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Contact lens wear and the meibomian glands. 

A new study investigated the impact of soft contact lens wear on the meibomian glands (MG).

The study details.
The authors examined 174 eyes of current contact lens wearers and 103 eyes of non-contact lens wearers. They divided the contact lens wearers into three categories:
--Less than 3 years of contact lens wear.
--3-7 years of contact lens wear.
--more than 7 years of contact lens wear.

What did they measure?
A lot of things: Ocular Surface Disease Index (OSDI) scores, slit lamp findings, fluorescein staining, tear break-up time, Schirmer testing, and meibography.

What did they find?
All the above findings were worse in contact lens wearers as compared with controls. The earliest morphological change in the MG of contact lens wearers was MG thickening. These issues were even more apparent in patients that wore contacts for more than 3 years.


Hey scleral lens fitters!

You have a new one to try out. Bausch + Lomb just launched Zen Multifocal.


Which is better for my dry eye, plugs or tears? 

A new review published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology examined 10 different studies involving punctal plugs. The authors sought out to determine the effectiveness of punctal plugs based on where they were placed, what material was better, and against other dry eye treatments. Below is a quick synopsis on what they found.
Plugs vs observation...winner = plugs!
Two studies compared the use of punctal plugs to observation and patient symptoms improved with punctal plugs.

Plugs vs artificial tears....winner = plugs!
Three studies compared the use of artificial tears to punctal plugs and found patient symptoms improved more with punctal plugs in two of the studies.

Plugs in the upper vs the lower puncta...winner = similar results.
One study found "there was a 7% increase in symptomatic improvement favoring punctal plugs in the upper puncta, however this difference was not statistically significant."

Collagen plugs vs silicone plugs...winner = similar results.
One study found at the 6 month follow-up there was no significant difference.

Plugs vs cyclosporin...winner = a combo of both.
One study looked at plugs vs Restasis vs a combo of both plugs and Restasis. The combo therapy "produced the greatest overall improvements and was better than plugs alone in decreasing artificial tear use at 6 months."

Side note: There are many caveats to these studies, too much to go into detail here. Give the study a read if you want to see the other data on TBUT improvement, Schirmer scores, ocular surface staining etc. (via)

Also, do you know about SCI-HUB? You can read a lot of studies for free if you don't have access to these journals.



The percentage of Americans that avoid health care because they can't afford it. One of the first things they wait on is eyecare. (via

Why are glasses so expensive?

A really sweet (note my sarcasm here) article on why glasses are so expensive. (via)

Missing both of your hands but really love to paint?

Don't worry, you can still paint using your eyeball.


This week, I'm highlighting Claudine Courey, an optometrist in Montreal. She is the founder of the Eye Drop Shop, an online website where patients can obtain high-quality products that treat dry eye. Claudine started this website because she saw many of her patients using Visine instead of what she prescribed simply because they had no access to it. She put everything from Omega-3's to Bruder masks to lid hygiene and tears in one website that ships the products within 24 hours. Get it girl!

Do any of you have a side hustle you're passionate about? I want to highlight you here! Reach out and share it with me!



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