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We welcome you to our Second Issue of Dainere’s Rainbow bi-monthly e-newsletter. The month of August was a busy one with City2Surf and the release of a special bereavement resource for parents: a collaboration that Dainere’s Rainbow were very proud to be involved in. The month of September is a significant one, as it is International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Paediatric brain tumours are the number one disease killer of children in Australia. (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2010-2015)

Enormous and heartfelt gratitude to both Mark from My Gungahlin and Jarrett for their truly legendary and absolutely astounding efforts in the City2Surf held on 14th August 2016. They both pushed and challenged themselves and opened their heart to significantly elevate awareness and raise an amazing $5826.41. They are Dainere's Rainbow Heroes.

Thank you for letting me be part of the team. That was my first City2Surf and whilst I knew it was going to be tough, it was a real challenge! I know what I went through and the pain is nothing like what Dainere went through. If running for 14km helps with her final wish, I am happy to do it. I will be back in 2017, fitter and stronger for a PB.


This morning’s City2Surf race was a little bit of a shock. I reached the 3km to go mark and was on track for a PB, however, 100 metres away from the finish line I collapsed to the ground and was physically sick.

The first thing I thought of whilst feeling absolutely terrible at that point was how Dainere always pushed through her chemotherapy, radiotherapy, other treatments, pain and the many side-effects with a smile.

After about a minute or so on the ground being sick, I got back up and slowly jogged the final 100m. I ended up running 54:01 and first Gold Charity Runner to cross the finish line, Dainere helped me push through to the end.

A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who shared my link or made a donation! I know I say thank you about it a lot, but it is truly appreciated! Every single person who shared the link or made a donation is an absolute legend for doing so!


By My Side

Dainere's Rainbow are honoured to have been part of the truly unique and precious publication of 'By My Side'. It is our hope that through our collaboration with this resource that we are part of team who is able to reach out to others during such an incomprehensible and difficult time.

'By My Side' is a resource that will help many bereaved parents to feel that they are not alone and will find solace in other bereaved parents words.

How does a parent really feel when their child dies from cancer?

Redkite has published ‘By My Side’ a new book in partnership with the Kids Cancer Centre that shares the experiences of bereaved parents and was created to bring comfort to parents who have been through this devastating experience by sharing the thoughts and experiences of other bereaved parents.

By My Side is comprised of interview excerpts from researcher Leigh Donovan’s PhD study at the University of NSW. Supported by Redkite and the Kids Cancer Centre at Sydney Children’s Hospital, the 2012-16 study explored the unique support needs of parents whose child has died from cancer.

The book was released on 8 August 2016, to coincide with Dying To Know Day – a day dedicated to start conversations around death and dying. By My Side gives suggestions about accessing professional support and how to engage family and friends. Bereaved parents in the book speak of love, life, loss, grief, and hope.

Redkite offers By My Side to bereaved parents to keep, free of charge. You can view the link

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. It's the time for everyone in Australia to unite to elevate awareness of childhood cancer.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month was first proclaimed by US President Obama in 2010, and is now acknowledged internationally.

Childhood cancer is not the same as adult cancer. Researchers and doctors are yet to discover what causes childhood cancer and there is no prevention. Lifestyle choices and genetics are rarely attributed to the disease developing.

Adults treatments are not always able to be used on children as they are still developing and children’s cancer are often very different than adult ones. Research is vital to finding new and specific child-friendly treatments.

More than nine hundred and fifty children aged 0-18 are diagnosed with one of the types of childhood cancer in Australia each year.

Tragically 3 children, will die each week from cancer having their whole future stolen and leaving families totally devastated.

The treatments used for children, such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy, are often extremely harsh and can cause serious health complications known as long-term effects and children with cancer need to be monitored for the rest of their lives.
The Gold Ribbon is the International Awareness Symbol of Childhood Cancer. We encourage you to show your support through Going Gold during the month of September. You may like to tie a Gold Ribbon around a tree at your home, wear a Gold Shirt, wear a Gold Tie, tie your hair with a Gold Ribbon or paint your nails gold.

During September you may even like to save all your gold coins, have a morning tea or hold a garage sale and make a donation to your favourite childhood cancer charity.

We would love you to share any photographs or stories through Dainere’s Rainbow Facebook Page. 


'It is not having everything go right, it is facing whatever goes wrong. It is not being without fear; it is having the determination to go on in spite of it.'

"My night was restless through pain again, I am not the only one who does not get any sleep, Mum is there by my side when I am suffering holding my hand, stroking my head, massaging my feet, hands, back, knee, shoulders, administering medicine, warming hot water bottles and just comforting me with love.

Today not only can I not use my right hand at all, I have been experiencing pain through my left foot which means that I could not even stand up and in fact when Mum took me to the bathroom I fell and it was just fortunate that Mum caught me. I don't feel sorry for myself that is not the right thing to do and there are people in this world who are far worse off than I am. Also, I know that through what I experience and share, it may help other children in the future and helping others is so important to me".


If you are a sibling who is completing Year 12 in 2016 and you have a sibling who has being diagnosed with, receiving treatment or has passed away from brain cancer and their illness or death has impacted your studies and you are looking at gaining admission into Tertiary Studies this could be of assistance to you.

Most of UAC’s participating institutions have Educational Access Schemes (EAS) to help students who have experienced long-term educational disadvantage gain admission to tertiary study.

To be eligible for EAS consideration your educational performance must have been seriously affected, normally for a period of at least six months during Year 11 and/or 12 or equivalent, due to circumstances beyond your control and choosing.

December 2016

Christmas Lights Displays on the Northside and Southside of Canberra.

The most splendiferous light display and stalls to bring joy to others, elevate an awareness of paediatric brain tumours and raise funds to give children diagnosed with this insidious disease the hope of a future.

If you attended Dainere’s Rainbow Brain Tumour Research Fund Happily Ever After Gala Dinner and were amazed and captivated by the spectacular performance of The Little Mermaid by the Free-Rain Theatre Company, then don’t miss ‘Wicked’ the untold story of the Witches of Oz at the Canberra Theatre this October 13 -23.

Dainere's Rainbow is a not for profit organisation - 100% of all funds raised or donated go to paediatric brain tumour research at Sydney Children's Hospital

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