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In this week’s newsletter: high intensity interval training, correlation vs. causation & more
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Today I want to take a moment to discuss the interaction between correlation and causation and how it often leads you to erroneously think that one thing causes another.
  • Correlation: a mutual relationship, association or connection between two or more things
  • Causation: the relationship between cause and effect; i.e. one thing causes another
What's important to understand is that correlation doesn’t necessarily imply causation.

Example: you start a new diet that restricts processed foods and you lose weight; this leads you to believe that it was processed foods that had stopped you from losing weight and now you're not eating them you can lose weight.

In this example, there is a correlation between the restriction of processed foods and increased weight loss but not causation.

The actual cause of the weight loss is a calorie deficit, that could have been established in a number of ways (increased calorie burn, reduced calorie intake from any source) and is not the sole result of restricting processed foods.

This is an important distinction and something you should bear in mind when assessing the effectiveness of diets and training programmes.

Here’s what I want to share with you this week:

#1: This week’s blog post all about high intensity interval training (HIIT), what it is, how to do it and a couple of example workouts. If you’re looking to train harder, improve your fitness or burn fat then you’ll want to read it.

#2: This website where you can take free courses written and designed by university professors. The course on happiness was recommended to me by my sister and my wife’s brother who both say it was fantastic.

If you’re looking for a free, accessible way to learn more, then check it out.

#3: This TED talk titled “Should I just quit while I’m behind?” by Elizabeth Gilbert where she talks about success, failure and how to keep going regardless. Not directly related to fitness but still totally applicable.

#4: This article about balancing your fitness priorities. When training you cannot simultaneously focus on fat loss and muscle building, so what do you do? This article lays it out in simple, actionable terms.

#5: This blog post on controlling your calorie intake when eating out. With the sunshine seemingly around to stay, BBQs, social drinks and meals out are on the rise, if you don’t want your calories to rise with it, then you need to read this.
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