July 2019 Newsletter

Happy July Ladies!

We hate our necks, the loose skin in our cheeks and the jawline which has lost its definition!

Some of us may have lines between our breast and best of all crepey knees!  Yikes!!

Well, now there is HOPE!  Injections for building collagen.  It's a collagen stimulator because Radiesse is truly different!  The procedure is hyper dilution. This treatment actually helps provide skin tightening!

Special for this month is $650 which is $100.00 off of each syringe (regularly priced at $750) of Radiesse only.  This is a full 1-1/2 size. 

This offer is only good for the month of July so call me now and let's get you scheduled!  239-659-LIPS (5477)

See these Before and After pics!

Treatment of the décolletage in a 42-year-old woman before and after combination therapy with MFU-V and 1.5 mL CaHA diluted 1:2. After photo was taken 12 weeks after the third treatment of CaHA and 180 days after MFU-V. Images provided courtesy of Sabrina Fabi, MD. MFU-V, micro focused ultrasound with visualization. CaHA, calcium hydroxylapatite.

To treat mild dermal irregularities in the buttocks, 1.5 mL of CaHA was diluted with 3 mL of lidocaine and saline (1:2 ratio); 2 mL of solution was injected per side in the deep dermis. Skin tightening was accomplished by layering 1.5 mL of CaHA diluted with 9 mL of lidocaine and saline (1:5 ratio) using a cross-hatching technique; 6 mL of solution was injected per side. The figure demonstrates before (A) and after (B) 3 sessions using 2 syringes of CaHA. CaHA, calcium hydroxylapatite. Images provided courtesy of Joana Costa, MD.

Before (A and C) and 6 months after (B and D) first treatment with 6 mL of CaHA diluted 1:1 per leg in a 35-year-old woman who received 2 treatments 3 months apart. CaHA, calcium hydroxylapatite. Images provided courtesy of Wouter Peeters, MD.

My summer schedule will be listed each month here in my newsletter.  That way it will give everyone time to get in.

In June I will be away from the end of June through the 4th of July.

Other vacations for August and September will be announced.

Please keep in mind that due to the long days during season we are closed on Saturdays during the summer.

I am very aware of how quickly we can become ill and have to cancel at the last minute, but please, if you know that you don't feel all a few days prior to an appointment just let me know and I will reschedule you right away within a week and then you won't have to cancel at the last minute and someone else can use your spot.  

I know that you all try very hard and I really appreciate your thoughtfulness throughout our hectic season!

Radiesse skin boosting for crepey elbow skin. Using hyper-diluted Radiesse boosts the skin's collagen production and skin looks tighter, smoother, and younger.

To get all of us off to a positive, fun, exciting Summer we are offering:

Fraxel Laser Treatment

Fraxel Laser treatment for:

*acne scarring
*stretch marks

Regularly priced at $475.00 per session we are offering $100.00 off this month for a cost of $375.00 per treatment.

***Please send me your questions and suggestions. I will promptly answer and try my best to accommodate all requests.
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