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Original Watercolor Painting "Daffodils"


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- June -
Recently I asked my wife, Ann, “If you were a collector of my paintings, what would you like to hear about in my newsletter?”
“How do you come up with your painting ideas?” she answered.
I think it is best if an artist paints what he or she knows best; the emotional impact needs to be relayed from the artist to the viewer, and this can only be done with subject matter intimate to the artist. In my early years, I tended to paint everything- subjects that I saw as interesting to paint, but not necessarily something I felt emotionally attached to. In later years, after maturing to some degree with my life as an artist, I have chosen subject matter closer to home, or something  I have experienced on a deeper emotional level.
When I am out searching for ideas, I naturally position myself in places that I find beautiful: marine environments, landscapes, beach scenes, and if in Europe, old-town street scenes. It isn’t long before something may catch my eye, and if I have only my camera with me, I will try to compose an idea. Of course, if I have my painting gear with me, I get the double pleasure of “treasure hunting” for ideas and the opportunity to paint right there.
However, I still think the most desirable place for me to paint is in my studio. There I am free from distractions of all types- curious onlookers, mosquitoes, wind, and angry bulls- and can concentrate solely on the design morphing before me in vivid, fluid color.
Sometimes, I will do a painting from memory. There can be quite a high degree of creative pleasure from simply painting from my mind; it is just me and my brush and paper- there is no visual distraction. Similarly, sometimes just a pencil sketch from a stimulating location may be enough to jump-start me into a painting.

As you can see I paint what I am emotionally tied to, and I use a variety of methods to keep it interesting and be able to conduct a final piece of (hopefully) masterful execution!

- Eric


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"I have no doubt that his future accomplishments will
leave an indelible mark upon the American art scene." - Irving Shapiro, AWS, Former President and Director of American Academy of Art.
Eric Wiegardt has been awarded the highest honor in watercolor painting: the Gold Medal and Dolphin Fellow from the American Watercolor Society, New York.
As a teacher and artist, he has left a lasting impression on the American and International art scene with his bold, loose painting style. 
Eric has taught over 5000 watercolorists his popular "Wiegardt's Painterly Watercolors" workshops.

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