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As we enter the busy time of preparing for Christmas, we often find that we forget the important things in life in the rush to shop, party and celebrate.  If we stop for a short while, remember to smile and spread joy, if we give our time, reach out and open our hearts to others rather than expecting to receive, then our lives are set alight with hope, love and joy.
This Festive Season the Dainere’s Rainbow Team will be constantly working together to elevate significant awareness, raising funds and providing a support network to bring new hope to all children diagnosed with paediatric brain tumours.  We wish to bring a ray of light in the form of improved treatment options, individualised treatment, access to clinical trials, new treatment options with less devastating and long-term side effects, the chance of a future and the dream of a cure for what is the number one disease killer of children in Australia.

If you would like to assist us to continue Dainere’s most selfless and inspirational work, please follow the Dainere’s Rainbow Facebook Page, regularly read the website, join the mailing list or contact us if you would like to be involved in any of events or awareness raising activities.

Research is the only way to improve treatments and survivorship for children with cancer.


On 6th September 2017, a new all over advertising bus campaign was launched by Senator the Hon. Zed Seselja, Senator for the ACT on behalf of Dainere’s Rainbow at Parliament House to promote Paediatric Brain Tumour awareness in the ACT and Queanbeyan Community.

The bus was donated by phenomenal and kind hearted local Queanbeyan company Qcity Transit, a member of the Comfort Delgro Australia group. The full wrap was sponsored by Qcity Transit who will operate and maintain the wrap for as long as possible, the wrap was applied, and part donated by amazing Screenmakers Pty Ltd  and the incredible and poignant artwork was donated by TransitGraphics.

This extraordinary bus features colourful artwork with important awareness message on both sides and the rear.  There are also key messages inside the bus. The bus is not alone, Qcity Transit already operate two other buses that have full rear advertising for Dainere’s Rainbow.

This is a significant and historic for paediatric brain cancer and those people involved have the light of human kindness burning ever so brightly from within their hearts and they are dedicated and passionate advocates of elevating awareness within the Community about paediatric brain cancer which tragically is the number one disease killer of our most precious children in Australia.

The campaign is designed to help promote awareness in our community and will showcase key messages including:
  • Brain cancer kills more children than any other disease in Australia
  • One person is diagnosed with brain cancer every 5 hours
  • Only two in ten people diagnosed with brain cancer will survive for at least five years          
It is hoped that this campaign will continue to elevate significant awareness in the Canberra/Queanbeyan Region and beyond. It is through greater awareness that more knowledge and understanding occurs, which then leads to increased funds raised, which then gives hope and ultimately lead to a cure becoming a reality one day.


The Team at Dainere's Rainbow work tirelessly and devotedly to make a difference in the Community and one initiative that the team worked on was creating a greater awareness of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month which is in September and is represented by a Gold Ribbon.  After several meetings, discussions and planning with The Minister for Health and Wellbeing, Meegan Fitzharris MLA a Teddy Bear's Picnic Morning Tea was held on 7th September at the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children in the magnificent George Gregan Playground. Dainere's Rainbow and other wonderful Childhood Cancer Organisations were invited and honoured to be part to this event held for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

People all with huge hearts, passion, devotion and the desire to help other families going through the unimaginable and devastating journey of a childhood cancer diagnosis. All sharing, listening and uniting to bring about an awareness of Childhood Cancer within the Community.

It was also so very special to share the morning with staff and children from paediatrics. A memorable moment from the morning was when Jarrett so eloquently and lovingly read Dainere's exceptional Children's Book, Theodore and Friends - Theodore is Left Out which encourages inclusion, empathy and tolerance of those who are different to all those present.

With enormous and heartfelt gratitude to the Minister for Health and Wellbeing Meegan Fitzharris MLA, Dr Fletcher, Elizabeth, Katraina, Krystal and the wonderful team who were involved in putting this special event together.  We are extremely excited to announce that this is going to be an annual event every September for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.


Every child deserves a future and the sole way to see an increase in survival rates for paediatric brain tumours can only come through a dramatic increase in research capacity


There was a Rainbow of Hope for brain cancer, with the announcement of the 'Australian Brain Cancer Mission. It is due to the unification, the advocacy, the passion and the dedication of Brain Cancer Charities, families who have suffered the devastating loss of a loved one to this horrendous disease and every single person who has taken on the role to elevate awareness of brain cancer in the Community. Today every wonderful individual who has taken the time, the interest, given their hearts and time to take action and be one of the voices is a Dainere's Rainbow and Brain Cancer Champion; giving hope and creating change, the greatest gift ever.

The 'Australian Brain Cancer Mission' which is a ten-year plan to increase survival through a collaboration between Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, the Federal Government, and Minderoo's Eliminate Cancer Initiative, in consultation with the world's best research minds. One hundred million dollars for ten years, so that is ten million dollars each year to beat brain cancer, double survival rates and improve patients' quality of life.

With brain cancer being the number one disease killer of children in Australia, the highest cancer killer of people under 40 and with no changes in survival statistics in over three decades The Australian Brain Cancer Mission aims to rapidly change this through giving patients' access to clinical trials and accelerating the discovery of new therapies by expanding research platforms and technologies, and equipping researchers with the best tools and infrastructure.

Dainere's passionate words, sharing her story (which the Minister has read) and her tireless, selfless, devoted and inspiring advocacy: her legacy has contributed to this coming about.

Tragically all of this did not come early enough to help Dainere and the many other precious children stolen by this truly cruel and insidious disease however to know that it will give hope to other families who will face this devastating journey means the world to us.
On the weekend of 20th and 21st October, Dainere’s Rainbow were part of the Garage Sale Trail.  We met some lovely people and were able to elevate awareness and funds for paediatric brain tumours.

To those who so very kindly donated items, those who took the time to visit the Sale and make purchases and those who walked away with a greater awareness and knowledge of paediatric brain tumours and the devastating statistics - you are all truly extraordinary people who are helping to make a difference and together many voices will most definitely one day see a cure become a reality.

We are so proud and thrilled to announce that at total of $231.35 was raised and those funds are going towards vital research which is the key to improving outcomes, giving hope and creating change for every child diagnosed with this disease.

When a donation is received, or funds are raised at events 100% of the total amount goes to the dedicated research team who work tirelessly as part of Team Dainere's Rainbow to see that one day no child will ever suffer and lose their young lives to this disease.
If you are interested in listing your home, please mention Dainere’s Rainbow to the wonderful Jeremy at Harcourts Brindabella
Phone02 6100 6525

At the Dainere's Rainbow Splendiferous Entertainment Extravaganza in the Live Auction the artwork 'Unremembered Skies' by Kate Bender was featured.
She is a very special and talented artist with a generous and kind heart, 
so we would like to share with you all that Kate has an exhibition called 'Glow' it will feature all of her new paintings.  It runs from 13th October to 4th December 2017 at X Gallery, 32 Gilbratar Street Bungendore.  The Gallery Hours are Friday - Monday 11am to 5pm.


4th December - Andante Andante ABBA Choir Fundraising Concert
Featuring ABBA Songs followed by a Christmas Sing-a-long.
There is also a lucky door prize, raffle and supper.
Cost is only $10
You must book to attend as numbers are limited and this can be done by contacting The Dainere’s Rainbow Team at or telephoning Dainere’s Rainbow on 0412 324 105
All proceeds from the evening go directly to innovative and vital research.


1st to 25th December - Dainere’s Rainbow Christmas Wonderland - Christmas Lights Display
Lights switched on every single night from 1st to 25th December
Special treats, surprises and more every weekend from 2nd to 23rd December


If you live in Canberra and decorate your home with Christmas Lights to bring joy and delight during this special Season and would also like to help give hope and create change by having your lights in support of Dainere’s Rainbow Brain Tumour Research Fund, please contact our team via email to express your interest and we will be in touch with you and organise a special pack to assist you. 

March (date to be confirmed) - Sorbet Canberra Outlet Centre Autumn Fashion Parade

16th June - Dainere’s Rainbow ‘Spooktacular’ Gala Dinner

The Abbey Function Centre Nicholls ACT 2913


“Living in pain is a dreadful thing, it can be so intense that is can virtually take your breath away, make you cry and cause you to feel so dreadfully uncomfortable. Having my panamax and oxycodone eases it but as it is constantly there all the time; it really becomes so terribly tiring.….I wish there was a fairy that could wave her sparkling magic wand and it would suck up all my pain in a stream of stars and leave me feeling like a brand new person, unfortunately that would only occur in a fairytale and living with brain cancer is no fairytale, in fact I think it could be compared to a horror movie."

- (Written by Dainere about pain, which is an enormous part of brain cancer) 
Dainere's Rainbow is a not for profit organisation - 100% of all funds raised or donated go to paediatric brain tumour research at Sydney Children's Hospital
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