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"Be courageous and try to write in a way that scares you a little." ~ Holley Gerth

By Mike Deregowski

Resolution to resolve resolvable resolutions.
An endless game of resolution confusion.
Find a solution, to this promise pollution.

New Year's Eve - a succulent supplier for new year's betterment.
When new year begins, we settle for settlement.
Defying and modifying our new year's regiment.
Resolutions lost, in new year's entanglement.

Turning the tide on the unwavering scheme.
Things not always as easy as they seem.
Achievable goals may have a cost.
Hope for the future may not be lost.

Plan the resolve, before resolution is made.
We will move on, to pass the resolution grade.
Plan ahead, start at step one, not three.
Follow in sequence, will be less challenging for thee.

Resolutions focus up, becoming less of a blur.
Irresolvable Resolutions become resolvable, for that I am sure.

Editor's Note:
Newsletter possibly available in a new location, as a physical copy, in Edmonton in the future. Stay tuned!
Mike Deregowski

Happy New Year!
Submission Deadline: January 31st
Writer's Circle: February 7th


A creative, social evening hosted by the Arts & Culture Council of Strathcona County.

When:  January 21, 2017, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Where:  SPARK Gallery, 2257 Premier Way, Sh Pk

Come on out to network and learn more about ACCSC events for 2017.

Refreshments available (cash only).  

 The WFSC and Dream Write Publishing promote local writers / authors with monthly Author Readings hosted at Social Grounds Cafe in Sherwood Park - the next reading is Saturday, January 28th from 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm. Come out and enjoy creative local talent and have a coffee to support local business & conversation about writing.

The Fight
by Karen Probert

         Her face showed anger. Anger and disappointment maybe. He sat beside her, perfectly still, staring straight ahead.
         When the waiter brought their drinks she said to him, “I’m going to move over to that chair by the door. Can you bring mine over there, please?”
          Edgar smiled, “Yes, senora, anywhere you want.”
         Mary got up abruptly. She gathered her sunglasses and room key then walked to the far corner of the lobby. Edgar followed with her two pina coladas and a small bowl of peanuts.
            Bob watched the little procession cross the room. What now? I owned up to what I did. She’s truly pissed at me.
            Edgar wasn’t sure how to handle this situation. It was new to him. Both these guests were staying in the same room on the resort so the two-for-one drinks would go on one bill. He’d ask Xavier, his supervisor.
            “Just give the bill to the last one in the lobby unless one of them asks for it, okay?”
            ‘Will do. Thanks, Xavier.”
            Mary drank the first pina colada really quickly. She ate some peanuts. She refused to cry.
            Bob sat in the chair where he’d started out. He drank one beer and let the other sit  with water condensing into a puddle on the table as it warmed up.
            Couples and families came and went, talked, laughed, cared for their children, made decisions about where to eat dinner while Bob and Mary sat apart, not speaking to anyone.
            At seven, Mary asked Edgar to give the bill to Bob. She got up and walked to their room. Happy Hour had turned into Lousy Hour.
            Edgar gave Bob the bill. Bob signed it after adding a tip. He chugged the last beer and went up to the room hoping that Mary wanted to talk. When he opened the door he heard the shower running. Mary’s suitcase was open on the bed. Lots of drawers were open. Her passport and ticket were on top of her purse.
            The shower turned off so Bob waited. He heard the hair dryer whine. He couldn’t stay still. He paced the room, even went out on the balcony. Wish I still smoked.
            Mary emerged to see Bob’s back beyond the patio door. She’d made a decision while in the shower. “Bob. We have history and family that are part of the decision we make today. You admitted that the “casino called” you today. You wasted all our cash for this trip plus about $5,000.00 from our cash account back home. If you want us to finish this vacation and continue to live together when we get home, here’s the deal. All earned money goes into one account and I’ll be the only one who has access to it. You’ll get $200.00 a week in cash for lunches and gas. You’ll never, ever, enter a casino again, even just to have lunch or a drink with friends. You’ll go to group counseling. That’s all I have to say so make a decision and let me know within twenty minutes. If I have to change my flight, I’ll have to do it quickly.”
            Bob went into the bathroom which smelled of soft soap, Mary’s perfume, and somehow, of hope. As he came back out Mary looked up. Her hair shone and her eyes were clear.
            Softly Bob said, “Okay. We’ll do it your way.”

Fading Descent
By Mike Deregowski

Endless Darkness Encompasses all.
In the depths of my mind I forever fall.
A blinding black fills every crack, life filling air I selfishly lack.

Dampening sorrows flood a radiant mind, siphoning oceans of wondrous thoughts into ponds and slews.
Vibrant smiles flip and weave into malicious frowns.
Pride turns to jealousy, love to misery and hope to loss.

Distant beams spark hidden curiosities.
Glimmers of "once was", flashes, distracting from "is now"
Familiar faces stand waiting in the rays.
A new emotion dawns, pushing the old one out of place.

Sorrows bellow, whine and wail.
The old ways of thinking beginning to get stale.
The battles fought, in the past, were not won.
The journey not yet over, the war is not yet done.

Sorrow subsides and hope rebirths.
Memories forgiven, new thoughts finding their worth.
Black fades to white, a new day draws near.
Past fear in the rear, a new future bright and clear.

What Are You Reading?
The Muse wants to know what other writers are reading! Are you doing research for a story? Are you reading a great book that you want to tell others about? E-mail the editor and let us know about your book.

The Perfume Garden by Kate Lord Brown
Absolutely loved this story - set in two time periods that gradually merge with the Spanish Franco uprising at the core of the narrative.
Lives are lived in fleeting moments, opportunities are grasped or lost. 
Beautifully written with sensibility and love for the characters.
By Mandy Eve-Barnett
Moving by Jenny Eclair
I really enjoyed the characterisation of each individual and the twists and turns of varying perspectives of each person. A life story for each individual and how they coped (or not) with their lot in life.
Beautifully written and I will be seeking out more by Jenny Éclair.
By Mandy Eve-Barnett
Step Back In Time by Ali McNamara

A fun time travel story. The references are spot on (if you are British) and bring back so many great memories.
I loved the characters interactions as they 'lived' different lives.
Highly recommended
By Mandy Eve-Barnett
The WFSC is looking to compile and publish its next book in conjunction with our great country's 150th birthday celebrations! Members can be a part of this anthology of short stories.
Submission Guidelines:  
  1. Either: 250 - 500 words max with an accompanying picture or illustration **stay with picture themes that translate well in black and white - we are not going with color to keep publishing costs reasonable and affordable. 
  2. Or: 1,000 words - prose story (fiction or non-fiction) or epic poem with no images.
  3. The theme - is Canada, of course! Travel, interests, life, family, friends, animals... anything with Canadian flair.
  4. Submit as many as you like (up to 3 maximum) and the WFSC Board will decide and approve depending upon the number of submissions received - we want everyone to be included.
  5. Keep in mind, the WFSC reserves the right to refuse work, suggest and/or request edits and revisions, can implement minor edits to suit the project, with quality and content in mind. No explicit or adult content.
  6. Each submission costs $15.00 and that gets you a copy of the book!
  7. Submission deadline May 31st so the book can be launched at Words in the Park 2017. 
  8. Watch for updates in the next newsletter and on our web site. 
  9. Happy Birthday, Canada and happy writing! 
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