24th March 2017
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UEAPME Newsflash 

SMEs profited from EU Integration, but more is needed and possible
President Ulrike Rabmer-Koller and Secretary General Véronique Willems participated in the extraordinary meeting between the EU Social Partners and EU Institutions at the 60th Anniversary of the Treaties of Rome. Ms Rabmer-Koller
referred to the longest period of peace, the largest internal market as driver for growth and the Euro as the second largest global currency. However, Europe is on a crossroad and has to do better and this means that Europe has to improve its competitiveness and business environment. This is why UEAPME supports the debate on the future of Europe, launched with the White Paper. It is not only up to the governments to decide the future of the EU, but Social Partners also have to tackle this challenge and take responsibility for the way forward. Therefore, UEAPME has started reflections with member organisations and will come forward with an SME vision for the future of Europe.
Contact: Gerhard Huemer

Transfer of business: more awareness raising is needed
Secretary General Véronique Willems participated in a conference on “Transfer of Business”, organised by the current EU Presidency in Malta. She specifically put forward the awareness raising factor in this context and welcomed the results of the different projects presented. Ms Willems emphasises that this conference puts focus on a key issue for micro and small companies, especially in traditional sectors. Moreover, the psychological and emotional aspects of SME owners need to be take into account when support measures for transfer of business are designed.
Contact: Véronique Willems

“Tangible goods” proposal: new position sent to IMCO
Ahead of the EP’s IMCO Committee’s discussion on the
proposed Directive on contracts for the online and other distance sales of goods, UEAPME sent its updated position to all IMCO members highlighting its key messages on the topic. Indeed, following the publication of the tabled amendments, there are concerns regarding the approach of the European Parliament. For UEAPME, it is of utmost importance to keep the reversal of the burden of proof to six months and maintain the hierarchy of remedies and the length of the legal guarantees to two years. Moreover, we ask for more clarity in the definition for which products would fall under the scope of the proposal. In general, UEAPME supports the extension of the scope to offline sale but regrets the absence of a proper impact assessment. A minimum harmonisation approach would make the proposal meaningless. Finally, UEAPME acknowledges the Rapporteur’s ongoing efforts to try to reach a balanced solution.
Chiara Aprea

SMEs should have control about their credit information
UEAPME and some member organisations participated in a roundtable
on SME finance, organised by DG FISMA in the framework of the review of the Capital Market Union. Economic Policy Director Gerhard Huemer reminded participants that, currently, high-tech start-ups and fast growing companies are not the only ones encountering difficulties to get finance, normal SMEs wanting to finance riskier projects (e.g. innovation, investments in non-tangible goods, business transfers) are too. SMEs should hence have access to better information about alternative forms of finance. UEAPME also supports initiatives helping alternative finance providers get better financial information about SMEs. But such sensitive data must stay under the control of the company, as the company should be able to decide which provider can have access to the data. Finally, Mr Huemer argued against EU one-size-fits-all solutions and in favour of developing national ones.
Contact: Gerhard Huemer

First annual conference on Regulatory Scrutiny in the EU
The Regulatory Scrutiny Board (RSB) organised its first Annual Conference on the "Regulatory Scrutiny in the EU".
RSB is an independent body with wide autonomy and responsibilities designed to provide a central quality control and support function for Commission Impact Assessment and Evaluation work. In his intervention, Enterprise Policy Director Luc Hendrickx regretted the absence of the ‘Think Small First’ approach in European law-making. He called on the Commission to embed the approach in the administration’s culture .On data collection, he stressed that the European Commission should cooperate with SME organisations to collect the data.
Contact: Luc Hendrickx

Can CCCTB reduce tax barriers for SMEs?
The SME Intergroup, in cooperation with the European Family Businesses association, organised a discussion on the Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base
from an SME point of view. Speaking at the event, Economic Policy Director Gerhard Huemer reiterated that 28 different tax systems are still one of the main barriers for SMEs doing cross-border business within the EU. UEAPME has always supported the idea of a common corporate tax base because this entails the simplification of tax regimes and would provide multinationals with less possibilities for tax engineering. As regards the current proposal, Mr Huemer welcomed the equal treatment of debt and equity finance, but raised some concerns on the proposed “super-deduction” for R&D spending. Finally, he argued that only allowing cross-border consolidation will end the complex and costly transfer pricing.
Contact: Gerhard Huemer

The evolution of SME policy in EU policy
Enterprise Policy Luc Hendrickx presented the evolution of the SME policy and UEAPME’s involvement in the social dialogue at the event organised by the Italian associations in Belgium. They
commemorated the 60th Anniversary of the Treaties of Rome and presented a study on the “Social dimension of the EU”.
Contact: Luc Hendrickx

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* Building the EU Data Economy (31.03
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* Call for proposal - Undeclared Work (12.06, contact Liliane Volozinskis)
* Permanent Delegates Meeting (27.03, contact Gerhard Huemer)
* ECOFIS & Study Group (05.04, contact Gerhard Huemer)
* WG Taxation (06.04, contact Gerhard Huemer)
UEAPME Newsflash
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