October 2016
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An Invitation To All EPEA Members
Your presence is requested at the
Virginia Beach Resort Hotel
2800 Shore Drive
Virginia Beach, Virginia
(757) 481-9000
Saturday December 3, 2016

There will be an EPEA Board Meeting starting at 2pm and followed by a discussion group.  The real fun will begin at 6pm.  The Annual Holiday Party!

Please arrange your schedule to attend this event.  This will be the perfect opportunity to let the EPEA Board know what you need from our organization, let the Convention Committee know what you would like to see at MAC2017, and you can even give your wish list to Santa.

You can go to the website to register and pay ($20.00 per person) for the Holiday Party.  Please register by Thanksgiving.  If you need a hotel room ($79.00 per night), please contact the Hotel directly.

Join in the fun as you talk, laugh, eat, drink, play games, win prizes…......   relax and enjoy!

Get Busy

by: Jeff Dougherty CSR/MST, EPEA Vice President.

I've noticed talk recently on how slow some of our members are in their business.
There are many inexpensive ways to increase your exposure and in turn hopefully increase business. Take a look at these tips and maybe a few can help you get busy!
1. Be sure you are listed on and and your information is correct. I have more and more customers telling us they found us on the Internet. If your information and categories are not correct, you will not get the business. Be sure to Google your company name and click on the links to "claim this business".
2. Send the customer an email after the repair. I do this for both in-warranty and out-of-warranty customers. In the email, suggest if the customer was happy with your service, to please leave a positive rating on Google and include your Google link. You can do this by searching your company name, click on your company name, then copy the link in the address bar and paste it into the email. It is best to go to, paste your link in the box and use the shortened link in your email messages. Some emails will break the long link and it may not work for your customers.
3. This suggestion came from another member a while ago: Get a QR code for the referral link and have that code imprinted on the back of your business cards. There is usually room for 2 QR codes, one for Google and the other for Angie's list, Yelp or your website.
4. Simple things such as wearing shoe covers or giving the customer a follow-up call can yield positive feedback on online reviews. It will show that you care about the quality of your work.
5. Consider diversifying into appliances. Each year we are adding more appliance training at the Mid Atlantic Conference. I urge you to make plans now to attend next year's convention. Please talk with your manufacturer reps and encourage them to supply regional training at next year's MAC.
Manufacturers need appliance technicians. Expanding your profile with them can bring in more business for you, warranty and COD referrals.
Hope to see you at MAC 2017.

Let the EPEA Help You!

If you have not been to our website recently, check it out at We've given it quite a make-over, and have added a ton of training material and service manuals. We also have a forum available where you can talk to other technicians for service assistance and help looking up parts.

We have a lot available about EPEA news, our annual conference, and membership information. You can sign up for any of our events such as our Christmas Party on the website as well. You have to be a member of the EPEA to access the service manuals, training materials, and our tech help forum, so if you are not a member, click here and sign up! Once you are approved as a new member of the EPEA, your full access to everything on our website will be activated.

Join today, and let the EPEA work for you!

Uncle Sam wants you!

Now is the time for all good men, and women, to come to the aid of their country.  Your voice can only be heard if you vote.  Freedom isn’t free.  It requires that you work for it, earn it.  These old phrases may sometimes seem a bit corny, but they were never more important than now.  Please exercise your freedom as well as your responsibility, and vote on November 8th.

The power of lightning

by: Bob Lindberg

While working for a servicer in the boonies of Chicago, I was sent on a service call. The call was at an apartment building that was struck by lightning. Before I began working for this service company they had installed the antenna system.

The brick two story 16 unit apartment building had a Winegard CW94 mounted on a 10 foot mast, mounted on a 3 foot tripod bolted to the roof. In the attic they had installed a line drop tap system. Coming through the roof the coax fed into an LS-275 two way splitter. The output from the splitter had trunk lines going across the attic floor in opposite directions, one going toward the East and one toward the West. About 10’ from the splitter in both directions the trunk line went into a LDV-475. Their outputs had another trunk line going another 10’ to a second LVD-475, with its output terminated. These line drop taps provided isolation and a variable output drop to 4 outlets. Using the Winegard variable 75 ohm wall plates and a field strength meter one could set the output of both the LDV-475 and the variable wall plates for a balanced system. Ah, the good old days of analog television!

As I drove up I could see that it appeared that the antenna cartage and its housing were blown off the antenna. Still attached by coax, they were wrapped around an antenna element swinging in the breeze. Just to the right of and below, where the tripod was mounted to the roof, I could see where the lightning may have hit the roof. There was damage to the roofs shingles.

Going into the attic I found that the LS-275 was blown apart. The COAX from the splitter to the first line drop tap on the West side was GONE? Coming out of the LS-275 there was the F-59 connector, with the black outer plastic / rubber jacket stretched to a point just an inch or two from the F-59 connector. The input side of the first LDV-475 looked the same.  GONE were the center conductor, the copper braided shield, the inner foam / plastic insulator, and the plastic / rubber jacket. They were just VAPORIZED! How can this be? I couldn’t believe it. I can’t even imagine what power would be needed to cause this!
The repair consisted of replacing the antenna cartridge, the LS-275, the 10’ piece of vaporized trunk line and the one LDV-475. Amazing.
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