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Our school needs to grow. A bigger school means a more vibrant community, better facilities for more children and the means for increased recognition for all our wonderful, generous and dedicated (often volunteer!) staff. Word of mouth is the number 1 way of growing enrolments so please share this with everyone.

Helena River Steiner School
Dear Parents and Community,
Welcome back to Term 4: the buzzing, chirping, blossoming term full of movement, growth and new life. The term that gives the earth its last intermittent soaking before the sun turns up its heat and distracting glare.
The Spring Festival that we postponed last term due to rains has been rescheduled for this Thursday (more details below), however it's forecast for rain again! This, though, is the nature of Spring, so if the heavens pour on our celebration, we shall hold a mini version inside.
Exciting news around these parts is that the last round of our extensive school registration proposal was submitted at the end of last term.
This means that the Department of Education Services now has 6 months in which to examine and consider our application, and, all things being adequately addressed, we can hope to be registered by Term 2 next year! As part of their processing, they will be coming out for a site visit soon. I just hope it is arranged for AFTER our next Busy Bee (Sunday 12th Nov) so we will be
looking our best.

Blessings on our school,
Tanami Magnus
This Thursday 26th October
11 am - 1 pm
We ask all families to share this occasion with their child/ren and be on time. School will finish for the day afterwards.
Please bring:
* a shared lunch
* a picnic rug
* a small bunch of hand-picked flowers
The festival will involve flower wreath and kite making, spring songs, games and lunch.
Regardless of the weather we shall celebrate the mixed gifts of Spring.
Please be aware of our policy regarding the withdrawal of students -found on our Fee Schedule.
One full term's notice must be given if you are considering removing your child, otherwise the following term's fees will still be charged.
It is imperative for the smooth financial operation of the school that any changes to budgeting be adequately planned for. Thank you.
If you are interested in doing a senior fist aid course, with an emphasis on the treatment of children, please contact Kathy Riley (primary teacher) on 0417 187 462 this week.
It will be held at school in November some time and will cost approximately $200.
This term we welcome Kath Sandercock as our practicum Kindergarten teacher on Wednesdays and Fridays.
Kath has been an early childhood teacher for over 20 years and for the last two years has been studying Steiner education. This is her final practicum for her Steiner early childhood qualification.
Kath has taught for many years in the Kimberley and Darwin, with also adult education and violin teaching to add to her bow. Kath has brought in a wave of new, creative activities that the children are all enjoying, and which you will see decorating the Kindy and playground.
Welcome Kath.
This Thursday night, 7 pm start in the Primary Building. All welcome.
We have TWO wonderful fundraising events this term. 

We will be selling lovely toys and art supplies just in time for Christmas. There will be a toy viewing on Tuesday 31st October at 6 pm in the Playgroup Room.
You will all be receiving a catalogue and information regarding the items for sale very soon.

This term we are having a sausage sizzle fundraiser at Bunnings in Midland on the 23rd of December. Roster sheets will be placed around the school shortly for you to select a time to assist us.

Sunday 19th November
Playgroup Room, 11 am

Many hands make light work. Join us in improving the grounds for all our little ones to enjoy.
Morning tea and snacks provided. Please see the notice board closer to the date for jobs that need doing.
Our lovely school has now got its very own shop, to help raise funds for the school. We are looking for parents to help man it.
Please contact me (Kirsty) on 0458 278 785 or email if you can spare any time to help.

We greatly appreciate your support of the school and look forward to achieving great things.

Family Volunteer Hours
Please remember to complete your Family Volunteer Hours before the end of the term. There are many opportunities this term including:
* participating in the Busy Bee
* helping on the Bunning's sausage sizzle stall
* cleaning the classrooms
* marketing/office help
* fixing furniture and equipment.
Please see Gwen or Tanami to find out how you can do your hours.
Our school grows and flourishes from the love and efforts of our families, together we are building a safe environment where our children can enjoy magical childhood moments surrounded by beauty and love. Every little effort and action helps our school grow. Thank you !
Parents and Friends
Please print out a copy of this term's calendar so you can be prepared for events, or check the calendar on our website regularly.
Also find our 2018 YEAR PLANNER here.
By Doctor Lakshmi Prasanna

Dr.Lakshmi Prasanna is a pediatrician (neonatologist) with 25 years experience. She will be giving these free talks while on a short visit to Perth. 
Tuesday 24th October,  7pm
Perth Waldorf School, Durer Room, High School 
“Promoting Good Health in Teachers and Children’s Care-Givers”
How do we replenish and nourish ourselves as we provide for the children in our care?
Wednesday 25th October, 9am
Perth Waldorf School, Canteen
Discussion with parents around child raising and community building.
Wednesday 25th October,  7pm
Perth Waldorf School, Playgroup Building, 
We spend a third of our lives asleep….! So what are we doing in that time? And how does the very young child experience sleep?

Thursday 26th October, 7 pm
West Coast Steiner school
"Parenting as an act of divine service"
Meeting the challenges with grace, compassion and growth
See first-hand how the Steiner high school curriculum differs from mainstream and how Steiner graduates are accepted into universities all over the world.

Perth Waldorf School warmly invites you to its 2017 Class 12 Project Presentations 23rd October – 27th October 2017

Monday 23rd October 2017
10.50– 11.35am India Easton - What are the social and environmental consequences of hyper-consumerism within the fast fashion industry?
11.40 – 12.25pm Oisin Edwards-O’Neill - Political Correctness – has it gone too far?

Thursday 26th October 2017
10.55 – 11.40am Sabrina Reale - Composition and originality in modern music. Can original composition still exist or are we constantly building on what has already been created?
11.45 – 12.30pm Luke Hewick - What is the environmental impact of building and restoring fibreglass boats?
1.10 – 1.55pm Claudia Buchardt - The dualistic conceptualisation of gender roles dominates the fashion industry. Is there a future for unisex clothing?

Thursday Evening
5.45 – 6.30pm Ava Lyas - What is the Western perspective of creativity, and does this have a negative effect on creators?
6.35 - 7.20pm Noah Ruane-Beal – Is the traditional suburban housing model still viable in the 21st century?
8 - 8.45pm Anneka De Souza - Is maintaining personal culture and heritage having a positive or negative impact on multicultural Australia?

Friday 27th October 2017
10.55 – 11.40pm Gabrielle Bailey - Animation has the most creative potential out of all film mediums. Is the cartoon industry stifling the artistic possibilities?
11.45 – 12.30pm Jasmin Sleep - What is the importance of inter-human connection?
1.10 – 1.55pm Maizy Hall- Bastian – How is domestic violence impacting women in Australia and what changes need to be made in our cultural understanding of masculinity to break this cycle of violence?

Friday Evening
5.45 - 6.30pm Brooke Hill - What is gender diversity and why do we need it?
6.35 – 7.20pm Enya Wilkinson-McCarry - How has the representation of the human body in various art forms evolved through the ages?
8.00 - 8.45pm Natasha Halbert - How has western society become disconnected from death, what are the effects and how can we address this?
12.30 – 1.15pm Sarah Olsen - Have we lost the benefits of eating seasonally because of our disconnection with our food sources?
2.00 – 2.45pm Jaymie Carter - What was Celtic Storytelling originally used for, and is it still relevant in Ireland today?

Monday Evening
5.45 – 6.30pm Lisa Simons - Loneliness is an epidemic in Western society today: What are the effects on the individual and what can we do about it?
6.40 - 7.25pm Benjamin Cooke - Community Theatre – A ‘behind the scenes’ perspective
8.00 - 8.45pm Jena Payne – Our attraction to the convenience of plastic has serious consequences on the marine environment and humans; what are they and what steps need to be taken to reduce them?

Tuesday 24th October 2017
10.50– 11.35am Dorian Beer - How are unsustainable living practices contributing to global warming and what are more sustainable options?
11.40 – 12.25pm Avalon Rolls-Champ - Working creatively with the hands has many benefits. How does hand craft bring wellbeing?
12.30 – 1.15pm Violet Lewis - What healing approaches do we need to thrive in our modern society?
2.00 – 2.45pm Anna Rettay - How is film art?

Tuesday Evening
6.35 - 7.20pm Oscar Martin Rees - How automation and robotics will shape our future.
8.00 - 8.45pm Lily Mischer Gardiner - In what ways is intergenerational trauma and racism impacting on Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander families in Australia today and how is this harming the emotional wellbeing of Indigenous youth?


Education Assistant

Class 1

Applicants are invited for the part time position of Education Assistant, Class 1, from the commencement of 2018.  
Silver Tree Steiner School is a single stream, co-educational Primary School catering for children from Playgroup and Kindergarten to Class 6.  Silver Tree is a caring, vibrant and growing school with an emphasis on developing the whole child through the head, heart and hands.  The school is set in a natural, picturesque bush-land environment in the Perth Hills.
It is desirable the successful applicant will:
* Have the ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively with the Class 1 teacher;
* Have a practical understanding of Steiner Education;
* Be a highly independent and motivated individual who shows initiative;
* Have a high degree of professionalism and communication skills; and
* Have a preparedness to be fully involved in the School’s activities.
Applicants must submit a curriculum vitae, including the names and contact numbers of three referees, one of whom must be the current employer. A Working with Children Check must also be included. A Police Clearance Consent Form or Crimtrac may be requested on appointment.
Applications should be addressed to the Administrator, Mr. Mark Panaia and should be marked ‘Confidential’ and mailed or emailed to the address below.
Applications close Friday 3rd November 2017
695 Roland Road, Parkerville WA 6081
Phone:  9295 4787
What did you do these last holidays?
I travelled through miles of dusty desert to visit a very unique Steiner school.
Where was I?
In Egypt.  At Sekem.

The eastern Egyptian deserts are not like our Australian ones. There is no odd clump of spinifex to be found, no solitary tree standing stubborn and proud in the pindan. There are just endless stretches of rocky, dusty, craggy sand, with not a jot of life.
As we approach Sekem, first our eyes fill with mango plantations, then guava, then sweetcorn, pepper, camomile etc. Bright fuchsia bougainvillea line the roads and when we turn in to the centre of Sekem, startling red hibiscuses, pollen-yellow lantana and the sweet blossoms of frangipani burst out of the sandy clay to create a most welcome tropical feel in the relentless heat.

Apart from providing a Steiner-based education -Kindergarten to Year 12- for local students, this massive sanctuary in a remote village east of Cairo has extensive biodynamic farms producing organic fresh produce, dairy, herbal teas that are distributed around the world, organic cotton children’s products (some of which I scooped up and will soon appear in our school shop “Aladdin’s Cave”), a medical clinic and state-of-the art research centre, a technical college for young adults and lastly, an impressive education, care and vocation centre for people with special needs.

For a country of 96 million people, organic farming is quite unknown and a rarity. So too is the education of children in rural areas, as a lot of parents choose to have them working from a young age rather than send them to the largely ineffective local government institutions. In recent years however, since it’s commencement around 20 years ago, families from villages in all directions have recognised the difference of this school, how it teaches their children to think for themselves, think about others and acquire a range of skills that makes almost anything possible for them in the future. So they travel the miles each day in buses to bring their children here.

One of the teachers Rafik (half Egyptian, half German) took several hours out of his schedule over a couple of days to show us what we could manage to see on foot of the farms, factories and various industries.
Of course, it was the school that was of particular interest to me. On one of the days we arranged for our son, Zaki Moss to spend the day in Class 1 while my partner and I examined the schools and other industries in more detail. Fortunately our son speaks fluent Arabic, being half-Egyptian himself, so he was able to settle in easily. Nonetheless, it was comforting to hear the strains of “Morning has come, night is away, rise with the son and welcome the day”, “1,2,3,4,5, once I caught a fish alive…”and other familiar songs drifting out of the classrooms and kindergartens.

The children here are all taught English and German and the classrooms themselves had the same “feel” that Steiner schools all over the world, in whatever context or cultural adaptation, have – the soft and pleasing colours of the walls, the wooden furniture, the examples of students’ impressive art and handicrafts decorating the walls, the use of song and movement in so much of what they do, and the self confidence and ease that comes with that.
During the tour I was able to tiptoe into a quiet, dimmed room in the crèche (for workers’ young children) and witness a row of miniature hammock bundles hanging from the ceiling, some being gently rocked and sung to, and I realised this was where some babies were taking their naps. It seemed like the perfect environment to drift off in!

​We saw also the woodworking, pottery and craft workshops, some of the classrooms and then later the technical school for college students in which over the course of 3 years they would learn a trade: mechanics, carpentry, electrical, office work, accounting, sewing, plumbing, engineering etc and even get paid a small amount for doing so, as the practical applications of their learning helped produce products or services for the whole Sekem community and its industries. What was most impressive for me was seeing teenage girls/young women busily engaged in carpentry or electrical work (and for that matter, young men learning the art of hand and industrial sewing). Again, for a rural area, this encouragement to learn something not “gender typical” reflected the way Sekem has influenced the change –and expansion- of usual Egyptian mentality.

When Abouleish, the Egyptian founder, came to this empty desert 40 years ago with a passionate vision for sustainable, organic agriculture and a connected and creative community, inspired by his time in Austria and his Austrian wife, I don’t know if even he would have envisioned the extent to which Sekem has developed today. It now has 1700 employees all over Egypt and his son and daughter-in-law, Helmy and Costanza, and granddaughters continue to evolve the work, along with many others, continually striving to meet the needs of the ever-changing present.

I identified strongly with his vision and passion and how it has the power to transform a sandy desert into a thriving, creative, inspiring, and (most importantly) healthy environment. I feel much the same about our little school in Midland. When we arrived just two years ago, there was a single building and a bare, gravelly block -except for two trees. From sheer the determination of our little community, we have created a beautiful sanctuary and learning environment for our children and as visitors are so often pointing out, we are expanding, improving, changing, growing, beautifying every day. I have no doubt that how we will look in 5 years time, let alone 10 or 20 will be glorious and I enjoy the challenge every day of building and strengthening something new, whilst protecting our children and providing them with what they need today.

Blessings on our school and all those around the world that keep each individual, precious child constantly at the centre of what they do.
Tanami Magnus
Helena River Steiner School
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