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On Tuesday | July 7 | 7:00 PM ET
join a midweek spiritual rejuvenation meeting with Rabbi Jeff

You can join with or without your own camera & mic.

Click here to join us virtually.

Life Lessons from Death.
Sermon by Mark Zygadlo and Messianic Rabbi Jeff Zaremsky.


Parasha for the Week: Chukah/Balak Numbers 19:1 - 25:9Haftarah for the Week: Micah 5:6 - 6:8Apostolic Writings: Luke 1:5 - 42

In many Jewish synagogues a minyan is required for public prayer times. A minyan is a group of at least 10 Jewish men over the age of 13 years old. A minyan is…

The Genesis Prize Foundation created the video "Jews in Sports" as shown below to honor Jewish achievements in sports and athletics over the years...

It is very easy to make errors in theology while trying to avoid errors in theology.

The “Students Speak Out Against Anti-Semitism - A Creative Video Production Contest” is an education and awareness initiative sponsored by the Combat…

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