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Tear sample may be able to predict thyroid eye disease.

A new study investigated whether biomarkers present in tears could predict thyroid eye disease (TED). 

The study details.
A total of 54 patients with autoimmune thyroid disease (AITD) were included. Some of these patients had no thyroid eye disease while others had a range of mild, moderate, or severe TED. There were also 18 patients without AITD to act as the controls. The research team obtained tear samples and looked at the various proteins present in each sample.

What did they find?
Two takeaways:
1. There were differences in tear proteins depending on the severity of TED (no other study has shown this). 
2. Two proteins, specifically S100A4 and PIP, showed consistent dysregulation trends which according to the authors, could be used as biomarkers to predict the progression to severe TED.

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Let's change our name and hope the optometrist doesn't notice.

Opternative has rebranded themselves. They've changed their name to Visibly which "better represents the partnerships we’re building with eye care providers and eyewear retailers in the industry," according to Steven Lee, OD, a company founder and its chief science officer. (via)

Any Miru contact lens fans out there?

They have a new monthly lens that just launched in the US. Miru 1 month Menicon is available as a sphere, toric, or multifocal. (via)


Can I change my eye color with eye drops?

Probably not but Scott Disick just promoted it to his 23 million Instagram followers.
The (not FDA-approved) drop is called iCOLOUR and for $37 on Amazon, it can be yours!

How does it work?
According to their website, "iCOLOUR eye drops works by blocking the production of melanin found in your eyes. It does this by inhibiting the activation of the enzyme required to produce melanin." The dosing is once a day and it can take 6-12 months to see results.


Refractive surgery and the residual pain.

Another news story has come out about a woman who committed suicide after having refractive surgery.

Snapchat Spectacles are getting more stylish.

Check them out here.

Snellen font.

Looking for a font that looks exactly like the Snellen chart? Meet Optician Sans.
That's a wrap for 2018!!
I'll be off until January 7th but I have an exciting thing to tell you when I come back. Until then, I wish you the happiest of holidays. May you gain 10 pounds eating good food, then vow to work it off in January.

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