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Urgent Appeal for Evacuations and Support for Civilians of Aleppo.
Stand With Aleppo.

Today is a sad and dark day in Aleppo. Three of our medical personnel were severely injured in an airstrike. Life-saving evacuations have been suspended for civilians, critically wounded, and chronically ill in the besieged city. After only a few hours of a fragile ceasefire, the aerial bombardment campaign over eastern Aleppo has resumed with intensity, targeting families  as they try to flee to safety.

“Words can’t even describe what we are experiencing here in Aleppo. The world has abandoned us. We are awaiting death,” said a nurse in Aleppo.

Though all of our medical facilities were bombed out of service and medical supplies were depleted, our brave health workers continue to provide medical care to the injured and wounded in light of the latest atrocities committed against civilians. With the limited resources available, SAMS medical personnel have established a makeshift medical center in a basement.

“Despite all of these unimaginable challenges, SAMS is committed now more than ever to help the people of Syria and bring some comfort to the hundreds of families affected by this conflict. We need to act now and with urgency,” said SAMS’s President, Dr. Ahmad Tarakji.  

As we continue to prepare for evacuations, we will need substantial medical and nutritional resources for displaced men, women, and children. SAMS will deploy two mobile clinics and seven ambulances stocked with supplies and medications to provide basic medical care. Local humanitarian organizations have identified 13 hospitals, five of which are supported by SAMS, to receive the influx of patients from Aleppo.

SAMS is working tirelessly to ensure that these facilities are well equipped. We need your help to make this happen.

“The medical situation is so bad. There are no ambulances. They are killing people in the streets. Please send our screams to the world,” said a resident of Aleppo,” said a nurse in Aleppo.

We must come together to protect and support the people of Aleppo. Please don’t turn your back on them now. The international community has failed the people of Aleppo. It is our duty to stand with them now.

We need your help now. Please donate today.


About SAMS: 

The Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) is a non-profit, non-political, professional and medical relief organization that represents Syrian American medical professionals in the United States. SAMS is working on the front lines of crisis relief in Syria and neighboring countries to alleviate suffering and save lives. Through its rich network within the United States and in Syria, SAMS organizes medical missions to Syria, provides professional and educational trainings to Syrian physicians, and delivers medicine and medical supplies to local hospitals and vulnerable families in Syria.