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UEAPME Newsflash 

Digital contracts still create burdens for SMEs

At the UEAPME Digital Working Group meeting, participants discussed the developments of the proposals on Digital Contracts with Isabelle Rouneure and Nikolay Entechev from the Unit for Contract Law (DG Justice). The group highlighted once again the most burdensome articles for SMEs, particularly on the proposal on Tangible goods. They also discussed the geo-blocking proposal and finally approved the position paper on the evaluation of the e-Privacy Directive. Last but not least, the participants were updated on digital skills initiatives at EU level and on UEAPME’s activities in the field.
Chiara Aprea

H2020 – improvement for SMEs, but problems remain

Economic Policy Director Gerhard Huemer spoke at a hearing of the EESC on SME experiences with H2020. There is no doubt that the H2020 SME Instrument (more of an innovation than a research programme) brought significant improvements to innovative SMEs. However, Mr Huemer listed problems to be tackled: the very low success rate may frustrate potential candidates, and only better advice and comparable programmes at national level may reduce the high number of applications not fulfilling the criteria of the SME Instrument. Furthermore, SMEs can profit from being partners in collaborative research projects. In this case, complaints are made about highly complicated IPR rules and SMEs are afraid that a new open data policy may jeopardise commercialisation of innovation projects. Mr Huemer therefore asked the EC to continue with its current focus on innovation to make better use of the excellent research taking place in Europe.
Contact: Gerhard Huemer

Consumer Rights Directive is too burdensome for SMEs

At the expert hearing organised by the European Economic and Social Committee on “Evaluating the Consumer Rights Directive (CRD)”, Enterprise Director Luc Hendrickx put forward the fact that, while retailers and craftsmen do their utmost to correctly inform their clients, the formal information obligations have become absurd and not applicable. This should be taken into account when discussing the consumer acquis and the proposals on contract rules for online purchases of digital content and tangible goods. Moreover, the directive is a particularly negative example that REFIT’s ambition to establish simple, clear and applicable rules is not met. On the contrary, the CRD created massive legal uncertainty, enormous bureaucracy and unnecessary excessive burdens for retailers and craftsmen. Mr Hendrickx also highlighted the urgent need to coordinate all the different information requirements.
Luc Hendrickx

Saving Banks want to improve services for SMEs

The seventh 'International Summer Forum' of the European Savings Banks was dedicated to a better understanding of SMEs needs and how to improve to serve them. Economic Policy Director Gerhard Huemer has been invited to discuss regulatory challenges with bank representatives at the opening panel. He stressed the need for reduced regulatory burdens for smaller banks including the extension of the SME Supporting Factor. Furthermore, he moderated a panel on 'SME needs', where Huemer explained the needs of different types of SMEs and asked for specified support instruments to help SMEs to get projects financed, which are too risky for normal bank loans.
Contact: Gerhard Huemer

News from UEAPME Projects

UEAPME publishes video ahead of SBS Annual Conference

Press & Communication Officer Jenny Manin and Media Director Dieter Grohmann produced and published a promotional video for the SBS Annual Conference taking place mid-October. The video includes a message on standardisation and SMEs from President Ulrike Rabmer-Koller, as well as all the details pertaining to the event.
Jenny Manin

* Effort Sharing Regulation (16.09, contact Guido Lena)
* GI for non-agricultural products (16.09, contact
Chiara Aprea)
* Capacity building (28.09,
contact Liliane Volozinskis)
* Skills Agenda & Skills Guarantee (30.
09, contact Liliane Volozinskis)
* Single Digital Gateway (21.10, contact Chiara Aprea)
* Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Awards 2016-17 (31.10, contact Arnold de Boer)
* Social Affairs Committee (26.09, contact Liliane Volozinskis)
* Board Meeting (11.10
, contact Guido Lena)
* ECOFIS Committee & Study Group (19.10, contact Gerhard Huemer)

* Training Committee (25.10, contact Liliane Volozinskis)
* Sustainable Development Committee (14.11,
contact Guido Lena)
* SBS Annual conference (19.10, contact Tessa Delville)
* European Forum on eco-innovation - Tallinn, Estonia (26-28.10, contact Guido Lena)
* East Invest 2 Annual Conference (27.10, contact Doris Rabetge)
UEAPME Newsflash
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