Julie Michael: Language Nerd

Julie Michael loves language. All kinds of language. Her father, an amateur musician, shared the language of harmony with her. and started teaching her music theory when she was very young. Together they listened, dissecting all types of music to better understand its power and bonded over scales and chords. She became fascinated with the mechanics of music.

“I’m thankful to have been taught music theory not as an academic obligation, but as an exciting source of beauty and meaning.”

As a child growing up in Columbus, Ohio, Julie was formally introduced to the language of music through a fantastic youth orchestra system and chamber music program and was exposed to incredible professional musicians. She was inspired to play her best. Those experiences have been integral to her development as a musician and still benefits from those experience with her high school conductors and coaches.

A continued interest in language and her enjoyment of observing the similarities between dissecting music and dissecting language led Julie to pursue a minor in linguistics while studying music at the University of Michigan. She picked up Québécois French as a graduate student in Montreal, then perfected her Spanish while teaching in Panama.

I like to nerd out over untranslatable words, quirky idioms, and the challenges of rendering poetry in different languages.”

As with music, Julie is excited by the way the rules of language are followed or broken to communicate emotion and meaning. From her perspective, by speaking any language we are by default participating in its evolution.

She is also really grateful to be able to participate in the evolution of music by playing pieces from many different eras, but loves working on new music above all. 

“A lot of the new music that excites me is not bound by the rules of music theory that I learned growing up - much of it doesn’t even really operate within that system. So it feels like fresh musical languages are being created and built upon all the time.

Vortex Temporum will be Julie's first appearance with the Collective. We hope you will join us on April 28, 8 pm.

from After Everything, a New Music Collective.

J.S. Bach
Liebt, ihr Christen, in der Tat 

Matthew Cmiel
 "a land that I heard of"

Vortex Temporum
Gérard Grisey

Jessie Nucho, Flutes • Sophie Huet, Clarinets • Marian Yang, Violin
Julie Michael, Viola Evan Kahn, Cello •  Preben Antonsen, Piano
Matthew Cmiel, Conductor
8pm Saturday, April 28, 2018 
U N I T Y   C H U R C H  O F  S A N  F R A N C I S C O

See you at the church! –Matthew


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