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Newsletter #13, December 2017

Dear friends,

Happy New Year and compassionate good wishes to you all!

Foremost in many people’s hearts, perhaps especially now, is the need to spread messages of peace, kindness and equanimity, and it is edifying to see Anukampa provide such a much-needed vehicle. One of the most moving things for me since starting this project nearly two years ago, has been in bearing witness to the great generosity of the human heart; monetarily, for sure, but most vitally in terms of enthusiasm, time and love. Running a charitable organisation can be as demanding as it is inspiring, yet in the reciprocal flow of giving I find a pure source of energy that keeps me going through many a late-night hour. It is a great privilege to share this learning experience with each one of you and on behalf of the team I extend sincere and plentiful gratitude.

How Well Am I Spending My Time?

It may seem as though, as one year ends, another year sets in. Yet the passing of time is as seamless as it is relentless. I often wonder where youth ends and old age begins- can I sense myself ageing by the moment? One thing is certain: time is passing, we are changing, and New Year may provide the perfect opportunity to ask: “How well am I spending my time?”

One of my favourite poetic verses of sutta's powerfully brings home the transiency of life, and invites us to pour our energy, attention and love into NOW.

"Let one not revive the past 
Nor on the future build their hopes, 
For the past has been left behind
And the future has not yet been reached.
Instead with insight let one see
Each presently arisen state,
Let one know that and be sure of it,
Invincibly, unshakably.
Today the effort must be made,
Tomorrow death may come, who knows?
No bargain with Mortality
Can keep him and his hoards away
But one who dwells thus ardently,
Relentlessly, by day, by night-
It is her/him the peaceful sage has said,
Who has had one single excellent night."
MN:133 Baddhekaratta Sutta 

Volunteer Book-Keeper Required Again! 

Tehani, our first volunteer book-keeper did such a great job that she is now our Treasurer! She would like to have a volunteer to help her with book-keeping. Please send an email to, subject 'Volunteer' if you are interested in learning more about this role.

Welcoming The New Year  

After many a richly engaged day supporting the personal retreatants at Gaia House, the opportunity for dedicated introspection is nigh. Roused by the above verse, two days of silent meditation will mark the turn of the year for me and other lucky participants in the retreat- with a shared bonfire (and perhaps chai) thrown in for added atmosphere! May the power of our combined practice help us gain clarity around the qualities and intentions best set gently aside, and those worth bringing forth as offerings to ourselves and each other- and into the world- from here.
Photo with the coordinators at Gaia House

Next Letter

Finally, for those who haven't had chance to retreat over the Christmas season, never fear- in our next newsletter we will be offering video teachings and meditations from Ajahn Brahm's 'Real Dhamma' tour, and opening for registration for Ajahn Brahmali's July retreat, for in the latter's words:

"It is important to create a nice inner home for oneself."

May all beings dwell free from fear, delusion, animosity and greed and make wisdom, compassion and peace their home.

With gratitude,
Ven Canda

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