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Hey friends!

I hope all is well with you! This week I wanted to share the news about Pale Blue Dot(s), my new project coming to Audible in a few weeks and give you the behind-the-scenes scoop on how this one came to be. 


(Pale Blue Dot(s)' awesome cover design by Najla Qamber)

I've always had a very specific relationship to space. When other kids talked about wanting to be astronauts when they grew up, I remember thinking that sounded like the absolute scariest shit I could possibly imagine. Black holes, asteroids, aliens, no gravity, no oxygen... NO THANK YOU.

But I thought about space a lot.

Still do. 

Especially the vastness of it. 

Pondering this infinite Universe and how I am just the tiniest little person on the tiniest little speck of a planet takes my mind all over the place. It freaks me out and lifts me up simultaneously. It makes anything I see as a personal "problem" feel lighter and inconsequential. After all, how can I worry about something like <fill in the blank> when we are a part of something so huge and connected? When all this majesty exists all the time? Then I consider how we think we are walking around on flat ground, driving our cars back and forth to all our places, when the whole time we are actually dangling off a huge glowing ball of rock and water and dirt spinning in a black sky, constantly and continually hauling ass around a massive ball of fire... and...I feel others things. Like fear. Like awe.   

So I've always wanted to write a project set in space.

Two years ago, my dear college professor - and now a dear friend - Maggie Lally gave me that opportunity. She commissioned me to write a play for my alma mater, Adelphi University. She gave me total freedom. My only parameters were that it should be written for seven women and one man to perform. The concept of an all female astronaut team immediately came to mind and I got so. effing. excited.


(image from Adelphi University production of Pale Blue Dot(s) credit: Dulovic 2019) 

That first production experience was SUCH a joy. Maggie directed it like a boss, the actors were lovely, and the designers worked their tails off to send us to space!


Now...I've adapted the piece for an audio-only experience! An incredible team of voice actors (more on them next week!) took on the roles, the amazing Nick Long (who has sound designed all my audio plays) is back with more of his brilliance and Blackstone Audio is partnering with me to bring this story to earbuds around the world.

I can't wait for you to hear it! You can PREORDER Pale Blue Dot(s) today and it will land in your Audible account when it launches on 2/22/22 (cool date, right?)   

I'll be back next week with a deep dive into the awesome cast who is bringing this sucker to life! In the meantime, scroll down for this week's Author Spotlight. I'm psyched to feature  my friend the amazing Gabra Zackman!




My friend Gabra Zackman and I go way back! Would you believe it if I told you she was one of my very first audiobook narration coaches? It's true! Back in my yoga-teaching days, she used to come to my classes and we worked out a swap. I gave her a private yoga lesson and she plopped me behind her microphone and gave me pointers. She also arranged for me to have my first audition at Audible. What a pal, huh?  

Along with her producing partner, Emily Woo Zeller, Gabra has created a truly awesome collaborative company called Love Bytes Originals. Their series NICE AND NAUGHTY just released their second season (and I'm lucky enough to narrate a role in it).  

About Love Bytes Originals:
We are building a community of writers, actors, characters, and listeners who want to make and hear remarkable stories about great people with a healthy salacious streak. We are so stoked to share this collaboration of quality stories and connect with folks who are fans of sensuality, laughter, and a little something for everyone. We believe in sex positivity, representation, and being true to one’s soul in this beautiful life.

About Nice & Naughty:
Heart, Heat, and Humor rule - that’s our motto. Love Bytes Originals produces high quality short form audio romance and erotica.  Nice & Naughty, our first joint effort, takes us to Queens, NY.  With sweetness and snark, these relationships of all stripes will draw you in and turn up the heat. Delightful recipes strewn throughout tie the stories together with a healthy portion of double entendre.

To learn more about Gabra and Love Bytes Originals, join me this Friday night February 4th at 7:30pm ET on Instagram LIVE! I'll be asking Gabra all the questions and getting all the scoop! 

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