are busy.

If you have any free time, check at the MAC 2017 Registration Desk, and see what the Ladies Auxiliary has going on!

Learn and Grow

by: June Lindberg

The theme for MAC 2017 is ‘Learn and Grow’, and we hope you will take that literally.  The technical training classes and general seminars will provide a good place to start learning, but that is only the beginning.  There is much to learn from the Trade Show and the Industry Round Table.  There is also a lot to learn from each other.  Networking with others who have walked a mile in your shoes, can be a very valuable asset to your business.  The voice of experience can teach us a lot.

 Take all that you learn at MAC 2017 and use it to grow your business.  Perhaps even expand in directions you had never before considered.  Don’t be afraid to try something new.  You never know, a seemingly simple idea from someone you met at MAC 2017 could make the difference between black or red ink on your bookkeeping ledger.
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