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Recently, I moved apartments. To be honest, it was a rather stressful process, but there was some reassurance and relief in methodically packing things into boxes and then unpacking them in the new apartment. Life is a bit like that: we find reassurance in putting things into little boxes and moving on – it seems to make life more manageable, structured, and certain. But, of course, life is not neatly compartmentalized. Indeed, it is totally misleading, and potentially disappointing and dangerous, to believe that life is simply a series of boxes that can be filled, sealed, and then opened at some time in the future when we think we will need what is inside.
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Again, something to think about when we meet new people. What are our aims? What do we want to get from the meeting? And most important: What first impression do we want to leave?
How long does it take for people to make a first impression? Some people think that they have weeks; or even years to make a first impression, but unfortunately the facts show that the maximum time is four minutes.
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The road to success is paved with hours of hard work; dotted with stacks of books, networking events, scientific research and enough coffee consumption to comfortably sustain the economy of a small South American country. With this in mind, it is necessary to point out that life is all about balance, which is why it is important to add extracurricular activities to the list in order to become a well-rounded, balanced individual. So how do you go about enriching your life with these activities?

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News & Events
16. 9. 2016
Meet your Student Council and check out their website!
Student council is here to bring more fun to your student life. With plenty of events, trips and other special activities they will try to make your studies easier and you will get a chance to discover new things.
18. 9. 2016
Win tickets to see Justin Bieber live in Prague

The University of New York in Prague is giving away two free Justin Bieber tickets.We appreciate how hard students work all year to get into great universities or to complete their university degree, especially our own UNYPers!  We believe it's important to take a break and reward yourself with something exciting and fun - which is why we've decided to give you the opportunity to win two tickets to see the modern king of pop himself, Justin Bieber.

1. 9. 2016
Get your MBA
You are considering getting an MBA. You’ve asked for advice from family, friends and your co-workers and maybe even your boss or HR department, but have come no closer to reaching a decision. A quick Google of the word “MBA” will generate a confusing paradox of articles screaming that your life essentially depends on obtaining one, the other half just as vehemently insisting that an MBA is irrelevant to your future success.
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If you are looking for an internship of part-time job or if you are our alumni and looking for a full time position, please contact our Career Office. You can obtain a job or contact HR's at companies which cooperate with UNYP.
Business Executive - Internship
6 months internship in Swindon, UK
Opportunity for Graduate, basic knowledge of Czech needed
Develle Premium Cosmetics
Social Media Specialist
Excellent knowledge of social media platforms
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Alumni Spotlight
Tomáš Jedlička, MBA
General Management, 2007
Strategic Capital Management Česká Spořitelna a.s.
Matej Zajc, MBA
General Management, 2006
Business Development Manager EMEA Carrier Commercial Refrigeration
Katarina Horvathová
International Economic Relations, 2010
Senior Accountant Manager
Sales Experts Germany SEG GmbH
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