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Bridge Pointe Neighborhood
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December 2017

Communication: Moving Forward

Bridge Pointe is a warm and inviting community that offers many opportunities to get involved through its various events scheduled throughout the year.  Paper newsletters were created, published and distributed to individual households by volunteers, but this is changing.  Ken Nelson has faithfully served Bridge Pointe neighborhood for over 15 years by publishing The Pointe, Bridge Pointe's very own newsletter.  Ken is ready to 'retire' from his volunteer job and therefore we are moving to an electronic version of The Pointe.  Our goal is to provide updated, timely, and concise information to each household via email.

A group of volunteer neighbors are working tirelessly to make sure each household in Bridge Pointe has a current email address and phone number on file.  If you have received an email, Facebook message, phone call, or letter on your door handle, please respond as soon as possible to confirm we have the correct contact information.  Please know that this information will be protected and used only to share important Bridge Pointe and general community news.

Please contact me directly at 816-519-7371 or to confirm that we have your updated contact information, if you haven't done so already. Know a neighbor that's not connected? Take a few moments to ask to help them get connected.

Christmastime in Bridge Pointe

Each year many of the houses in Bridge Pointe are beautifully decorated for Christmas and this year is no exception! When you drive through the tree-lined neighborhood you might think you were in a winter wonderland! Houses are adorned with twinkling lights and they beckon visitors to come explore what makes Bridge Pointe so special.  Volunteers perfectly decorated the 83rd and North Wayne entrances.


Welcome to the first digital newsletter for Bridge Pointe neighborhood! 

The 2017 Bridge Pointe Homeowners Board has been hard at work on your behalf this year. I listed some of the many accomplishments for the year in the recent letter delivered to each household.

We held our November board meeting which included reviewing our insurance and starting the process of setting the 2018 budget. Here are just a few items we considered in setting the budget for 2018 and completing repairs for 2017:

  • Replacing the coping tiles that surround the top of edge of the pool 
  • Repairing the leak at the water main shut-off valve (currently in the process of gathering repair bids)
  • Reviewing upcoming maintenance and repair plans for the future. 

I am happy to report that because of our commitment to managing our finances we were able to take advantage of Northland Pool's discounted fall prices for pool repairs.   The pool's pump filter sand was replace as part of our detailed maintenance plan and the broken skimmer is being repaired. The work will be completed within the next several weeks. 

Joanne Link, our board treasurer, reported that we will be able to accomplish the planned deposit of $28,000 this year as discussed at the annual meeting in January 2017. This focus on reserving will keep us on track to complete the necessary maintenance and replacement of our shared assets. Bridge Pointe neighborhood must be committed to catching up and keeping up to ensure a solid financial future.

I want to again thank all of the volunteers and those that are able to participate in the numerous activities that Bridge Pointe offers. It has been another great year!

Jason White
Bridge Pointe HOA President

Coping tile options

Leaking skimmer repair

Concrete removed to show leaking skimmer

Water leaking in the pump room after Northland Pool turned off the water main at the road.

New filter sand added to the main and baby pools (planned maintenance item)

BP Volunteer Highlight: Beth Powell

Beth Powell, a Bridge Pointe neighbor, is the owner of Elizabeth Ladean Photography and graciously volunteered to take some photos of our neighborhood for the website.  We appreciate Beth taking time out of her busy wedding photography schedule to complete this project.  Neighbors who volunteer their time and talents to support this neighborhood really make a difference.  Thank you, Beth!

If you would like to volunteer to help, please click here and let us know.

Bridge Pointe is a neighborhood managed by a Home Owner Association (HOA) like thousands and thousands of other neighborhoods in the US. Of course, HOA legal structures vary in size and myriad details but a common point in purpose and mission is to protect long-term property values and properly care for, maintain, and replace (when necessary) community owned property (assets).

Taking care of Bridge Pointe community property has been an issue recently brought into sharp focus by the realization that we have assets that could easily be valued at $350,000 to over $500,000 at market replacement cost. To bring heightened awareness to the matter is the fact that our most valuable assets (the pool, as an example) are 30 years old which puts them in the final third of their realizable life-span. Like an older car, age brings increased maintenance costs and the serious need to budget for the time when maintenance costs escalate or replacement would be required.

The standard methodology among “best practices” of HOA management is to reserve or save for future financial obligations to care for and replace assets as they deteriorate or reach end of life.

The subject has provoked lively conversation and debate in our neighborhood as it has across the country. This has been healthy for our neighborhood and has drawn opinion from many. While the details still bring much discussion, there is widespread agreement that our neighborhood is “under reserved” for the future. This is why dues have been going up and this is why our board leaders are paying attention to long-term financial planning.

There is much good news related to this topic of reserving. First and foremost we now have reserves! By year end, our reserves could be approaching $40,000! We also, by year-end 2016, had a plan in place that was the precursor to this entire reserving process.

Our board leadership has discovered that there is yet a better path forward and a way to improve upon what was started with Jason White’s election as board president. Several months ago Jason reached out to experts in the field of HOA management. Our board authorized payment to The Hignell Companies ( to review our foundation and operating documents as well as our reserving practice and system.

The resulting report encourages a much more detailed process for determining our reserves requirement and accruing the necessary cash. We encourage all neighbors to be familiar with the 30-year asset evaluation when available and that the board is working to perfect.

Article Submitted by Pat Rainey

Help, My Pet is Missing!

What should you do if your pet goes missing? Linda Van Dyke, a Bridge Pointe neighbor, has some helpful tips.
  • It is very important to act fast! Make posting for your lost pet and include a photo and phone number. In your post include location with cross streets, time of disappearance, microchipped or not, wearing a collar with or without tags, name, sex, breed and markings. Keep your post updated with new any sightings.
  • If a dog is lost, place food, water and dog blanket or dog bed outside. Place an article of your unwashed clothing outside as well.  Also, if you can raise your garage door up a little so they can get inside.
  • Contact the microchip company and let them know your dog/cat is lost.
  • Post onto BP Neighborhood Facebook group page.
  • Sign up to,, and Lost/Found Facebook groups
  • Post on Craigslist in the Lost+Found Pet section.
  • Put big colorful signs up and post flyers over the neighborhood. Go door to door with flyers within a few blocks. Put a big “LOST DOG” sign in your front yard, in case the finder is driving around looking for the owner. 
  • Leave yard gates open, in case they make their way back home.
  • Dogs picked up by animal control in our area are taken to Kansas City Pet Project. Please contact them and make lost report. Go to the shelter in person every few days to see the pets that have been brought in. 
  • If your cat is lost, do all of the above except, place your cats dirty litter box outside with some smelly wet cat food. Go out at dark with a flashlight and check around bushes, under cars, under deck and sewer openings. An indoor cat usually won’t travel far.
Final note
  • If your dog has escaped from your backyard due to the lawn service company, your children and etc. accidentally leaving your gate open, think about getting locks for your gates.
  • Get an ID tag with your contact information on it.
  • Also think about having your pet microchipped. It only cost $10.50 to have Gladstone Animal Shelter microchip any pet. It will prove 100% you are the owner.  
  • Missouri requires your dogs to be on a leash and not be allowed to roam freely.
Linda Van Dyke has been a part of many pet rescues here in Bridge Pointe and in the community. 

Click here to read one of her amazing rescue stories!

Here is a snapshot of our monthly financials as of 10-31-17. Also, neighbors are encouraged to view our profit and loss statement for October.

  • Dues $74,000.01
  • Other income $2,066.12
  • Expenses $38,939.94
  • Checking $22,412.30
  • Reserves $28,646.79
  • 1 household left to pay HOA dues
Click Here to view the Profit and Loss Statement

*A username and password are required to view this information.

Username: homeowner
Password: EtNiOp1620

Click on the link above to join.

December 8th TGIF Social Hour from 5:30-7:30pm is hosted by Doris and Jerry Crews.

December 29th John Azodi is hosting the Kitchen Table Poker Event from 7-11pm. All neighbors are welcome to join.

January 2nd Bob Hiatt will host the HOA Board Meeting, 7-9pm.

January 8th Annual HOA Board Meeting at Clardy Elementary School 7-9pm.

See the Calendar for all the Bridge Pointe Neighborhood events.

"To have good neighbors,
be a good neighbor..."

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