Issue #3, June, 2020


A Note from the CEO:

From all of us at Emrgy, we hope this email finds you safe and healthy. Our world has been rocked by Coronavirus and its effects, and, more recently, by the publicized racial injustices that have further exposed the inequity and broken systems that have run deep within our country for generations. We have been challenged to adapt quickly in order to contribute to the health, safety, and equality of our team and fellow citizens. Among other measures, we have been working from virtual offices since mid-March to help reduce virus transmission rates, and many of our team members have contributed to the awareness and activism toward equal rights as well.

More than ever, we are dedicated to bringing reliable and affordable renewable electricity to communities domestic and abroad, as access to clean, reliable electricity is a major catalyst for positive outcomes in health, education, and economic prosperity.  Like you, our worldview has changed during this unprecedented time and we consider ourselves grateful to be advancing our products and working with domestic and international clients amidst the changing global norms and guidelines. We are currently installing turbines via FaceTime in Utah, training sales personnel in Australia via Zoom, and working via Skype and Google Earth to analyze sites in the Dominican Republic and Myanmar for communities that have long deserved their first access to 24-hour electricity, which we plan to install later this year. 2020 may be a year unlike we have ever seen, but we are focused to do our part to emerge as a stronger, more experienced, more compassionate team. Thank you for following along with us as we lead the growth of the distributed hydropower industry worldwide.

Founder & CEO

 Coming Soon Near You

Emrgy is proud to continue delivering products to customers during a global pandemic. We have successfully installed our flumes in a canal for Davis & Weber Counties Canal Company. Our turbine rotors and electrical components will be installed next at their site in Utah. During this time, we recognize our clients' very important job of delivering water to keep our food and water supply stable. Our goal is to support our clients by supplying cheap and reliable electricity.
We are also excited to announce the execution of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Yaqui River Irrigation District in Ciudad Obregon, Mexico. The project will consist of an initial Pilot Phase of 0.5MW, growing to subsequent phases up to 135 MW across the state of Sonora, Mexico. Installation of the pilot is expected to be by the end of 2020. In addition, we recently announced an exclusive distribution contract with Emrgy Australasia, based in Geelong Victoria, to promote and develop our modular hydrokinetic projects throughout Australasia. 
The partnership launch includes an initial 100kW order to Australia beginning in June 2020. This partnership will lead the expansion of Emrgy’s hydropower turbines to new customers in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, helping them generate power from existing water infrastructure and generate new revenue streams. Read the full press release

 Tech News: Hybrid System Reconfiguration

Emrgy recognizes the benefits of combining local decentralized clean energy resources to create a holistic, renewable grid. We are refining our electrical system to better align with advancements in the solar PV industry and to prepare for potential hybrid system installations in the near future. Hybrid energy generation enhances system reliability and distributed resources, like micro-hydro and solar, reduce overall energy transmission costs.

 Recent Highlights

Municipal Water Leader Cover Story

Emrgy was featured on the cover of the February issue of Municipal Water Leader Magazine. The interview discusses Emrgy's modular hydropower units which are ideal for installation in open water conveyance channels to produce cost-effective clean energy. Read the full interview

Energypreneurs Podcast: Local Hydro vs. Solar Plus Batteries

Ep. 15 of the Energypreneurs Rethinking Renewable Energy podcast features Emily Morris discussing local hydropower versus solar plus batteries with host Sohail Hasnie. Listen to the full podcast

ASME's Advanced Clean Energy Webinar

The second episode in ASME's Advanced Clean Energy Summit webinar series featured Emily Morris, along with hosts Bob Stakenborghs and Brian Wodka, discussing distributed hydropower's role in our path to a clean energy future. Register for future ACES webinars

 Leadership News

We've been proud to bring in a number of talented professionals in the past several months. Along with three summer interns in fields ranging from engineering to marketing, we would like to officially welcome Carly, Eric, Geremy, Hannah, and Mike to the Emrgy team. They bring a wide variety of expertise that will enable Emrgy's continued growth in the distributed hydropower market. Stay on the lookout for team spotlights coming to our social media pages soon!

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter. Please engage with us if you would like to learn more about our upcoming domestic or international deployments or our upcoming capital raises. 

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