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Dear Friends,
Welcome back to Wildlife Tracks! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and wish you a happy start to 2023.

We're thrilled to be back and to bring you the latest updates from our film, conservation, education and outreach programs. This year, we have an exciting line-up of new (and old but gold) initiatives that we're confident will transform and catalyze the wildlife film making industry in Africa and leave a lasting impact on wildlife conservation. Stay tuned for our upcoming wildlife films and much more, as we continue to work towards preserving the beauty of our planet for future generations.

Celebrating The Life And Times of Dr. Richard Leakey

The Late Dr. Richard Leakey

It's been a year since Dr. Richard Leakey, Founder of WildlifeDirect, passed away and his friends, colleagues and family got together to mark this one-year memorial.

Richard was an incredible being. He had a natural sense of leadership, old fashioned, but straight forward. He was a visionary leader in the fields of human evolution and conservation. His passion for science and his commitment to preserving the natural world will never be forgotten. He dedicated his life to uncovering the secrets of our past and protecting the future of the planet. His memory was super sharp and his ability to hold many ideas in the air at once to find common threads was phenomenal.

‘He believed strongly that we should create a movement for the love of nature. It wasn’t wildlife, or the big five (though he loved elephants), it was nature he appreciated. Leakey's legacy is one of incredible achievements and remarkable impact’ (Dr. Paula Kahumbu).  He is deeply missed and his legacy lives on, inspiring us all to strive for a better future.

2023 #TeamSayari Screenings Kick-Off

Trish Sewe (Chief Operations Officer - WildlifeDirect) with our visiting kids at the Wildlife Warriors Kids Field Lab

Our 2023 #TeamSayari Screenings are back and we are thrilled to report that the month of January has been a huge success for us. We had kids from different schools visiting our Wildlife Warriors Kids Field Lab to watch the special episodes originally made with them in mind.

During the school holidays, we also saw a large number of kids come in every day, especially from around the Emakoko area. We were amazed to see how much the kids have grown in their science-based knowledge and have become true wildlife warriors.

We were particularly proud to see that some of the kids have even taken it upon themselves to rescue animals around their homes and bring them back to the field lab for release into the bush. It's truly heartwarming to see the next generation taking an active role in conservation.
(See pictured: Castro and his cousins rescue a hedgehog at home and bring it back to the field lab)

We thank all you our partners and donors for your continued support towards making our children natural conservationists!

WildlifeDirect Hosts Kenya Wildlife Service Representatives in the Field
It was a truly unforgettable experience hosting Adan Kala, the Head of Conservation Education at Kenya Wildlife Service, and Vincent Ongwae, the Warden of Nairobi National Park, at our Wildlife Warriors Kids Field Lab.

The children visiting from Mukuru kwa Reuben were thrilled to have the opportunity to interact with these experts and ask them questions about different wild species, particularly raptors, after watching the #TeamSayari episode on 'Ferocious Fliers'. The visit was a testament to the strong partnerships we hope to foster with Kenya Wildlife Service to improve our conservation education programs. We are eager to welcome visitors and potential partners who share our passion for wildlife preservation.

If you would like to join us in our mission, please write to us at

Wildlife Filmmakers Brainstorming Session 
Open Space Technology (OST)

Wildlife Filmmakers brainstorming session at Planet Picnic, Karen Connection
With the support of WildlifeDirect and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Kenya, Films For African Wildlife community invited wildlife filmmakers to a brainstorming session on January 13th 2023. The Open Space Technology (OST) event attracted around 50 people, majority from Kenya, who were involved in discussions guided by the question “How Can We Be the Greatest in Filmmaking That Inspires Conservation?”.

Some of the points that stuck out as a result of the brainstorm included; Formation of the Kenya Wildlife Filmmakers Association and weaving conservation content in modern platforms, e.g. developing popular characters, gamers, influencers, comedians, storytellers and authors. Other priorities included workshops and mentorship programmes to train technical skills and searching for strategic partnerships to fund workshops. 
The idea of this event was initiated by Paula Kahumbu, CEO WildlifeDirect and Presenter, National Geographic - Secrets of the Elephants, 2023. A whatsapp group with members from this event was formed and a core team of 10 nominated to register a wildlife filmmakers association with the Kenyan government. 
Topic suggestions at the Wildlife Filmmakers Brainstorm Session OST
'Secrets Of The Elephants' Preview
We are thrilled to announce Dr. Paula Kahumbu, will be featuring on the all-new 'Secrets of the Elephants' National Geographic series. This exciting four-part series, narrated by the talented Natalie Portman and directed by filmmaker and conservationist James Cameron, takes viewers on a journey around the world to meet different families of elephants and uncover their fascinating stories.

According to National Geographic, the series will not only showcase the remarkable lifestyle of these magnificent creatures, but also reveal their surprising similarities to us humans. National Geographic explorer Dr. Paula Kahumbu, with her extensive knowledge and passion for conservation, will bring a unique perspective to this incredible journey, guiding audiences through the extraordinary world of these magnificent creatures. We can't wait for the world to see her expertise and enthusiasm in action! 

Secrets of the Elephants is set to premiere on Earth Day, so mark your calendars and get ready to be amazed! Watch the trailer here.

Paula Kahumbu Features on CNN's 'Call To Earth'

Over the holidays, we were proud to support our CEO Dr. Paula Kahumbu who appeared on CNN's 'Call to Earth' feature. In the story, she shares her passion for conservation and her vision for a sustainable future for Kenya's wildlife and ecosystems. She introduces some of Kenya's most promising conservationists, including Dickson Kaelo, Jahawi Bertolli, Ledama Masidza, who are working to protect and restore the country's ecosystems. These conservationists are working tirelessly to raise awareness about the dangers facing life on land and under the sea, to ensure that future generations can enjoy the same biodiversity that is present today.

The feature highlights the important work that is being done in Kenya to protect its wildlife and ecosystems, and the crucial role that conservationists like Paula Kahumbu and her colleagues are playing in this effort. This feature on CNN's 'Call to Earth' has inspired people all over the world to support conservation efforts in Kenya and has helped to raise awareness about the critical need to protect our planet's biodiversity.

Please click this link to watch the feature and share to your networks.

Dr. Paula Kahumbu at Nexus 2023
Dr. Paula Kahumbu with Mae Jemison and government officials in the Office of the President and Kenya Space Agency
The Nexus Nairobi Conference is an inspiring event that brings together individuals from various backgrounds to exchange ideas and collaborate on solutions to global challenges. The conference is a platform for technology and business leaders to share their experiences and insights on innovation and entrepreneurship. This year's conference was both virtual and in-person event held in Nairobi.

Attendees including WildlifeDirect’s very own CEO Dr. Paula Kahumbu, knowledge-hungry students and professionals from Africa, Europe, and the United States were hosted by the first African American woman astronaut, Dr. Mae Jemison. During the conference, Dr. Paula Kahumbu and other panelists discussed the challenges holding Africa back from space exploration, sustainable development, digital transformation, and the future of work. The conference provided ample opportunities for networking and collaboration, with attendees from different countries and industries.

We thank Nexus Nairobi Conference 2023 for having us!
WildlifeDirect Film Associate, Clement Kiragu Lands 'Junior Camera Operator' Job At BBC Studios NHU
WildlifeDirect Film Associate, Clement Kiragu
WildlifeDirect is thrilled for our film associate, Clement Kiragu, who has recently landed a job at the prestigious BBC as a Junior Camera Assistant. Clement's hard work and dedication to his craft have paid off and we are proud to see him take this next step in his career.

He has already started his new journey as of January 2023 and will be working on an international project, which is a testament to his talent and passion for filmmaking. This is a fantastic opportunity for Clement to gain valuable experience and exposure, and we know that he will continue to excel and make a positive impact in his new role.

Congratulations, Clement! We are proud of you and can't wait to see all that you will achieve.
Monitoring And Evaluation - Enumerators Training

Our organization took on the task of training a group of enthusiastic young people to become skilled enumerators for our monitoring and evaluation activities. The training program was comprehensive and covered all aspects of data collection and sorting.

Our goal is to equip these young individuals with the tools they needed to accurately gather information on our conservation initiatives and their impact on the local communities and adjacent areas. The trainees were taught how to use various tools and techniques to collect and analyze data, and they were also given hands-on experience in the field. By the end of the program, the young enumerators were confident in their abilities and eager to put their skills into practice.

This year, we look forward to mapping out the impact of our conservation efforts and using the data collected by these talented individuals to make informed decisions about the future of our initiatives.
Join the Wildlife Warrior Pack!


Get ready to join the wild adventure and become a part of the future generation of conservationists! We need your help to bring the Wildlife Warriors Kids Field Lab to life. With a goal of raising $60,000, we're on a mission to buy a bus that will transport kids to the great outdoors for some seriously fun nature education.

By giving kids the chance to explore, learn and play in the parks, we'll be planting the seed of a lifelong love for all things wild. So why not join the pack and become a Wildlife Warrior yourself? And if you're feeling extra wild, why not share this adventure with your friends and spread the word! Together, let's make the world a better place for both kids and wildlife.

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With very kind wishes,

Dr. Paula Kahumbu
CEO, WildlifeDirect
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