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Title List
Windermere District of British Columbia :Where It Is, What It Looks Like, What It Produces, How To Get There.
What others say of Salmon River farm lands.
Windermere district of British Columbia :Where It Is, What It Looks Like, What It Produces, How to Get There.
St. Michael’s Hospital, 1892-1917.
Sketch of the life and times of Joseph Curran Morrison and Angus Morrison, presidents of St. Andrew’s Society, 1850-54 by Angus MacMurchy, K.C.
William Hodgson Ellis :A Family Record By his Daughter, that is, Ethel May Crooks.
Ideals in Medicine by J.F.W. Ross, M.D. Toronto.
Modern Household Cookery Book :With Numerous Recipes.
Journals and reminiscences of James Douglas, M.D. edited by his son.
The life of William Lawson, J.P. :one of the builders of Canada Written By Himself ; With An Introduction and Notes By a Grandson.
Reminiscent and Otherwise :life in the Eastern Townships of the province of Quebec, Canada, fifty years ago Dr. George McAleer, December, 1900. Worcester, Mass.
Industrial Mission :An Interesting Account of Opportunity Offering (By Geo. S.B. Perry)
Reminiscences of student days and dissecting room Francis J. Shepherd, M.D.
An Octogenarian’s Reminiscences by the Author of Sir Rowland Hill : The Story of a Great Reform, that is, Eleanor C. Smyth.
Family memoirs :the celebration of the eightieth birthday of Sir James MacPherson LeMoine, January 24th, 1905.
Leaders of men :types and principles of success as illustrated in the lives of prominent Canadian and American men of the present day Canadian department edited by R. Campell Tibb, B.A. ; American department edited by Henry W. Ruoff.
Importance de l’allaitement maternel Docteur Aurèle Nadeau.
A Memorial Service for Old Ridleians who gave their lives in the war, June 22nd, 1919 Ridley College.
Nursing as a Vocation for Young Women :Training in The Vancouver General Hospital.
Grossesse abdominale à terme suivie après deux ans d’une grossesse utérine normale à terme nécessitant une opération de Porro par J.-M. Ahern, Québec.
Insanity in immigrants :being a paper read before the American Public Health Association, at Richmond, Va., October, 1909 by Peter H. Bryce, M.A., M.D., Chief Medical Officer of the Interior, Ottawa, Canada.
Use of honey and maple sugar in cooking by Mrs. Blanche Lajoie-Vaillancourt.
The installation of Edward Wentworth Beatty, K.C. as chancellor and Robert Bruce Taylor M.A., D.D., LL.D. as principal of Queen’s University :programme of the exercises : Wednesday, Thursday, Friday October fifteenth, sixteenth, seventeenth, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario.
British Columbia fruit :Two Hundred and Twenty-Five Recipes.
Place-names in the Thousand Islands, St. Lawrence River by James White, F.R.G.S., Secretary, Commission of Conservation, Member of the Geographic Board of Canada.
The Lake of the Woods Tragedy by Lawrence J. Burpee.
Micmac place-names in the Maritime Provinces and Gaspé Peninsula recorded between 1852 and 1890 by Rev. S.T. Rand, D.D., LL.D., D.C.L. collected, arranged and indexed by Lieut.-Col. Wm. P. Anderson, C.M.G., F.R.G.S., etc., Member of the Geographic Board of Canada.
Jubilee year, 1870-1920, St. Stephen’s Church, Gorrie.
Historical Sketch of St. Martin’s Church :1874-1902, Montréal, Canada.
History of Teulon Hospital Women’s Home Missionary Society of the Presbyterian Church in Canada (W.D.)
The Double Standard of Morals and The Social Diseases Dr. Charles W. Eliot, Ex-President Harvard University.
Decennial Report, 1898-1908 Toronto Orthopedic Hospital.
Insanity in Its Legal Aspects by The Hon. William Renwick Riddell, L.H.D., etc. Justice, King’s Bench Division, H. C. of J., Ontario.
Tried and tested recipes collected and compiled by the Ladies’ Aid Society of the Talbot St. Baptist Church, and their friends.
The new settlement on Lake Erie by George F. Macdonald.
Fifty year jubilee 1869-1919, St. James’ Church, Forest, Ontario.
Jubilee of “Christ Church”, Newbury Ont., 1863-1913.
Opportunities for Settlers in the Northland.
“Lest We Forget” :dedication souvenir, Presbyterian Church, St. George, Sabbath, February 9th, 1908.
Richard Maurice Bucke :a sketch by James H. Coyne, M.A.
Retrospect of Fifty Years of the Medical School of Kingston :From its Foundation in November 1854, until the First of January, 1905 by Michael Sullivan, M.D., For the past 38 years Professor of Principles and Practice of Surgery (formerly of Anatomy) who as Student and Teacher witnessed and took an active part in the events recorded.
The history of inoculation and vaccination for the prevention and treatment of disease :lecture memoranda, Canadian Medical Association, London, Ontario, 1913.
The pathological collections of the late Sir William Osler and his relations with the Medical Museum of McGill University Maude E. Abbott.
An Historical Sketch prepared and published on the occasion of the 80th anniversary Of the Organization of St. Andrew’s First Presbyterian Sabbath School, the 76th anniversary Of the Building of the First St. Andrew’s Church, and the 50th anniversary Of the Present St. Andrew’s Church Building.
Grace Church, Waterdown :After Sixty-six years.
Immigration and defectives by W.G. Smith, B.A., Department of Psychology, University of Toronto.
Winnipeg, pulse of Western Canada.
Obituary :Professor Wyatt Galt Johnston.
Hysteria in the male by Campbell Meyers, M.D., M.R.C.S. (Eng.), L.R.C.P. (Lond.), Superintendent Neurological Hospital, Toronto, Late Neurologist to Toronto General and St. Michael’s Hospitals, Toronto.
Hamilton Jewel cook book.
Past and present :address in surgery by Francis J. Shepherd, M.D., LL.D., F.R.C.S.
L’acte médical du Canada et nos privilèges en matière d’éducation par Jean Juste, c’est à dire, Arthur Simard.
A Medical Slander Case in 1831 By the Hon. Mr. Justice Riddell, LL.D., Etc.
Examination for License to Practice Sixty Years Ago By The Honourable Mr. Justice Riddell, L.H.D., LL.D., Etc.
An early view of venereal disease by the Hon. William Renwick Riddell, LL.D., F.R.H.S., Toronto, President of the Canadian National Council for Combating Venereal Diseases.
Fifth annual excursion to Picton, August 5th to 7th, 1905 :Civic holiday trip Prince Edward County Old Boys’ Association.
The Message of a Strenuous Life :In Memoriam the Very Rev. George Monro Grant, D.D., LL.D., C.M.G. by The Rev. J.A. MacDonald.
A few important points in regard to nervous and mental diseases by Charles F. Neu, M.D., Indianapolis, Ind.
The Ninette Sanatorium :its objects and the good it is doing.
Memoir of the life of the Honorable William Blowers Bliss by the Hon. Sir Charles J. Townshend, Chief Justice of Nova Scotia.
An illustrated talk on the making of a city by J.C. Hayes, President J.C. Hayes Company, Limited.
Report of the Medical Health Officer dealing with the recent investigation of slum conditions in Toronto, embodying recommendations for the amelioration of the same Department of Health, Toronto.
Prince Rupert Securities, Ltd. :capital stock, $250,000.00 divided into 25,000 shares of ten dollars each.
Opportunities in the Windermere District of the Columbia Valley, British Columbia Presented by the Columbia Valley Irrigated Fruit Lands, Ltd.
Al Azhar Temple victory ceremonial.
Le paroissien[A.C.D.]
Principles of medical ethics.
Frederick William Kelley, B.A. (McGill University), Ph.D. (Cornell University) :an appreciation edited by A.S. Ross, B.A..
Port Alberni :a few facts about the magnetic city of British Columbia compiled by Donald McN. Lowe.
In memoriam :docteur Georges Villeneuve (4 février 1918) A. Lesage.
Pilote-Provancher :(Extrait de la Vie canadienne) J.-C. Chapais, L.L.B., D.S.A.
The Student Life :a farewell address to Canadian and American medical students by William Osler, M.D., F.R.S. Regius Professor of Medicine in the University of Oxford.
Mr. T. Ahearn :an appreciation by L.B. McFarlane, President, The Bell Telephone Company of Canada.
By-laws, Code of Medical Ethics, and tariff of fees of the New Brunswick Medical Society :with Extracts from the Medical Act.
Effects upon public health and natural prosperity from rural depopulation and abnormal increase of cities Peter H. Bryce, M.A., M.D.
Map showing farm lands Owned and for Sale by the Western Canada Land Company, Limited, in Central Alberta, Canada (Including some parcels for re-sale on behalf of the purchasers)
The Hub of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, 1910, Nanaimo Compiled and Printed by George A. Beattie, Nanaimo, B.C. ; Photos by Joyner.
“Scenic Fernie” :The Finest Mountain Roads in North America lead to Fernie, British Columbia Publicity Department, Board of Trade, Fernie, British Columbia.
Usage du miel à la cuisine C. Vaillancourt, Instructeur Provincial d’Apiculture.
Memoir of Thomas Chesmer Weston by Robert Bell.
Picturesque Orillia and lovely Couchiching guide book issued under the auspices of the Orillia Board of Trade.
Cook book Knox Church Ladies’ Aid, Branch “E”
The cook’s favorite.
Fifty recipes :specially selected and recommended by the Ladies Guild of St. James Church, Ingersoll.
Really reliable recipes contributed by the ladies of St. Matthias’ Church, Westmount, P.Q.
The Whys and Wherefores [sic] of cooking :a simple text book for elementary cooking schools Montreal Cooking School.
Food and diet by Miss Alice Ravenhill, Fellow of the Royal Sanitary Institute, etc., etc.
Life from old letters, 1794-1886 :Glimpses into the Past (Canada, Britain and the United States) : A Review of 500 Letters and Documents Edited by Ronald T.F. Thompson, B.A. M.Ed. (Man.), 1968 ; As Companion Volume to “Reminiscences of a Canadian Pioneer” by Samuel Thompson (1810-1886)
A young mother’s guide by Francis Tweddell, M.D. Formerly of the British Army Medical Staff. Physician to the Babies Hospital Dispensary, New York. Alumnus Bellevue Hospital, New York.
Story of Frank McCullough Editor: Walter E. Lear, Esq., Of Osgood Hall, Barrister-at-Law.
Should sex hygiene be taught in our public schools? ; The single standard ; True marriage by William J. Battley.
Les fêtes de l’Hôtel-Dieu en 1909 Pour célébrer le 250e anniversaire De l’arrivée au pays en 1659 Des trois premières Hospitalières de Montréal par L’abbé Élie-J. Auclair de l’Archevêché de Montréal, Docteur en Théologie et en Droit Canon, Professeur agrégé à l’Université Laval, Sécretaire de la rédaction à la Revue Canadienne.
“Uncle Joe Little” :life and memoirs of Joseph Russell Little by Rev. L. Bartlett.
Sir William E. Logan and the Geological Survey of Canada by Dr. Robert Bell, F.R.S. Ottawa, Ont.
Loi Électorale durant la guerre :discours prononcé par le Très Honorable Sir Robert Laird Borden, K.C., P.C., G.C.M.G., dans la Chambre des Communes, 10 septembre 1917.
British Association for the Advancement of Science, Winnipeg, August 25th to September 1st, 1909 :illustrated biographical sketches Wth Ntes on the Scientific Work of The President, The Presidents of Sections, The Evening Lecturers and The General Officers [compiled by A.V. Thomas]
Rev. Davidson Macdonald, M.D. By Rev. Nathanael Burwash, LL.B. Ex-Chancellor of Victoria University, Toronto.
Text book of medical and surgical gynaecology for the use of students and practitioners by R.W. Garrett, M.A., M.D. Professor of Obstetrics and Gynæcology in the Medical Faculty, Queen’s University, Kingston; Gynæcologist to the Kingston General Hospital.
Lettre d’un Vieux Grincheux à une Mondaine et Réponse Fernand Saint-Jacques [i.e. Victorin Germain]
The day when everything goes wrong by Dr. James L. Gordon, D.D. Author of “All’s Love, Yet All’s Law”
War thoughts of an optimist :a collection of timely articles by an American citizen residing in Canada by Benjamin Apthorp Gould.
With the First Canadian contingent.
“The Duke of Cornwall’s Own Rifles” :a regimental history of the Forty-Third Regiment, active militia of Canada by Captain Ernest J. Chambers, R.O., author of the histories of “The Governor-General’s Body-Guard,” “The Third (Montreal) Field Battery,” “The 1st Prince of Wales Regiment,” “The 2nd Queen’s Own Rifles,” “The Montreal Highland Cadet Battalion,” etc., etc.
Fleury Mesplet, the First Printer at Montreal By R.W. McLachlan, Honorary Curator of the Numismatic and Antiquarian Society of Montreal.
William Black :the apostle of Methodism in the Maritime Provinces of Canada by John Maclean, PH. D., author of “Canadian Savage Folk,” “The Indians of Canada,” “The Making of a Christian,” &c., &c.
Mgr Baril, P.A., V.G. :Une Page de nos Annales par une Ursuline des Trois-Rivières.
Speech Delivered by The Honourable Charles Murphy, Secretary of State of Canada, at the presentation of the Albert Medal of the First Class to Conductor Thomas Reynolds, on St. Patrick’s Day, 1910, at Massey Hall, Toronto.
Letters of a Canadian stretcher bearer by R.A.L. ; edited by Anna Chapin Ray.
Rand’s Micmac dictionary From Phonographic Word-Lists Prepared by Rev. Silas T. Rand, D.D., LL.D., D.C.L. transcribed and alphabetically arranged, With a Grammar and List of Place-names, by Jeremiah S. Clark, B.A.
The First Law Reporter in Upper Canada and his Reports by William Renwick Riddell, LL D., F.R. Hist. Soc., &c., Justice of the Supreme Court of Ontario.
Fifty years of work in Canada, scientific and eductional being autobiographical notes by Sir William Dawson, C.M.G., LL.D”, F.R.S. etc. etc. Late Principal McGill University, Montreal ; edited by Rankine Dawson, M.A., M.D., M.R.C.S.E.
Aperçu sur la “Question Vénérienne” :Présenté au VIème congrès de l’Association des médecins de langue française de l’Amérique du Nord par le docteur A.-H. Desloges, Directeur médical des hôpitaux d’aliénés, de l’assistance publique et de la lutte antivénérienne, dans la Province de Québec.
What a woman of forty-five ought to know by Mrs. Emma F. Angell Drake, M.D. Author of “Wat a Young Wife Ought to Know” ...
Oraison funèbre de Mgr Antoine Gauvreau, prélat de la maison du pape, ancien curé de St-Roch :Prononcée dans l’église St-Roch de Québec, le 2 mars 1911 par M. l’abbé Ludger Dumais, supérieur du Collège de Ste-Anne de la Pocatieère.
Deuxième Congrès de la Fédération nationale Saint-Jean-Baptiste (Section des dames de l’Association Saint-Jean-Baptiste) tenu à Montréal les 23, 25, 26 juin.
A History of the Toronto General Hospital :including an account of the medal of the Loyal and Patriotic Society of 1812 by C.K. Clarke, M.D., LL.D., Superintendent Toronto General Hospital.
Mgr Narcisse-Zéphirin Lorrain, premier évêque de Pembroke par M. le chanoine L.-E. Cousineau.
Historical records of No. 8 Canadian Field Ambulance :Canada, England, France, Belgium, 1915-1919 by Lieut.-Colonel J.N. Gunn, Staff Sergeant E.E. Dutton ; with illustrations by Private J.S. Collis.
Wilmot and Tilley by James Hannay.
“All I possess” Issued by The Socialist Party of Canada.
Through Newfoundland with the camera by Robert E. Holloway, B.A., B.Sc.
The care and feeding of children :a catechism for the use of mothers and children’s nurses by L. Emmett Holt, M.D., LL.D. Professor of diseases of children in the College of Physicians and Surgeons (Columbia University) ...
Archbishop O’Brien :man and churchman By Katherine Hughes.
In memoriam :Wilfred Henry Burgoyne, born Aug. 30th, 1880, died Nov. 1st, 1913.
In Memory of the Right Rev. James Carmichael :D.D., D.C.L., Fourth Bishop of Montreal, Died September 21, 1908, Aged 73 Years, And of his wife, Emma Dubourdieu, Died January 16, 1907, Aged 68 years.
Jules Vallerand, notaire :vice-président du Comité régional de Québec, A.C.J.C.
Capital and labor :Containing the Views of Eminent Men of the United States and Canada on The Labor Question, Social Reform and Other Economic Subjects edited by William Keys.
You who have served during the Great War, 1914-1919 :a tribute of appreciation from St. James’ Church, St. John, N.B., at a reception held May 20, 1919.
Souvenir of the Sixtieth Anniversary of the Admission to the Profession of William F. Lighthall, Doyen of the Notaries of Montreal, November 3rd, 1908.
Montreal Local Council of Women :21st anniversary, 1893-1915.
Oraison funèbre de Mgr Jean-Olivier Briand, ancien évêque de Québec :prononcée dans la cathédrale de Québec le 27 juin 1794 par l’abbé Joseph-Octave Plessis, curé de Québec.
Women of catholicity :memoirs of Margaret O’Carroll, Isabella of Castile, Margaret Roper, Marie de l’Incarnation, Marguerite Bourgeoys, Ethan Allen’s daughter by Anna T. Sadlier, Author of “Names that Live in Catholic Hearts,” etc., etc.
Charles Héon, Fondateur de la Paroisse de Saint-Louis de Blandford, Premier colon du comté d’Arthabaska :Moeurs, Coutumes, Épisodes de la vie d’autrefois par F.H. St-Germain.
Recollections of Bytown :Some Incidents in the History of Ottawa by R.W. Scott, Kt.
Out west by Secretan.
A Plea to the People of Canada from the Society of Friends at Coldstream, Ontario.
Une Maîtrise d’Art en Canada (1800-1823) Emile Vaillancourt ; avec une préface par E.-Z. Massicotte et des gravures en hors-texte.
Titus Simons, Quarter Master, Peter’s corps of Queen’s Loyal Rangers, Burgoyne’s campaign, 1777-1812 by H.H. Robertson, Barrister.
Blazing the trail through the Rockies :the story of Walter Moberly and his share in the making of Vancouver by Noel Robinson and the old man himself.
Notice biographique sur M. l’abbé Mayrand, curé de Saint-Isidore (Dorchester) par l’abbé Th. G. Rouleau.
Son Excellence Monseigneur Hamel, P.A., Vicaire Général du diocèse de Québec Ths. G. Rouleau.
Travaux manuels :méthode de coupe ; première partie.
The principal professional papers of Dr. J.A.L. Waddell, civil engineer edited by John Lyle Harrington, Civil Engineer.
Autobiographical Sketch with Reminiscences of Revival Work by Rev. Isaiah Wallace, A.M. ; with an introduction by Rev. E.M. Keirstead, D.D.
Origin of the French Canadians by B. Sulte.
The Catholic Almanac of Ontario and clergy list.
Directory of the Jarvis St. Baptist Church, Toronto.
Names of the members of the class of ..., with Home Addresses  Ontario Normal College, Hamilton, Ont.
O.N.C. handbook : containing a list of students in attendance, with their home Addresses and the Officers of the Various Societies for the session ...
Official telephone directory, district of Western Ontario  The Bell Telephone Company of Canada, Ltd.
Illustrated Catholic Almanac of Ontario for ... with clergy list.
Catalogue des officiers et des élèves du Séminaire de Québec.
A catalogue of the officers and students of the Wesleyan Academy, Mount Allison, Sackville, New-Brunswick, for the year commencing ...
Annual Announcement with Course of Study for ... and List of Students for ...  The Sydney Academy.
Annual catalogue of the officers, faculty and students of the College of Ottawa.
Annual catalogue of the officers, faculty and students of the University of Ottawa.
Annual calendar of the officers, faculty and students of the University of Ottawa.
Annual catalogue of the officers, faculty and students of Mount Royal College, Montreal, for the scholastic year ...
Annuaire du Collège Sainte-Anne = Annual directory of Sainte-Anne College, Church Point, N.S.
Officers, professors, course of study, &c. &c.  M'Gill College, Montreal.
Annual catalogue of the officers and students of the New Brunswick Baptist Seminary, Saint John, N.B.
Annual register and circular of the Burlington Ladies' Academy, Hamilton, C.W., for the year ending June 8 ...
Catalogue of the officers and students of the Toronto Baptist College, McMaster Hall.
Annual calendar of the Brantford Young Ladies' College.
Catalogue of the Trustees, Instructors and Pupils of St. Stephen Academy, St. Stephen, N.B.
Officers and Students together with the prize list of Loyola College, Montreal.
Alexandra College, Belleville.
Annual catalogue  Brantford Young Ladies' College.
Catalogue of the officers and students of the Burlington Ladies' Academy, of Hamilton, Canada West.
Catalogue of the officers and students of Acadia Seminary, Wolfville, N.S.
The alumni of King's College, Windsor.
Catalogue of the Officers and Students of the University of Acadia College : also on the teachers and pupils of Horton Academy.
Annual report, with list of members  the Church Association of the Diocese of Toronto.
The Academy Annual.
Prospectus  Acacia Villa School, Hortonville, N.S.
Register of graduates, &c. for ...  University of Toronto.
Register of the University of Toronto for the year ...
Henry Birks & Sons, gold & silversmiths [catalogue]
Birks year book.
The Parish almanac, Church of St. Michael, the Archangel  Edited and Published by the Rev. P.J. Donovan, Dunnville.
Report on Canadian archives  by Douglas Brymner, Archivist.
The Torontonian Society Blue Book and Club List.
The Ontario natural science bulletin.
The McLaughlin Carriage Co., Oshawa, Ont.
In Dixie and Manitoba : A True story of Real Life / by Rev. J.A. Murray.
Illustrated atlas of the Dominion of Canada : containing maps of all the provinces, the North-West Territories and the Island of Newfoundland, from the latest official surveys and plans, by permission of the general and provincial governments; together with a general descriptive history, &c.; also, maps of Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, United States, Oceanica, the World, &c., &c., and local maps / prepared under the direction of D. MacDonald, C.E., late of the Royal Topographical Engineers ; engraved and lithographed by Rolph, Smith & Co
Names and Addresses to some of whom the Second Series of three issues has been sent Gratuitously / presented by the Atlas Record Co., Limited, Head Office : Fraser Building, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Publishers of "British Industries"
Voters' list of the village of Ailsa Craig, For the Year A.D. 1889.
Voters' list of the township of East Williams for 1887.
Voters' list for the year 1889 : municipality of the village of Glencoe.
Successful farming in Manitoba : 100 farmers testify.
The operations of surgery/ by [Walter Hamilton Acland] Jacobson
Cyclopaedia of the diseases of children, medical and surgical / edited by William A. Edwards, M.D.
Thoughts on philosophy; and Philosophy and theology : two essays read before the Philosophical Society of the University of Toronto and the Knox College Literary and Theological Society respectively / by Albert H. Abbott.
Portraits et dossiers parlementaires du premier Parlement de Québec / par M. A. Achintre.
Margaret : an idyll / [written by George Morebye Acklom]
Anecdotes of a life on the ocean : being a portion of the experiences of twenty-seven years' service in many parts of the world / by David Cowans.
Verrazano the navigator, or, Notes on Giovanni da Verrazano and on a planisphere of 1529 illustrating his American voyage in 1524 / by J.C. Brevoort, a member of the Society
Seven years military life in southern India : a lecture delivered in Canada West, in 1867 / by Captain Bridgewater, C.A.F., Comg. Mooretown, M.I., late of H.M.'s 15th Hussars.
Thoughts by the way / by Edward Cox.
The labour question : thoughts on paper currency and lending on interest : as affecting the prosperity of Labour, Commerce and Manufactures / by William Brown.
Aboriginal American authors and their productions : especially those in the native languages : a chapter in the history of literature / by Daniel G. Brinton, A.M., M.D. ...
Proposals for an American bimetallic union / by William Brown.
The American race : a linguistic classification and ethnographic description of the native tribes of North and South America / by Daniel G. Brinton, A.M., M.D.
Silver in its relation to industry and trade : the danger of demonetizing it : the United States Monetary Commission in 1876 : review of Prof. Francis Bowen's minority report / by William Brown.
The British Association for the Advancement of Science At Niagara Falls, Saturday, August 21st, 1897.
An introduction to the history of educational theories / by Oscar Browning, M.A., Senior Fellow and Lecturer of King's College, Cambridge, and sometime Assistant Master at Eton College.
The British-Canadian Gold Fields Exploration, Development and Investment Company.
Chart of elocutionary drill / T.B. Browning, M.A.
The Gold Stripe : A Tribute to those who were killed, maimed and wounded in the Great War. A Book, one of the many efforts to Re-establish some back in civil life. War, Peace and Reconstruction for Prosperity / [edited by] F.P. & J.A.P.
La famille Lavoie au Canada, de 1650 à 1921 / Joseph-A. Lavoie ; préface de L'Hon. Thomas Chapais, Sénateur et Conseiller Législatif.
Glanures lévisiennes / par Pierre-Georges Roy.
Queen's Own Rifles of Canada : Book of Remembrance, 1866-1918
The rural scene / by Frank Prewett.
Glanures lévisiennes / par Pierre-Georges Roy.
Board of directors and members, 1918 / Terminal City Club.
Good wallpapers 1923 / the T. Eaton Co Limited.
La famille Massicotte : histoire, généalogie, portraits / par E.-Z. Massicotte.
Constitution of the Invisible Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.
Co-operative Commonwealth Federation programme : adopted at first National Convention held at Regina, Sask., July, 1933.
By-laws, rules and regulations of the Mississaguas of the Credit.
Glanures lévisiennes / par Pierre-Georges Roy.
Glanures lévisiennes / par Pierre-Georges Roy.
A history of Shediac, New Brunswick / by John Clarence Webster.
The Canada rose : Part II.
Kolbeinslag : gamanríma / eftir Stephan G. Stephansson.
Recollections of Mary Warren Breckenridge / [edited] by Catherine F. Lefroy.
Courtenay, the coming railroad and industrial centre of central Vancouver Island, British Columbia / issued by British Columbia Investments, Limited ; [compiled by H.D. Forde]
The Western Canada labor review and manual, 1914 : containing the laws that have been enacted by the Dominion of Canada affecting labor; articles by well known men showing the growth and in industrial possibilities of the province; articles pertaining to trades and labor and a complete review of prominent individuals and leading business institutions of Winnipeg and Brandon / compiled and published by the Labor Press Bureau of Western Canada, Limited.
Prince George, British Columbia
Facts and glimpses of Armstrong and vicinity in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, the land of opportunity and the big red apple
Grand Forks, B.C. "Gateway city"$h[electronic resource] : the only city in British Columbia with the following varied industries, smelting, mining, agricultural, lumber, also railway center.
St. Giles Presbyterian Church Silver Jubilee, 1885-1910, Winnipeg, Man.
Glorious Kootenay.
A hundred years of Christ Church, St. Andrews, P.Q. : An Historical Sketch of the Pioneer Church of The Ottawa Valley / By The Rev. E.G. May, M.A. ; With numerous illustrations from original photographs by the Author.
Reminiscences of Norland, Ontario / by Mrs. Edward Adair.
Bulkley Valley : the treasure valley of British Columbia / Issued by The Bulkley Valley Development Association.
History of the Village of Mooretown, 1800-1900 / by Isabella C. Finlayson.
The home of the big red apple, Sunny Summerland : Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada, Offers You Health - Wealth Happiness in a Progressive - Prosperous Picturesque Community / Presented by The Board of Trade (Summerland, B.C.)
In Penetanguishene, Old and New, 1615-1913.
Saint-Jacques de Montréal / Olivier Maurault.
Melville Presbyterian Church, Brussels : Jubilee Souvenir, 1864-1914.
Pathfinders of physiology / by J.H. Dempster, A.B., M.D., editor of the Detroit Medical Journal, formerly lecturer in physiology, Detroit College of Medicine, Member of the Detroit Medical Club ...
A history of Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia / by Frank H. Patterson.
Turned soldier / by Archibald Malloch.
Constitution, bye-laws and list of members of the Union Club of British Columbia, Victoria, B.C.
Reminiscences of Canadian activities overseas during the war, 1914-1918 / by D.W. Oliver.
Memorandum and articles of association, with by-laws, house regulations and list of members of the Prince Rupert Club, Limited
Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs, ou, Une paroisse franco-américaine / par H. Hamelin, curé.
Le domaine de la Pointe de Taillon, Co. du Lac St-Jean, Prov. de Québec.
Vernon, B.C.
Skits and Sketches about "When You Wuz a Boy" / by William H. Orr.
Ste-Hélène Illustrée : La Paroisse de Ste-Hélène, comté de Bagot, Qué. : Son passé, le présent, son avenir / par G.N.M.
Seventieth anniversary, St. Paul's Cathedral, London, Ont., 1835-1905 : January 25th, 1905 / compiled by the rector [Alfred G. Dunn] and published under the auspices of The Brotherhood of St. Andrew.
Prince Rupert : "the wonder city"
Quatsino city, Vancouver Island, B.C. / The Quatsino Land and Improvement Co. Ltd.
Notes généalogiques sur la famille Raizenne / [Soeur St-Jean l'Évangeliste]
The National Council of Women of Canada] : twenty-fifth annual meeting, Regina, Saskatchewan (Normal School Building), June 17th to 25th, 1919.
A century of Methodism in St. John's, Newfoundland, 1815-1915 / edited by J.W. Nichols.
The exodus of the loyalists from Penobscot and the loyalist settlements at Passamaquoddy / by W.H. Siebert.
The allies' patriotic war songster / compiled by John Burke.
Quelques notes à l'usage des officiers d'infanterie = Few notes for the usage of infantry officers.
Liste alphabétique des membres du personnel du Collège de Lévis, 1860 à 1919 et liste chronologique des directeurs / par Élias Roy.
The story of Methodism in Bonavista and the settlements visited by the early preachers : also including the early history and fisheries, the French raids, the economic, social and moral conditions, the call for the Methodist missionary, the religious awakenings, some proofs that Methodism has justified her existence / by Charles Lench.
Facts concerning the Bow River Valley, southern Alberta, Canada
A brief historical sketch of St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church, St. Stephen, N.B. / by L.B. Gibson.
Vermilion, Alberta
Murphy's old Carbonear
C.P.R. Transcona / William Grassie.
Comprehensive and concise facts descriptive of the advantanges of the city of Saskatoon and surrounding territory.
Melville : first Saskatchewan divisional point on the Grand Trunk Pacific.
The South Shore of Nova Scotia / H. Bradford.
Hundredth anniversary of Trinity Church, Chippawa : A story of the Centennial Ceremonies and the History of the Church the past century, 1820-1920 / written by Louis Blake Duff.
The south Tobique lakes / by G.U. Hay, D. Sc.
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