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Dressage Clubs News - October to December, 2016.


In an effort to make sure you know what is going on in Dressage NSW... 
Your Club is invited to be part of the Development Forum – come along in February and have your say – and hear about what others are doing to make their clubs strong.  Contact Tracey (below) if you haven’t seen an invitation – and click the link below:
Para Equestrian information:
New FEI PE tests will be release next week and will be effective from 1 January 2017
Horses being lead into the competition arena.  The ADC has clarified this rule and has been distributed.
Tracey Lesslie - Administration Secretary - Dressage NSW
Email:   Ph: 0409 841 089
Lots of Mentoring and upgrading has been going on at State and National Championships.
Upgrading judges – 12 judges including 2 from the NT either doing exams, sit ins or shadow judging.  A special thank you to the Clarendon committee for all the extra effort to accommodate the judges.
• Seminars – Mudgee and Alexander Park
• JE Calendar has been submitted for 2017
See more information:
The ADC advises that there are three main rule changes to come into effect January 2017:
An update on the EA Dressage Rules to be effective on 1.1.17.
  1.        Yellow Cards
The Yellow Card system ( which is effectively a trial for 2017) has been approved by the EA Board and will be incorporated into the Dressage Rules.  Please find a copy attached.   The EA office is currently preparing  the actual yellow card.  If one is given out it will need to be recorded centrally in the EA office.
  1.       Safety helmets  - change in Rule for 2017.  
In response to a motion from the National Riders Meeting conducted at the Australian Dressage Championship in October,  the mandatory safety helmet rule for all riders for all levels has been amended.
It now effectively will be as follows.
  •        A safety helmet is mandatory for all riders up to and including Advanced level  and for all riders at any level ( including EA FEI level ) if you are aged 22 years and under.
  •        If aged 22 years and over , at EA FEI level competitions,  a rider has the option of wearing either a safety helmet or a top hat.
Age of Competitors
The minimum age for riders has been changed – 8 years for riders of ponies and 10 years for riders of horses
Clubs should check the calendar regularly on the DNSW website as we have had several changes in recent times. Mainly housekeeping items but worth mentioning.
 EA FEI test papers
 It is important that clubs use the EA FEI Level tests for their EA competitions. Some clubs are using FEI tests instead of EA versions of the FEI tests.  The EA test have the correct number of Error of course penalties for Australian competitions.
 DNSW Regional Dressage festival series
DNSW has approved six events to be part of the series in 2017
Info here:
Weather and Safety precautions
Summary here –
Clubs should note the increase in judging and judge travel fees.   Not sure if you want to include but DNSW has a policy to cap Judges travel to a max $350.
Another item of note is the change in min age for riders
The minimum age for riders has been changed – 8 years for riders of ponies and 10 years for riders of horses
Please make sure that all riders , stewards,   judges and coaches are aware of these rules.
The complete  revised 1.1. 17 Rulebook with mark-up  is very close to being completed and available on the EA website.   There will be some rule renumbering different to that in the summary of the 2017 rule changes)   so you will need to be aware of those.
  • Snaffle bridles to GP (national classes)
  • Helmets compulsory at all levels
  • Age for competition 8 years (instead of 10 years previously)
New Safety Helmet Standards
EA currently does not have a requirement for organisers to check rider helmets and there is no expectation that Clubs should do so in the future.
It is the responsibility of the rider to comply with the regulations.
The Clubs and the Organisers are not responsible. 
What the Clubs should do however is to get the message out to competitors by reminding riders in their schedules, on websites and Facebook pages that the standards have changed.  Many clubs rely these days on Nominate and a message on the entry details in addition to the conditions on  Nominate would be a good idea also.
Regional Club Development
Club Communications
Firstly – did you miss us?  Are monthly updates too often?  Is quarterly of any use?
Are these updates useful to you to share with your Members and Committee?
Would you let us know at the Regional Clubs Forum – when we talk about communication.
How do you communicate with your club membership?  The information in the Bulletin or in Centreline is for the Organising Committee and your Members – think about how or if - you might pass this information on. 
Many of the rule reminders are because of feedback from Judges out there.  Just because the Committee knows most of the information – doesn’t mean that all your new members do.  Please try to share the information and include everyone.
Develop the skills in your pencillers
If you have great people who would like to pencil – but are unsure of how – share this YouTube link for training in pencilling:
You can contact your Regional Delegate to discuss issues that come up – or contact Pamela Bice.  
If you don’t have an FB Group in your area and you’d like to be part of one to discuss Regional OC information – send an email to:  Pamela Bice – Regional Club Development –

OC’s could you please remind your Members and Riders of the following information:
Rider Reminders
Rule Reminders 
The 3 main changes this year:
  • Snaffle bridles to GP (national classes)
  • Helmets compulsory at all levels
  • Age for competition 8 years (instead of 10 years previously)
Where can I find the Dressage Tests and Rules?
New Rider’s Representative for NSW
Denise Rogan stood down as NSW Rider Representative at the recent NSW Dressage Championships, and we’d all like to thank Denise for her impartial and considered work with DNSW.
Lizzie Wilson-Fellows was nominated and elected to the position at the rider meeting.  Lizzie has attended the DNSW meeting in November and was bringing some serious issues to the committee for discussion.
2017 Australian Dressage Championships to go to Victoria
The Australian Dressage Committee (ADC) has today announced that the 2017 Australian Dressage Championships will be hosted by Boneo Park in Victoria next October.
The decision took in to account many factors including horse welfare and quality of facilities. As the pinnacle event in the Australian Dressage calendar the ADC acknowledges the Championship venue should reflect the prestige of the event.
One key factor which influenced the ADC in making its decision was the availability of suitable and consistent surfaces for all competitors.
Mary Seefried, Chair of ADC said " the welfare of our horses whether competing at Novice or Grand Prix level is vital.  Top competition surfaces are essential to preserve the health of our horses and also to allow the sport to develop to its highest level.”
An Adult Amateur Owner Rider Championship will be held in QLD in October 2017.
The ADC has determined that in 2017 Ponies will now be able to compete at the National Championships.
Get your best tests together by the closing date and enter.

Please Contact your Regional Delegate or the contact person listed on the matter, to discuss issues that come up.

Pamela Bice – Regional Club Development –

Where can I find the Dressage Tests and Rules?

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