Issue #2, May, 2020


 Coming Soon Near You

We've been working hard to roll out our distributed hydropower solution globally both directly and with partners. 2020 has shown great progress so far, and we are very excited about the next chapter of growth with the addition of new Emrgy team members and global partners. Our Global Strategic Partnership with GE Renewable Energy is in full swing, and they will soon manufacture their first Emrgy turbine unit to ensure all quality and performance specifications are met. 
We have exciting projects in varying stages with clients and partners in California, Colorado, and Nebraska, and a number of international markets including Mexico, Italy, and Australia. Inbound inquiries are increasing and our business development team is generating more leads with our propriety databases and growing industry network. Emrgy offers complimentary assessments; please visit our website and complete a site assessment form and we'll get started analyzing your water flow for energy generation. 

 Tech News: Accelerator Panel Development

Emrgy turbine installation with REV1 accelerator panels in Denver, CO
Our engineering team is working with Enginuity Works in Atlanta to optimize our accelerator panel design and integrate it with our current system. Much like the first version used in our Denver pilot (shown below), these panels will capture and accelerate water through the turbines that would otherwise bypass the system and be wasted. The improved panel design is more effective at redirecting water flow and adapts to site geometry and flow conditions. Since they will be used for a wide variety of waterways, the design process involves complex, iterative CFD simulations to ensure ideal performance across maximum site conditions. 

 Recent Highlights



Energy 2.0 Conference: Women's Entrepreneurship in Energy

Emily Morris spoke at the Women's Entrepreneurship in Energy Discussion at the Energy 2.0 conference in Denver, Colorado. The conference featured speakers with insight into equality in energy, financing and the new energy economy, and more.  


Atlanta Small Business Interview


On this edition of the Atlanta Small Business Show, Emily Morris, Founder and CEO of Emrgy Inc., speaks about the inspiration behind Emrgy and the unique approach to providing clean, electric power. View the full virtual interview.

Emrgy Blog Post: Turbine Testing Insight

Hannah DeSoto, a previous Emrgy intern, wrote our latest blog post about her experience testing Emrgy's next-gen turbines at Alden Labs. The post reflects on the work we did collecting data for multiple new rotor configurations to inform more accurate modeling for turbine array optimization. Check out the blog post for an inside look at the testing facility and for some highlights from her experience. 

 Hydro Headlines

How the Pandemic Will Reshape the Energy Transition

This Energy Gang podcast from Greentech Media discusses what is happening in energy amid the COVID-19 fallout. Listen here to learn about the shifting path to decarbonization and what the energy transition looks like now. 

Mexico Emphasizes Hydroelectric Generation

The Mexican government announced a new electricity program that emphasizes hydroelectric generation and improvements in existing hydroelectric plants, with the potential for 3,300 MW of added capacity through renovations alone. Read more here

 Leadership News

We would like to welcome Chantel, Josh, and Will to the Emrgy team! They will be joining us as interns this summer and we are excited to have them. Stay on the lookout for team spotlights coming to our social media pages soon!

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