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Do you always confirm your patients date of birth?

You might be confirming an iris scan instead.
A new collaboration between two companies is aiming to reduced healthcare errors by using iris recognition software.
Irisguard is a pioneer in iris recognition software and Patientory is the creator of the app that allows you to securely store and manage health information in real time.

Why do we need an iris scan in healthcare?
A couple reasons:
1. "According to statistics cited by Pew Research Center, up to 20% of patient records are not matched accurately within the same healthcare system, driving up costs, creating inefficiency, and risking patient safety."
2. This could cut down on the amount of "fraud and abuse occurring within the pharmaceutical and insurance industries by ensuring patients are who they say they are."


Should we still be giving an antibiotic ointment to newborns following delivery?

Yes. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force continues to recommend that all newborns be treated with a topical antibiotic ointment to prevent gonococcal eye infections.

How likely is a newborn to get a gonococcal infection if they don't get the prophylaxis?
"In the absence of ocular prophylaxis, transmission rates of gonococcal infection from mother to newborn are 30% to 50%."

How bad is this infection for a newborn?
It can cause "corneal scarring, ocular perforation, and blindness as early as 24 hours after birth."


What causes pigmentary glaucoma?

There's a better answer than "pigment".
Scientist have discovered a gene associated with pigmentary glaucoma called the premelanosome protein gene. This is the first time a cause for this disease has been identified.
The next step is to determine why this gene mutation causes pigmentary glaucoma which could lead to new treatments for this disease. (via)



Can I use pinhole glasses to improve my vision?

No, but a news article is bringing these glasses back into focus.
Pinhole glasses work by decreasing the blur circle which can provide sharper vision but some are claiming these glasses can help "exercise your ciliary muscles and permanently improve your vision."

They are sold on Amazon so they must be legit, right?
Tell that to the people that bought the fake eclipse glasses.



February is AMD and low vision awareness month.

According to Prevent Blindness, AMD is a leading cause of vision loss, affecting more than 2 million Americans age 50 and older. 

Other reads from around the web...

--The FDA just approved a cheaper Botox option. (via)
--A former FDA supervisor calls his approval of LASIK 'a mistake'. (via)
--How marijuana can both lower and raise IOP. (via)



This week, I'm highlighting Viola Kanevsky, an optometrist in New York. Twelve years ago, Viola along with her parents launched the Ship of Tolerance. The mission is to educate and connect the youth of different continents, cultures, and identities through the language of art. The first Ship of Tolerance was built in 2005 in Egypt to engage children and young adults in active discussion surrounding tolerance in their daily lives. 
Children were exposed to different cultures and ideas while creating personal, and often thought-provoking works of art. These drawings and paintings were later sewn together to form a sail, which was hoisted atop the ship.
There is more to this beautiful story. Check out the website if you get a chance. Congratulations Viola!

Do any of you have a side hustle you're passionate about? I want to highlight you here! Reach out and share it with me!
You're off to a great start this week! Have a good one!

Jackie Garlich
Editor & Founder // 20/20 Glance

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