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It's Monday. Do you have questions? I have answers.

How do I manage my CyPass patients now that CyPass is being taken off the market?

This article goes into the clinical recommendations for these patients.

Refresh me on what's happening with CyPass?
Alcon recently pulled the CyPass microstent off the market after results from a five year study showed significant endothelial cell loss in the CyPass patients as compared to the patients who underwent cataract surgery alone.


How high can my patients blood pressure be before I send them to the ER? 

According to this article, if the systolic is 180 or higher or the diastolic is 120 or higher, off they go!


Do insurance companies cover cross-linking yet?

Yes. Cigna just announced that they will cover Avedro’s FDA-approved corneal cross-linking procedure. They are now one of the fifty commercial insurance plans that cover it. (via)


How much donation money would it take to have an optometry school named after me?

Ask Nova. They will be changing their name for the next 10 years to NSU National Vision College of Optometry, after receiving a "substantial gift" from National Vision Holdings, the retailer that owns America’s Best, Eyeglass World, and a few other optical chains. The donation amount hasn't been confirmed but it's suspected to be five million.

Are people jazzed about this renaming?
Not exactly. Over 2,000 people have signed an online petition against the renaming, there is a Facebook group against it, and students at Nova have begun to wear black arm bands around their white coat logo in protest.  (via)



Will taking aspirin make my wet AMD worse?

A new study published in Ophthalmology says no.
The study reviewed the medical data of over 400,000 patients from 2010-2015 to determine if low-dose aspirin (less than 100mg) had any effect on the incidence of wet AMD.

What did they find?
The authors state this large-scale study suggests that regular, long-term use of low-dose aspirin appears to be safe with respect to the new development of wet AMD.

Wasn't there a study that contradicts that?
Yes, there were three actually. The Blue Mountain Eye Study (published in JAMA Intern Med. in 2013), the Beaver Dam Eye Study (published in Ophthalmology in 2012) and the European Eye Study all showed some evidence that aspirin use was associated with AMD advancement. However, these studies were not without limitations. Here is a nice rundown on the debate.

The take home:
The results are conflicting and the consensus of most doctors is that there is well-documented evidence that low dose aspirin has cardiovascular benefits and limited evidence that it worsens AMD. Patients should talk with their doctor before discontinuing treatment.



What year was the cat eye frame introduced?

Here is the evolution of frames in 4 minutes.

Remember when Tennessee wanted to open another optometry school?

They were denied.


There are still seats open at this marketing conference for OD's. Get $100 off your registration with the code 4ECPS.

Welcome to October.

Prevent Blindness has declared this month contact lens safety month. Patients, however, have declared this month, the month to ask for vampire contact lenses. This might be a good time to mention that the number of cases of Acanthamoeba are increasing and 1/3 of people don't wash their hands before putting in contacts.
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