Return of venture craftsmanship


Deployment of venture capital has reached new heights in the last few years, driven by a combination of cheap capital, entrance of non-traditional funding sources entering the frame, as well as the emergence of new innovative venture funds. However, many of these pools of capital have had little or no experience investing into venture-backed companies. Thus many are licking their wounds as difficult market conditions and unsustainable business models come back to bite them.

Moreover, war, inflation, soaring energy prices and wobbly markets, particularly in the tech space, have caused increased uncertainty for venture. Unsurprisingly technology entrepreneurs are having a harder time raising money, as the number of venture investors actively deploying capital shrinks and the remaining investors 'return to basics'.
But there is a silver lining for committed venture investors, who will now have the time to carry out more fundamental analysis of companies and business models, as well as build stronger relationships with founders. Investors will no longer be forced to make quick decisions due to competition or FOMO. It’s the return of venture craftsmanship!
And the combination of excellent entrepreneurs with investors who have the time to do their homework and hence fully understand what they are investing into, will bring benefits for all stakeholders. 

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Concentric 02

The Concentric team has recently carried out a first close of our latest fund Concentric 02. Through Concentric 02, and on the back of the successful Concentric 01, we will continue to support founders across Europe, who are utilising software to solve real problems across traditional sectors (Financial Services, Industrial, Logistics, Real Estate, Healthtech, etc).

Investment News.


Our Estonian friends at Insly keep making great strides in terms of digitising and simplifying operations for MGAs and brokers. Here, founder, Risto Rossar, outlines how Insly is reinventing software for MGAs, while its comprehensive suite of software tools for the insurance industry is highlighted in this video

Tesseract is a pioneer in digital asset lending, serving investors, retail trading platforms, custodians, and borrowers of capital globally. In Finland the company was recently selected as a broker for the resale of seized bitcoins. Find out more about how Tesseract works in this presentation link.

Having seen demand grow significantly during Covid, Wheely’s London Academy has now welcomed more than 1,000 chauffeurs. With a core focus on service, it will also be implementing its chauffeur education in Paris and Dubai.

There are structural changes in the way we work and where we work. Huckletree is seeing an increased demand for its office hubs and is thus increasing its capacity in Manchester, while opening its seventh Huckletree hub in central London. Totalling 22,000 sq. feet on Oxford Street, the space will open at the end of 2022, with a focus on Web3/Metaverse companies.

Crypto is increasingly being used to power international payments. This interview with BVNK highlights what the company can offer FX traders and brokers. Moreover, the banking industry is also being disrupted by crypto; here BVNK explains what Crypto Banking is.

Superscript Founder, Cameron Shearer reveals what he wishes he’d done differently when launching Superscript, his tools for fighting burnout and explains why he thinks blockchain is misunderstood. The business is also making significant commercial progress; launching an office in the Netherlands and announcing a partnership with VirginMoney.

The company continues to advise policy teams on integrating emerging tech within their new service models to deliver truly modern digital transformation. Core areas include procurement and defence

               NEW INVESTMENTS

Our incubated fund Timchain continues to back companies focused on the development of Bitcoin infrastructure. 

Galoy is an open-source Bitcoin banking platform from the team behind the wallet of El Salvador’s Bitcoin circular economy, Bitcoin Beach. Galoy has just launched a new feature bitcoin-backed synthetic US dollars: “While the dollar value of their BTC account fluctuates, $1 in its USD account remains $1 regardless of the bitcoin exchange rate.”

Fedi develops alternative custody solutions to onboard more people to bitcoin through the open source wallet, Fedi. The company is focused on the global south and Fedi will solve issues related to scaling, custody and privacy of the Bitcoin network. Further development can be seen here.

Our Thinking.


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Concentric partner with sector-defining founders across Europe to create new technologies that disrupt the status quo and solve the problems that matter. Founded in 2013 by Kjartan Rist and Denis Shafranik - active European venture investors for the past 20 years. The fund has offices in London and Copenhagen.

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