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Let's Get to 1 Million Signatures

Don't Back Down
As of today, our petition to #LetGaryDebate has been signed by more than 860,000 supporters. 

Help us reach 1 million and we will deliver them to the Commission on Presidential Debates.

The CPD may have excluded us from the first debate, but we can still get on the stage in October.
Yesterday, for example, a poll shows us at 14% in Pennsylvania, up 2 points from less than 2 weeks ago -- despite our name not being included in the top line of questions. And we are polling 15% or higher now in 15 other states.

Already Signed? You can still help get us there:
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There is no doubt, we are the ONLY campaign with upward momentum.

That's why more and more respected leaders continue to call on the CPD to #LetGaryDebate.

They know that we are the ONLY campaign that is offering an honest and positive alternative to the Donald v. Hillary hate fest.
Johnson - Keep Fighting
There will be more debates. There will be more polls. And we fully intend to fight our way onto the stage in the second debate.

Taking on both aisles of the establishment is not easy. But we can do it.
Hillary will call Donald an egomaniac. Donald will call Hillary a crook.

We will keep making history. We will get on that debate stage.

And America will have a brighter and more positive future.
Chip In $15 to Help Us Promote the Petition

I Won't Back Down,

Gov. Gary Johnson

PS: Tell the CPD that America will not be silenced by making a contribution of $15 or more to #LetGaryDebate.

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