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August 26, 2019
Less Than Two Percent of Utility Investment Going Towards EV Awareness
Source: EV Hub
A significant push in policy development and awareness campaigns is required if EV sales, which reached only around two percent of total U.S. passenger vehicle sales in 2018, are to rise to meet market growth projections. The Energy Information Administration predicts that EVs will account for eight percent of auto sales by 2025 and recent data suggest that the public has even stronger expectations for the EV market. Nationwide, four in 10 Americans believe the majority of vehicles will be electric by 2029 according to a survey conducted by AAA. This relatively rosy prediction is at odds with the stagnant levels EV awareness in the United States over the past several years. Even in California, a relative EV hotbed in the United States, EV awareness did not shift appreciably from 2014-2017 according to a recent survey from University of California, Davis. Awareness of EVs will need to increase if we are to expect significant growth in the market.

Electric utilities are in a position to accelerate EV adoption and close awareness gaps via their existing investments as well as newly proposed programs that focus on transportation electrification. To date, electric utilities across the United States have only invested $20 million in education and outreach programs. This is less than two percent of the total $1.18 billion in approved transportation electrification investment overall. Additionally, education and outreach components are only included in 20 out of the 55 approved programs tracked by the Utility Filing Dashboard.

Supportive policies at the state level can help to encourage and amplify utility investment in EV awareness. States like New York are building a strong policy foundation for utility programs through public initiatives such as Charge NY that integrate public funding with utility and private investment. Settlement money is being used in states like California to and ensure that awareness efforts reach a wider audience.

Local governments and third party organizations are also positioned to influence the implementation of utility programs. Forth, a Portland-based NGO focused on EV adoption and awareness, is working directly with Portland General Electric to ensure that increased EV awareness is an outcome of the utility’s investment in transportation electrification programs. Forth and the other partners of the EV Shared Mobility project, a multi-city effort to encourage the electrification of for-hire vehicle services, are all incorporating education and outreach into their program designs and working directly with electric utilities to ensure that investment in charging infrastructure and other resources leads to increased EV uptake among shared mobility service providers.

EV market forecasts and growth projections rely on the assumption that the public will be aware of and attracted to the benefits of EVs. Projects like EV Shared Mobility seek to highlight the importance of outreach and distill good practices that can be adapted to strengthen consumer knowledge of EVs throughout the United States. With more than $86 million in pending investment in education efforts, electric utilities and their partners have further opportunities to increase awareness around and investment in the EV market.
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The data is drawn from a variety of sources and is manually assembled by Atlas. The sources for each forecast are found within the dashboard.

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$85 Million in Federal Funds Awarded for Electric Transit Buses

On July 26, 2019, the Federal Transit Administration announced $85 million in awards through the Low- or No-Emission (Low-No) Grant program. 38 states received funding through this round and all of the money will be allocated to electric transit buses and supporting charging infrastructure. Transit agencies continue to pursue a wide range of charging technologies including DC fast charging, on-route charging, inductive charging, and depot charging. Read More Here

Leading Automakers Pledge to Reduce Emissions in California

In a move against the Trump administration’s proposed rollback of Obama-era emissions standards, top automakers have entered into a new agreement with California to curb tailpipe emissions from their vehicles.

The new agreement proposes that automakers in the California market reach an average fleet fuel economy of 51 mpg by 2026 as opposed to the 52.5 mpg by 2025 established by the Obama administration.  Ford, Honda, Volkswagen, and BMW have all signed on to the agreement. Governor Newsom expects more automakers will join the agreement in the coming days. Read More Here

California to Invest an Additional $70 million in Electric School Buses

On July 17, 2019, The California Energy Commission (CEC) announced a $70 million award for electric school bus purchases. The grant will be allocated across 26 counties throughout the state to accelerate school bus electrification efforts.

Lion Electric was chosen as the grant recipient for this round of the CEC’s School Bus Replacement Program. The program is funded though the California Clean Energy Jobs Act and this new award brings the total program funding to $89.8 million. Read More Here

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Engaging dealerships is a crucial marker in the mass adoption of electric vehicles. Due to several barriers, most auto dealers are not equipped to effectively sell electric cars. The biggest challenge to engaging dealers to grow electric car sales is the lack of knowledge about electric vehicles. This webinar will address the barriers facing dealers and provide resources to assist dealers to create an informative and supportive sales process focused on the unique elements of electric vehicle ownership. Read More Here

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