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Dear <<First Name>>,

The last two months have been the most exciting I can remember since Anukampa's conception. If it wasn't enough to be blessed with three months' meditation time, to recharge after a a busy first half of the year, I had a 'bonus month' with Dhamma family in Perth. During this time I was warmly invited by Ajahn Brahmali to BSWA's Kalayana Mitta group to share a "woman's perspective on monastic practice," and managed to find a suitable place for the first Bhikkhuni Residence in British history!

Back on the wintry side of the world, 82 of our friends recently completed an outstanding retreat with Ajahn Brahm, in big-skied Suffolk (shown above), and Ajahn's public talks reached another 600 people eager to apply the Dhamma to every day concerns.

This letter includes uplifting feedback from the retreat, a video interview with Ajahn Brahm and I (another first!) and all-important details of how to visit the Residence and offer alms food whilst I dwell in Oxford, from January 14th until late June, 2019.

As guest of Ajahn Brahmali (along with Bhante Kassapa), at BSWA's KM group, Perth

Anukampa Bhikkhuni Residence

New Residences require new web-pages, so Anukampa team and I have been working on this! Our residence-related pages show a beautiful view over the Oxford Spires. We share some key information directly below and you can read more on our website here.

Our new web-page and related pages on Generosity and Guest Guidelines

We would very much like to give you the wonderful opportunity to practice generosity (dana) by offering meals and/or other requisites and household items to Venerable Canda, while she is in Oxford- whether you live locally, or far away. 

There is also the possibility for supporters to stay at the Residence for short periods on an invitation basis and join Ven Canda's regular mediation and Dhamma Discussion sessions by prior arrangement. If you are interested and would like more information, please email us at


On Generosity or Giving (Dana)


Generosity lies at the heart of the Buddhist Path and is the foundation for inner cultivation. The Buddha taught that the type of giving that yields most benefit are gifts offered with a serene, joyful heart for the purpose of "beautifying" and "equipping" the mind (with stillness and wisdom) ~AN:8:31.

Since the time of the Buddha, monastics and lay people have been practicing generosity through a relationship of inter-dependence, which creates a sense of respect and reverence to all life. This system also works beautifully to promote selfless giving as part of letting go. Lay practitioners support virtuous monastics with material requisites, so they may dedicate their life to Awakening, whilst monastics share their wisdom and provide spiritual sanctuaries (otherwise known as monasteries!) to help and inspire their supporters to deepen their Buddhist practice.

Bhikkhunis are not permitted to handle money or cook for themselves, and train to practice contentment with only what is offered. A nun cannot ask for anything without an invitation being made. Additionally, a nun can only eat between dawn and noon (or 1pm in British Summer Time).


Making An Offering 

If you would like to make an offering, there are three ways to do so:

1. By offering a specific item or meal

2. By offering something on a regular basis e.g. a meal or veggie box 

3. By inviting a nun to let you know if there is something she or the community needs


To offer a hot meal, please check our food dana calendar here. You are also welcome to bring food at any time for the pantry store, food in the evening for the following day's meal, or other useful items.

To ensure your gift is of most benefit, please take a look at our needed items list here.

Those living further afield can also participate in the meal offering by ordering a food box delivery or a ready-made hot meal. Again, please check our food dana calendar and needed items list before contacting us to make the arrangement.

Here are a few Oxford-based companies for food delivery and shops which do gift vouchers (more here).

Vegetable boxes:

Ready made hot meals (please order to arrive at 11.30pm latest):

Gift Vouchers:

After deciding what you would like to offer, please contact us by emailing, to make the arrangement: N.B. Bookings are being taken for meal offerings and overnight guests, from 17th January onward.

Associating With The Wise On Ajahn Brahm's Retreat

No amount of anticipation (nor being a close disciple of Ajahn Brahm for nine years!) could have prepared me for the wisdom, love and sheer joy we were surrounded by and immersed in during his December tour. The most noteworthy event this year was, of course, the very well-received 8-day retreat. One participant described his experience as "a close encounter with something very unusual." Not an alien (be assured!), but, he suspects, "an encounter with an embodied Dhamma, coming from our Buddha, and alive in the Sangha;" an encounter that will be the seed of something that grows and changes him for the better.

Similar sentiments were echoed in much of the feedback we received, such as this:

"I have felt the powerful love a couple of days into the retreat- my goodness!! I hope it wasn't only Ajahn and how lovely he is as a person and it's the self-less that is the cause, and can be experienced by another being, as it is so beautiful, unusual, out of this world! There should be at least one person carrying this type of love in this world at any time...(it) allows people to restore their faith in human conditioning and why this life is really worth losing : )"

"I would like to express my heartfelt anumodana
(gratitude and rejoicing joy), for the excellent
meditation retreat. I restrained myself from saying anything in the group interview as I felt buckets of tears of joy and appreciation breaking out. As always, Ajahn Brahm's teachings and guidance were full of compassion and wisdom. There are countless pearls of wisdom in Ajahn's witty talks."

From this end, we would like to express deep gratitude to everyone who contributed to making the tour deeply beneficial to many, by volunteering your time, skills, smiles, or meditation practice; and to the beautiful Dhamma that brings us together on the Path, imparting an tangible sense of why association with wise friends (kalyana mitta) is the whole of the spiritual life.

Relaxed and happy during the residential retreat in Suffolk, 9th-16th Dec.

Since the tour our video recording person Cristo Nobel (of LLP Productions), and Anukampa's YouTube volunteer Dawid have been busily editing and uploading recordings from Ajahn's talks and, courtesy of Cristo, we also made a little video interview. May these Dhamma Treats at the links below be our Happy New Year's gift to you!

"Not Me, Not Mine, Not A Self" Dhamma Talk on 06.12.18
Ajahn Brahm and Ven Canda, interviewed by Cristo Nobel on 07.12.18
"You Don't Have To Be So Perfect" Dhamma Talk on 08.12.18
"You Don't Have To Be So Perfect" Q&A (edited version) on 08.12.18

Q&A and discussion after "You Don't Have To Be So Perfect" talk, 8th Dec at Rudolph Steiner House.

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Opportunity For Volunteer Solicitor

Anukampa is looking for a volunteer solicitor who from time to time can advise the Trustees on legal matters. Some experience with charity work and the Charity Commission will be helpful. If you are interested, please contact:

Upcoming Day Retreats with Ven Canda


13.01.19 The Power Of Loving Kindness,
London Insight

24.02.19 Riches Of Silence,
Brighton Bodhi Tree

13.04.19 Day Retreat, Frome Insight ~keep an eye on the website!

Note to Ven Canda on the beautiful photos, from Prisca: 

Thank you for your compliments on the pictures. The meditation (during Ajahn Brahm's retreat) opened me to see so many details that I would otherwise not have been aware of. Taking the photos was also a type of practice: being fully present in the nature that surrounded me, being open to it and caring for it. That little mushroom (used further above) was only a few cm tall, and on any other day I would probably have walked past it without noticing it. Now I noticed it's beautiful frosty fragility which was quite moving. The same happened with the little droplets (directly above). I am happy if they can inspire others :)

So, on that magnanimous note, here's to wish everyone- once again-a contented and joyous New Year! We hope to see you in Oxford, or at one of my day retreats, soon.

With deep loving kindness, 
Ven Canda and the Anukampa Team

"Loving Kindness in meditation means giving to the process, without expecting anything in return" (VC).

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