Evan Kahn on spit valves, colors and comfort ...

Evan Kahn grew up in Culver City, California, with a mother who sang opera and a father who played jazz piano. Arias, harmonies and melodies were part of the soundtrack of his childhood. Like plenty of Southern California kids, he played soccer, swapped trading cards, and practiced archery. Yet even from the confines of comfort this City suburb offered, Evan was drawn to imaginary places and inner challenges. Perched on rocks at the local park, he considered how to navigate the grass, now imaginatively transformed into a sea of sharks.

As a 4th grader in a public elementary school with a quality music program, he assessed the instrumental terrain:

“I knew what spit valves were and hated the idea, the clarinet seemed odd to me, the flute too girly, and the violin too uncomfortable-looking.”

Choosing the cello as the instrument with the least downsides, it eventually grew into an extension of himself.

“It helps that there are so many colors available on my instrument — it keeps it infinitely fascinating!”

As a performer, all types of music appeal to him, but Evan is drawn to contemporary music and the opportunity to explore his own boundaries and limits, as well as those of his audience. He’s passionate about pushing listeners out of their comfort zones, in the hopes that they’ll travel to someplace new, interesting, and enjoyable.

And about composing? Is that a place he wants to go someday? 

“I don’t compose, and I’m not sure I ever will. I don’t have that spark to create. I feel a drive to shape the clay, but I don’t have the desire to make my own clay, You know?

Luckily for us, we do know. Come down to 2222 Bush Street, 8pm, Saturday, April 28. You'll hear exactly what we're talking about.

Vortex Temporum will be Evan's third appearance with the Collective.

from After Everything, a New Music Collective.

J.S. Bach
Liebt, ihr Christen, in der Tat 

Matthew Cmiel
 "a land that I heard of"

Vortex Temporum
Gérard Grisey

Jessie Nucho, Flutes • Sophie Huet, Clarinets • Marian Yang, Violin
Julie Michael, Viola Evan Kahn, Cello   Preben Antonsen, Piano
Matthew Cmiel, Conductor
8pm Saturday, April 28, 2018 
U N I T Y   C H U R C H  O F  S A N  F R A N C I S C O

See you at the church! –Matthew


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