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Okay ladies how can we save money on stuff? Guys don't have as many options in the clothing department; menswear basically consists of tops,jackets, and pants...

Before the death camps there were the killing fields - mass graves of executed men, women, and children.

Parashat Ki Tetse

The penalty for a rebellious son, who will inevitably degenerate into a monstrous criminal, or for some commentators who acted to interrupt the relationship with G-d, worshiping idols is stoning. Among the laws listed in this parasha are...

"Netilat yadayim" is the Jewish word depicting the religious washing of hand with the help of a cup.

Jewish music superstar Yaakov Shwekey with a song in honor of the country and its leader, President Donald J Trump.

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Behold Your King with Jewels in His Crown. Zechariah 9.
Sermon by Messianic Rabbi Jeff Zaremsky.

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