March 2017
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Mid Atlantic Conference 2017

Now that winter is a fading memory, it is time to look ahead to the 2017 edition of the Mid Atlantic Conference which will be held from June 7th - 10th, 2017. Over the years, the MAC has been known for its technician-centered training, along with management and customer service classes, and industry round table. The other thing that the MAC is known for? Being family friendly.

The Mid Atlantic Conference in 2017 will be no different. Located at the Virginia Beach Resort and Conference Center on the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia Beach, there are plenty of things to do for all members of the family. First and foremost, the Conference is at the bay side beach. Just a few steps from the hotel room will land you on the sand, bathed in warm sunlight with the easy waves of the Chesapeake Bay gently washing onto the shore. A few short miles away is one of the largest malls on the east coast, the Lynnhaven Mall. Just a little further east one can find all of the ocean side shops, restaurants, and the boardwalk that Virginia Beach is popular for. The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center, and Ocean Breeze Water Park also await for hours of fun and wonderment.

So you know the top notch training that the Mid Atlantic Conference is famous for. And if you can, bring the family. They will have a great getaway while you improve your technical skills and your bottom line. What a combination!

Please go to our website at to register. If you have any ideas or suggestions of anything you would like to see at the conference, please send an email to

We look forward to seeing you at the 2017 Mid Atlantic Conference.

Microwave Turns 50

In 1967, Amana Corporation sold a new item for home kitchen use that would revolutionize cooking: the Microwave, which they initially marketed as a Radarange. Back then, it sold for $495, which would be $3,575 in 2017 dollars. The microwave oven had been available for commercial use for a decade before, but it was not until the late 60’s where technology improvements, miniaturization, and manufacturing cost reductions made the microwave practical for home use.

Microwave ovens use a magnetron to heat the food using short wavelength radio waves. The magnetron came into widespread use by the military during World War II, being used in radars. At early part of the war magnetron production was just 17 per day, and engineers at Raytheon Corporation, Amana’s parent company, were tasked with figuring out how to increase production. The magnetron was re-engineered so that its components could be cut out of sheet metal instead of each one having to be machined individually. This change increased production to 2,600 per day.

One of the engineers, while working with a live magnetron, noticed that the candy bar in his pocket had melted. He then pointed the radar beam from the magnetron at a raw egg, at which point the egg exploded due to the rapid heating. Raytheon filed a patent for use of the radar technology for cooking, and the Radarange was born.

Happy 50th anniversary to the microwave!

Samsung Recalled Washer Customers Not Happy

Some customers who were affected by the Samsung recall for certain models of washing machines are unhappy with the response by Samsung, as well as the fix for the “exploding” washing machines.

Consumers are complaining about rude customer service, servicers that may not be qualified, rebates that they do not believe to be fair, and a "fix" that's not really a repair which includes a sticker to cover up certain modes.

More details about this ongoing issue can be found here.


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