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Glass Floats #3
Watercolor Original 19" x 25"

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Candy, Cindy, Christl, Ann and Eric
Merry Christmas from all of us at
Wiegardt Studio Gallery 🎄


- December -

“Only when he no longer knows what he is doing does the painter do good things.” -- Degas

“Paint generously and unhesitatingly, for it is best not to lose the first impression.”-- Pissarro

As fulfilling as painting can be, there can be a lot of challenges on the road to completing a satisfying work of art. It has taken me years of study and many, many paintings to reach the level exemplified by the above two quotes. It is wonderful to have the experience and knowledge to be able to “not know what I am doing” and to paint “generously and unhesitatingly.” Painting becomes a joyful experience when one can reach this level.

I have enjoyed every level on the ladder of creativity over the years, but this is the best. It is what all fine artists aspire to. This is truly “letting it flow," like what a jazz musician might experience during a performance.

Today I don’t tend to agonize over paintings like I did years ago, with hours of critical scrutinizing--not a very productive process I have come to realize--but rather have come to trust my intuition. I am finding my paintings are coming out with a fresher expressionistic appearance which I like very much. I have always painted expressionistically, but have come to trust my impulses much more. There is not the second guessing that used to plague me.

As I work with my Zoom students, this is the end game I am aiming for. I want them to have as much fun as I am having, but yet I realize they too need to go through the process of learning the discipline before it all becomes intuitive.

It keeps betting better; thank you for being a part of this journey with me.

Merry Christmas to you and may God's blessings be on you and your families.



Eric received the Southern California Art Organizations Award for his entry "Calella, Spain" in the 52nd Watercolor West International Juried Exhibition held in Brea, California, from October 10-December 13, 2020. With this entry, Eric achieved Master Signature Member Status with Watercolor West after being accepted into ten of their juried Annual International Exhibitions.

The National Watercolor Society accepted another of Eric's "Calella, Spain" paintings for their Centennial Celebration, NWS: The First 100 Years. This exhibition is the culmination of a century of the NWS mission, artists, and artwork. It is an exceptional combination of 81 unique juried NWS member paintings alongside curated works by 31 past members depicting 20th century life. Eric is honored to have had his work chosen for this special exhibition, which runs Nov 14, 2020 - Feb 20, 2021.


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"I have no doubt that his future accomplishments will
leave an indelible mark upon the American art scene." - Irving Shapiro, AWS, Former President and Director of American Academy of Art.
Eric Wiegardt has been awarded the highest honor in watercolor painting: the Gold Medal and Dolphin Fellow from the American Watercolor Society, New York.
As a teacher and artist, he has left a lasting impression on the American and International art scene with his bold, loose painting style. 
Eric has taught over 5000 watercolorists his popular "Wiegardt's Painterly Watercolors" workshops.

To learn more, click on this link: ABOUT ERIC


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