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April 22, 2019
Proterra Invests in Battery Leasing​
Source: Proterra
Proterra plans to invest over $200 million to expand their battery leasing program. First piloted in Park City, Utah in 2017, the program reduces the upfront cost to bring electric transit bus prices closer to diesel and natural gas alternatives. The American electric bus manufacturer is partnering with Japanese investment firm Mitsui to expand the program and provide a boost to the U.S. market.

The average diesel transit bus costs roughly $500,000 compared to the $750,000 sticker price of an electric bus. While customers still purchase the buses outright, the battery leasing program limits upfront investment. This can allow the bus owner to cover an estimated annual lease payment of $38,000 through fuel and maintenance cost savings. The company estimates that this can lead to savings exceeding $8,000 per bus annually.

Proterra and others hope this will help ignite the U.S. electric transit bus market. At the end of 2017, China accounted for 99 percent of the world’s 385,000 electric buses. At the same time, there were only between 350 and 500 electric buses on the streets in the United States. Despite a slow start, the market is growing and leading manufacturers Proterra and BYD reported more than 1,300 in combined bus sales in the U.S. through mid-2018.

Proterra’s investment can be used by transit agencies to supplement existing public funding available through programs like the Federal Low or No Emissions Vehicle (Low-No) Grants. Serving as one of the largest public funding sources designed to reduce fleet emissions, the Low-No program has an operating budget of $85 million for 2019. Combined with Volkswagen Settlement allocations, transit agencies have an expanding pool of public and private resources to support fleet electrification efforts.

Electric utilities have also invested in transit bus electrification, offering a range of programs including vehicle and charging station rebates, charging station ownership and installation, and reduced rates for bus charging. Proterra already counts Exelon as one of its investors and as this program grows, utilities could become direct partners by purchasing batteries directly from the manufacturer and leasing them to transit agencies. This carries some risk for the utilities, as the market is still in its infancy and many transit agencies are in the pilot phase of electric bus adoption. Utilities could reduce risk by capturing the residual value of the batteries by recycling them for use as grid storage, although the return on this investment is uncertain.  

Demand for electric buses is increasing. Proterra expects the expanded lease program alone to “unlock” over 1,000 new bus purchases. Manufacturers like Proterra and entities offering public funding are seeking reduce the cost barriers faced by transit agencies and facilitate ambitious commitments from cities and states to pursue full fleet electrification.
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We're constantly adding new datasets to the EV Hub as well as improving your access to key data. We've just added the State Legislation Tracker which shows recently considered bills from state legislatures around the country. You’ll be able to see details of the bills including votes, documents, and the various statuses as these bills make their way through state legislatures.

The dashboard relies on Open States (an open source platform that aggregates data from state websites). Not all state legislature websites will work at all times — Open States must manually update their platform when state’s change their websites.We’re only able to track bills that we know about so please alert us if you know of anything that we should add to the tracker!

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EV Hub News

Indiana Announces Round One RFP for VW Settlement Funding

Indiana announced the first round RFP for VW Settlement funding on March 27, 2019. This RFP is administered by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) and will remain open until June 17, 2019. $9.8 million of the total $40.1 million allocated to the state will be available during this round of funding. 

Only school buses have funding specifically set aside to support electrification, for a total of $850,000, although electric vehicles are allowable as replacements for the other project categories. Read More Here

New Jersey Announces VW Settlement Funding for EV Charging and Electric Transit Buses

On February 28, 2019, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection announced that $11.2 M of the state’s VW Environmental Mitigation Trust Funds had been allocated to electric vehicle charging stations and electric transit buses.

NJ TRANSIT will receive $8 million to purchase eight new electric transit buses to be used in the City of Camden. The remaining $3.2 million will fund 827 charging ports at 533 charging stations across the state as part of the It Pay$ to Plug In program. The funding will support 40 Level 1 charging stations, 487 Level 2 charging stations, and 6 DC fast charging stations. Read More Here

Hawaii Releases Draft Mitigation Plan

On Friday March 1st, the Hawaii  State Energy Office published its Beneficiary Mitigation Plan. The plan was submitted to the Wilmington Trust back on January 9th but was only recently made publicly accessible on their website. Electrification accounted for 66 percent of the state’s $8.12 million from the settlement. Read More Here

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The Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, a conference and expo showcasing transportation technologies, will be held in Long Beach, CA from April 23-26, 2019. This year connected vehicle technologies, fuel efficiency improvement strategies and equipment, and drivetrain electrification will be the key focal points. Read More Here

April 23rd-26th @ 3:00 pm PST in Long Beach Convention Center

Public stakeholder workgroup meetings will be held at six locations throughout California between April 11, 2019, and May 6, 2019. During the public workgroup meetings, staff will 
discuss funding available for each project category under the VW settlement as well as the solicitation process and timeline. Read More Here

April 30th @ 10:00am PST in San Diego, CA at the San Diego Community College District

Public stakeholder workgroup meetings will be held at six locations throughout California 
between April 11, 2019, and May 6, 2019. During the public workgroup meetings, staff will 
discuss funding available for each project category under the VW settlement as well as the solicitation process and timeline. Read More Here

May 6th @ 10:00am PST in San Francisco, CA at the BAAQMD Headquarters 

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