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Hey friends -

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Happy weekend! Last week I mentioned I had a cover reveal coming for a surprise project I had in the works. Well, here's the scoop!



Comedies with Consequence is my compilation of four previously released audio plays and it's Coming to Audible on November 17th!

It's been a real trip releasing audio plays this past year during a time when theaters were shut down. I'm really grateful I've spent so much time narrating and producing audiobooks these past ten years, while also writing for the theater. Not only are they are both awesome paths that I love, but I had no idea these ten years of immersing myself in both simultaneously was also preparing me for how to pivot during a pandemic.

When theaters shut down in 2020, I had all these plays I've written that I could no longer send out to artistic directors and literary managers for potential live productions. What I did have though was lots of experience producing audio projects, amazing audio performer friends to cast, and relationships with some truly brilliant editors and sound designers.

So... we got to work!

I spent a lot of time adapting these stories I originally wrote for the stage, rethinking how they could be told when you take away the visual and channel them completely into an audio experience. It was a ton of fun! Plus, I learned a lot about how to be flexible in storytelling and what I actually need to do my best work as a writer (as opposed to what I think I need). In theory, I think we all want to feel untethered and have unlimited options in our lives and work, but more often than not, I'm finding that limitations actually give me freedom and open me up creatively. When I can do absolutely anything, it's a surefire way for me to feel stuck and do nothing. But give me some parameters? Then all systems are a go!

Fast forward to the present and we're combining four of these immersive audio productions into one collection. It includes:  









It features this amazing cast: Joe Arden, Cynthia Darlow, Jonathan Davis, Lance Greenfield, Delphi Harrington, Caitlin Kelly, Matilda Lawler, Richard Masur, Sarah Mollo-Christensen, PJ Ochlan, Thérèse Plummer, Carly Robins and Zachary Webber, with Sound Design by Nick Long and Editing/Mixing by Tyler Whitlatch of Plunk Productions. 

One of the unexpected joys of this has been introducing some listeners to their first plays. A bunch of people have reached out saying things like "I thought I didn't like theater, but I like this!" and "I've actually never seen a play! Now that I've heard one, maybe I'll go see one!" 

Yes! Music to my ears. Now that live theater is opening up again (thank God!) go, go, go!  Nothing replaces the joy of gathering with humans and experiencing actors living and breathing in front of you. Part of what this isolated time did for me though was remind me that we can always find ways to connect with people and tell stories, no matter what the circumstances around us. I saw friends writing old-fashioned letters to each other again, making phone calls instead of texting, reaching out to people they'd lost contact with years ago with no real reason why... Those sorts of things I found incredibly encouraging. And as the world opens up, I hope we can hold onto some of that.

Speaking of the things opening up... In-person signings and events are happening again! Woohoo! This is really exciting to me personally, since I released my first book during the pandemic, so I'm a newbie to the whole signing shebang! And I'm attending quite a few of them, which I'll announce in my newsletter next week. In the meantime (and in celebration of signings), let's do a little giveaway.  


Yes Comedies with Consequence is all about the audio experience, but we have paperbacks too that include all four scripted stories! This is a great thing to have when you head to signings where narrators are attending and you want to snag their signatures.

Let's give one away shall we?  

To Enter:

  • Respond to this email and tell me  one thing that is making you laugh these days.

That's it! I'll choose a winner and announce them in next week's newsletter. Until then, scroll down for this week's Author Spotlight featuring the treat that is Amy Daws!

Thanks for reading!






I love me some Amy Daws! She is a master at blending the funny and the sexy. She is also a hilarious and humble human who deserves all the support! I hope you'll check out her latest and greatest... SWEEPER!


The cocky footballer next door has some serious game… 
luckily, Daphney Clarke knows how to play. 

Zander Williams is the hot new American determined to take European football by storm. His head is so big, it barely fits under his backwards hat. And when he’s recruited to one of the biggest up and coming clubs in London, he’s certain to make his name known. 
Managing the building where they live is only one of Daphney’s many jobs. It’s why she has zero patience for the obnoxious American on the other side of the wall who makes the most ungodly noises and likes to answer his door in nothing but a pink tea towel. 
Tensions build and after one steamy hallway kiss, neighbor wars quickly shifts into neighbors-with-benefits and that’s a battle they both intend to win. 
But Daphney doesn’t know the real reason Zander is in London and now she’s stuck in the middle of a game she didn’t even know she was playing. 


Check out SWEEPER now!
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