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Edition Number Four
Real Artists Ship - Steve Jobs

Dear <<First Name>>

If you've been following the countdown on social media, you'll know that there are officially two days to go until my demonstrator guitar Destiny is officially revealed to the world at large. Seeing as you are part of the valued Lucas Guitar community, you get to see it early :)

There is a lot of story behind the creation of Destiny. I hope you will enjoy it.

Real Artists Ship - Steve Jobs

The Story of Destiny

The story of Destiny is one of commitment and determination. Although the guitar in material form began its embryonic journey around eight months ago, this story is about events that took place over a much longer period of time. It's a story about discovery, and re-discovery.

The world has changed so much since the watershed experience that brought the electric guitar into my life, and as often happens when you work really hard on your passion over time I had lost sight of why I started on the path in the first place.

As you possibly know, I grew up in Geelong which back in the 80s was still very much a country town. Independent from a very early age, I would get on my BMX and explore the local neighbourhoods on my own. Personal safety wasn't a concern back then. Around the corner from home was a park with four goal posts, a basketball/netball court, play equipment and a basic motocross circuit. My mates were a group of us that lived near the park and just hung out. We were all mad on sport. If it was hot we'd get Zooper Doopers from the corner shop/milk bar, and in the winter we'd scoff down Four n' Twenty's and try to outdo each other with our footy stories.

It was around this time that I first heard the sound of an electric guitar live.
Real Artists Ship - Steve Jobs

Over a few years, the country primary school that I attended (total students: 28) hosted bush dances for parents and students. My father, who was an accomplished musician, had put together a 5-piece bush band to raise money so that his local cricket club could continue to operate. It was one of his bandmates who changed my life for ever. The sound of amplified open chords played at searing volume through his cherry red Strat were like nothing I'd ever heard – or felt – before. It sounded so full, sparkly, rich. So powerful and yet so articulate. To that point I'd played violin, the usual classical repertoire of Bach, Mozart et al, and dabbled with piano and clarinet but none of them really gripped me. The sound of that guitar gripped me like a choke hold.

My school books became monuments to the impact that moment had on me. Badly sketched Strats with wonky edges littered the pages. They looked like a child's attempt at replicating the abstract work of Pablo Picasso.

The second lightning strike came in the form of Def Leppard's 1986 release, Hysteria. I had borrowed the album from my local library on vinyl (great library, hey!), probably on the strength of seeing Pour Some Sugar On Me screened on Rage on a Saturday morning. I loved the hits, but it was the first track on the second side, Gods Of War, that really got me. The eerie darkness of the main riff and tune overall were just so alluring, amply complemented by the heavy electronic drums, solid bass line, vocal harmonies and samples of Ronald Reagan's Cold War anti-terrorism rhetoric. I was hooked.

It would be many years until I owned my very own electric, paid for with the hard-earned trappings of a paper round, but when I got it there was no stopping me.
Real Artists Ship - Steve Jobs

Fast forward nearly 30 years and we arrive at this point. The point of Destiny.

The naming of the guitar in the first place was really an accident. I had set about making a couple of demonstration guitars, one following on from Bob Agnew's Delta Queen to be simply titled 'Delta' and another more rock-oriented guitar, rawer and edgier. 'Delta' and 'Destiny' was a nice use of alliteration and it just felt right. Only later would I understand its true meaning.

To actually get Destiny to the point of completion I had to push myself harder than ever before. The main reason that it's taken me so long to get a true demonstration guitar finished is that it's very difficult for a fledgling micro-business to find 100+ hours where not being paid for the work is possible. Building Destiny has been a case of applying the principle of delayed gratification to the extreme. In creating the guitar I've worked during 35˚C heat waves and 5˚C cold snaps, through family illnesses and my own. No excuses.

The moral of this story as I see it:

The Destiny you choose is achieved only when you are willing to pay the price for its attainment.
Real Artists Ship - Steve Jobs

It has only been in the past two days since I finished the guitar that I've realised what the journey is all about. It's about re-creating the spark, rekindling the burning desire to make music that took me to that place of nirvana, utopia, complete escape.

It's taken over 30 years of music in my bones and nearly 10 years of building guitars, but the spark is back. Big time. In Destiny you can hear the essence of the electric guitar – the raw, unbridled passion of it all.

It's time for you to get acquainted.
Destiny Demonstrator Queensland Maple
Destiny Demonstrator Schaller Vintage Tremolo
The Specs

Queensland Maple, American Walnut, African Ebony
Schaller M6 rear-locking
Schaller Vintage with roller saddles
Hand-wound, both AlNiCo V, 8.7kΩ and 11.1kΩ
Switchcraft and CTS components. Treble bleed circuit.
Water-based acrylic lacquer on body, hand-rubbed oil/wax finish on neck and cover plate
Other points of interest
Jescar medium Evo frets, Graph Tech Tusq nut, brass neck inserts and gold-anodised machine screws.
Richard Lucas – Guitar Maker
And on that bombshell...

We're out of the week and into the weekend. Let the mayhem (and music) begin!

Thank you for joining me for another eNews instalment. May your barre chords be loud and proud, and your arpeggios tight and clean.

I'll be putting a video of Destiny up on YouTube as soon as I can, and due to popular request this time you'll actually be able to hear the warmth, richness and sustaaaain eminating from this latest custom build.

And remember if there's anything else you'd like to see in the newsletter, a blog or video blog in future, please don't hesitate to drop me a line at (or just reply to this email) and let me know!

Have a great couple of weeks.

p.s. For more news, knowledge, pics and vids follow and connect with me on the following platforms:
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