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Finding Peace.
Sermon by Messianic Rabbi Zeff Zaremsky and Mark Zygadlo.

Rav of Shadik, Poland was newly appointed in a synagogue when he was warned of a particular Jew who was known as a government informer, who would strong-arm the previous Rabbi and community leaders into giving him high honors in the synagogue and into allowing him to lead the rituals.

I was rushing to go to work since I started driving later than I would have liked, but I knew I had to stop to get some gas eventually.

Four in the Torah

There are a lot of sets of four in the Torah and below are just a few examples...

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For all of us wishing the “feliz navidad” spirit bled over into Jewish culture, here is your song, “feliz Chanukah.”

It's Hanukkah 2020, and if you're ready for the "Hanukkah Rock", join Jewish a cappela group Shir Soul and the King of Rock for this fun Elvis inspired…

“I have a Little Driedel” is a popular children’s Chanukah song.

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