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Bobby and I were friends for as long as I can remember. We not only had a bond of close friendship, but we respected one another. Bobby had a terrific hands on…

Grasping the Hem of a Jewish Garment. Zechariah 9.
Sermon by Messianic Rabbi Jeff Zaremsky.

Parashat Ki Tetse

The penalty for a rebellious son, who will inevitably degenerate into a monstrous criminal, or for some commentators who acted to interrupt the relationship with G-d, worshiping idols is stoning. Among the laws listed in this parasha are...

“‘This is what the Lord has told you to do: “Every man gather as much of it as he can eat. Take a jar for every person that each of you has in his tent.”’

You know you are looking at a cheetah if there is what looks like a black "tear mark" running from the corner of a spotted cat's eyes down the sides of its…

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If you are like me when it comes to germs and consider yourself a public bathroom ninja in your attempts to avoid bacteria infested surfaces and are generally…

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