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Welcome to Bilya Bardip (River Stories), Helena River Steiner School's parent, caregiver and community newsletter. We warmly invite you to read on and keep up to date with news, important information and upcoming events at our school.
Our High School Information Evening is being held next week at our Hazelmere Campus. The evening is a wonderful opportunity for families to hear more about our expansion plans, high school classes and educational approach.
Please share this information with anyone you think will be interested.  
High School Information Night - 10 Aug
Class 1 Play - 15 Aug
Pupil Free Day | Staff PD - 22 Aug
Class 5/6 Play - 25 Aug
Primary School Swimming Lessons - 29 Aug-2 Sept
Early Childhood Spring/Djilba Festival - 13 Sep
Greek Olympics - 16 Sep
Primary Spring/Djilba Festival - 22 Sep
Students' Last Day of Term 3 - 22 Sep
Term 4 Commences - 10 Oct

(Full 2022 Year Planner on our website)
Click here to see the Term 3 Planner

Middle School had a very wet start to Term 3 and although our new premises stood up well, earth's "reticulation system" got left on (it rained for days!) and the deluge ultimately turned our Kiss and Drop drive-through into a quagmire! Thank you to all the students, parents and teachers working together to keep the traffic moving, and the students' safely dropped off and picked up while repairs are organised.

As a WasteZero school and aligning with the School's Ecology and Sustainability focus, the Middle School students went to the Red Hill Waste Management facility on 28 July (no photos unfortunately as the focus was on the experience rather than recording it!). You can imagine not everyone was keen to go, but all students and three teachers boarded the bus at 9:00am! The students learned a lot about their own waste creation practices, the volumes of waste created in this one local area, how their waste is recycled, reused or disposed of to landfill, and the importance of sorting their waste correctly into the school's four colour-coded waste bins. 

The excursion also tied in nicely with Class 8's Physics of Air and Water Main Lesson, part of which is the recognition of the close connection between physics and technology with the students seeing alternative waste management technologies they would not encounter outside such a facility.

The Class 7s have been very industrious in their Creative Writing Main Lesson. The students have been composing some beautiful poetry and stories reflecting their wonder of the world around them using lots of adjectives, adverbs and metaphors. We look forward to reading some of their creative work after their Main Lesson books have been marked.

Class 9 started their Australian History of the Modern Era, which aims for the students to think more deeply about their own engagement in the world. Teacher Matt brought in two resource boxes filled to the brim with 20th century military artefacts for the students to have a visceral experience of references made in the lesson content. They examined features of Australian democracy from Federation and the ways in which the individual can freely participate in government and express and protect their rights and interests, while recognising how these have not been or are not available to all Australians. We look forward to reading some of their reflections at the end of the Main Lesson.

Coming up is the High School Information Evening on Wed 10 August at 6:30pm for all community members to hear what is happening in the High School and our vision for the future. The following week, 18 August, is the all-school Parent Evening; parents and teachers collectively 'hold' the adolescent students' schooling journey and we look forward to our first face-to-face collaboration of the year with our students, parents and carers.

We are hoping for fine weather before the end of this week when our new and fantastic full-size basketball tower will get its first outing after the inclement weather delayed its installation. The students were able to help put together the first section as part of their Sports and Games lesson one day and we look forward to the sound of thumping basketballs, bouncing rebounds and whooping as the scores grow higher!

Catherine Vann
High-School Education Coordinator 

Week 1 - Gardening and Horticulture: tackling invasive species!
 The students' garden beds are still intact despite nature's big winds.
In wintry depths of night, 
The majesty of heaven is so close to me, 
Because my heart’s new power and might 
Makes real and full of substance all the things I see.
 There are flames in me, against all ice and frost, all rain and sleet, 
The leaping, dancing fire-forces of my heart to give me light and heat.
Michael Hedley Burto

Hello Everyone, 

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your warm embrace of myself as your Primary School Education Coordinator and my family during our time here. 
We have enjoyed being part of the school community and we will miss you as we head back to the eastern part of Australia.  

We are moving to a little town called Bellingen in NSW where Solomon, Eamon and Minka will be going to Chrysalis Steiner School.  I am taking up the principal position at Casuarina Steiner School which is in Coffs Harbor (20 mins from Bellingen).  So new adventures await us all!

I know that you will all continue to work collaboratively together as a whole school community and I look forward to hearing about the new developments at the Hazelmere site. 

Blessings and the warmest regards to all,

Deborah Neale
In our English lessons, middle school have begun a unit on William Shakespeare this term.
So far, we have examined his life and times, explored the exciting fiery end of the first Globe theatre via a cannon shot used for a special effect and practiced our best Shakespearean insults on each other!
The students used charcoal from our Winter Festival fire to create portraits of William Shakespeare which are now decorating our classrooms. All as individual as the artist that produced them!

Angela Hogarth
Class 7 Teacher
Bilia Mia Kindy
Bilya Mia is made up of children ages 3-6 years old. The children who are turning 6 in this calendar year are our Kindy 6 children and we refer to them as the ‘Koolbardies’, they tend to assemble in groups, are very chatty and inquisitive and just a little bit cheeky. We love their sense of inquiry and enthusiasm for the world. They have many questions and seek the real and authentic in the world. They look at their younger kindy friends with reflection and compassion but at this time of year need challenges and achievement.

The Koolbardies meet all together on Wednesdays in Bilya Mia where we join the Koolbardies from Sarah and Annie’s class.
In Term 1 we focused on gardening, in Term 2 we participated in movement through the circus arts and in Term 3 we are engaging in woodwork. In Term 4 we will embark on some urban and bush walking in our local environment.

Our first project started in week 2 where we visited Djardak House garden and collected a piece of dead olive wood. This week we tried sawing it into small rounds which we will sand and oil and drill holes into for our stick weaving bags.
Its not an easy task as we have to let the saw do the work but keep it on a consistent angle. The children took this challenge with great enthusiasm and determination.

Claire Parker
Early Childhood Teacher
Not only young students but all of us perform better when we are exposed to beautiful things that inspire us. It is very exciting that we now have a designated and beautiful classroom for High School Music. The peaceful view of nature through the window is complemented by having a blackboard for the students to enjoy 'musical drawings' for learning and inspiration.

Our colourful ukuleles and guitars are beautifully displayed on the walls, on hooks artfully created by Damien, our amazing Premises and Maintenance coordinator. Damien is also a master wood artist and his contribution has elevated not just the instruments, but the beauty of the classroom. Students now have quick and practical access to these instruments during music lessons.

There are many studies done about the complexity involved in practising and performing music and its relationship to students' cognitive development. Research suggests that music training may increase the neural connections in regions of the brain associated with creativity, decision-making and complex memory, as well as improve students' ability to process conflicting information from many senses at once, which is a key foundation of the Steiner pedagogical approach to integrating music and the arts in children's wholistic learning journey. 

It only makes sense that a beautiful musical journey that involved all the senses takes place in a creative and beautiful environment, and I am so excited to be coordinating the School's development of its music program. It goes without saying that hard work and home practice is important for any musical learning to be success and our Middle School students are learning to adopt regular home practice, self discipline and organisational skills. All of the Schools students are working towards their end of year recital and this quote by Rudolf Steiner seems perfect to encourage their endeavours to join together beautifully as one musical body:

"One can ascend to a higher development only by bringing rhythm and repetition into one's life. Rhythm holds sway in all nature". 

Yeşim Atila
Music Coordinator and Teacher

  • Parenting Programs
  • Introduction to Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP)
  • Rudolf Steiner College Perth
  • Job Vacancies
  • Think Green - City of Swan Aug/Sep program (view here)
We seek someone with maintenance, gardening and organisational skills to manage the school premises upkeep and improvement schedule. This is an ideal position for a parent with 2-4 hours a day to spare. Job-sharing could be considered, as well as separating the role to manage just gardening or maintenance.
If you are interested or have questions, contact Tanami at or 9374 0230.

Seeking Volunteers!

As you will be aware, the costs of building our new school are greater than the amount of funds the school receives from our traditional funding sources, which comprise Federal and State Government grants, loans and school fees.

As your Grants Writer, I have been busy working every Wednesday to secure additional funds to directly help build our new school and to “free-up” funds we currently use for the activities we are already doing, so these “everyday” funds can be used to continue building the new school campus, on our own land at Hazelmere.

Having two children attend Silver Tree (who are now at Perth Waldorf School), some experience working at Silver Tree as a volunteer gardening teacher, in the office, being their volunteer Gardening and Environmental Committee Coordinator and part of the P&F has meant I have been able to quickly get my head around what I need to know to help Helena River Steiner School work towards its vision. 

My work so far has included searching for grants, developing grant and sponsorship proposals, seeking sponsorship and donations and applying for 12 major grants.  To date, the school has received a WasteSorted Schools grant, a Variety Grant, a Partnership Acceptance Learning Sharing (PALS) grant and a landcare grant. A number of our grant applications are also still being assessed. 

My focus now is seeking full or partial sponsorship for our very successful Indigenous Student Scholarship Program from a partner, or a small number of partners. 
Be reassured this does not mean our Indigenous Student Scholarship Program will change in any way. If we are successful at attracting a sponsor, the school will simply re-direct the equivalent amount of funds into our building fund.

As you can imagine, researching the myriad of potential sponsors who we feel the school would like to approach is a very time-consuming job. If you would like to volunteer to help me complete this on-line research as part of your PPS hours, please contact me on 0424570314. All support will be gratefully accepted!

Thank you very much,

Bronwyn Scallan
Grants Writer


Edstart is an organisation which provides families with flexible payment plans to help them manage their education costs. They have payment plans designed to fit around family budgets.

The Edstart brochure and payments plans can be found on our website. 

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